Friday, July 21, 2017


While I'm not disappointed in the dolls we're getting, they should have done more.

1) Lonnie: Lonnie already has a mold and she was one of the major players this time. She should have had either her Cotillion gown (PLEASE) or her R.O.A.R. outfit featured on a doll. It's ridiculous that she still only has two dolls, especially when she was actually a bigger presence this time.

2) Harry: Harry's the first mate. He needs a doll. Gil honestly really didn't do much, so I'm okay with him being left out, but Harry had almost as much screentime as Uma. And he's my second favorite after Carlos, so I want him.

3) Dizzy: She was freakin' adorable and she needs a doll right now.

Those are the main three, but I also wouldn't mind...

4) Gil: So dimwitted, so amusing.

5) Uncomfortable Blonde Mal: I don't hate the gimmick doll, but I wouldn't have minded a regular doll of Mal with her Auradon look so her hair wouldn't look like crap.

6) Cotillion Jay/Lonnie 2-pack: This would give Lonnie the doll mentioned in #1 and give us a Jay with a cute bun.

7) Doug: He's goofy cute. I loved that whole sequence about Happy's kid. He could have come with Cotillion Evie instead of her being alone.

8) Cheerleader Jane

9) Dude

You know, Dizzy could come with either Harry or Gil or the boys could have been a 2-pack. Dude should have been in the 2-pack with Carlos and Jane and to make it more special, they could have had their R.O.A.R. and cheerleading outfits included. AND the Jay/Lonnie 2-pack could have had their R.O.A.R. outfits. (Lonnie's from the final R.O.A.R. scene.)

Ugh, why did you not do this, Disney/Hasbro? My only hope is that they have something up their sleeve and maybe Disney Store will give us Harry and Lonnie will appear in some exclusive.

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