Monday, January 21, 2019

REVIEW: Poopsie Sparkly Critters

Welp, I have obsessively managed to get all 16 of the Poopsie Sparkly Critters! There was some trial and error, because I only just learned tonight that if you buy both cases, you have the entire set.

So if you have spare money and want to collect all of these, buy both cases. I have 4 doubles, because I bought Flutter off ebay and ended up with a double of him, and I bought 3 from a different Walmart and ended up with doubles of those before learning about the whole set being in both cases combined thing.

So let's take a look at these guys. This post will be one of those more pictures than words thing.

This is Flutter, who's my favorite.

Now one thing I want to address is MGAE creating false rarity.

NONE of these toys are rare. Each case contains 8 toys. Two cases come per larger shipping box. Therefore, 2 cases contain 16 toys and the entire set of 16 is there.

This is Bamboo.

Anyway, so yeah, MGAE has all these different rarities on the checklist, but it's total bull. You have the same chances of finding an ultra rare as you do a common. It's not like LOL where you get doubles if you buy cases. There are literally no doubles if you buy both cases.

Bamboo is cute, but one of my least faves from this series. He's just kinda there. Cute, but not nearly as cute or as detailed as others.

The other bear in the set is Sugar, who's much cuter.

He's got little wings for some reason.

My least favorite of the set is Chloe.

Like Bamboo, she's cute, but nowhere near as cute as the others.

She does have some nice paw detailing though.

Drama is way more awesome with his grumpy, sassy self.

I don't know why they didn't use another color for Chloe. Did they really need two white cats?

Moving on to dogs, here's Le Fluff, who's surprisingly cute.

Pink poodles really aren't my thing, but there's something about her.

And then there's Dots, who's the best dog.

Love that tongue!

Although he seems to have had an accident. I honestly don't know how these things are really supposed to work. I know the ones with buttholes poop and the ones without spit. But they left this nasty powder inside their heads and you have to squirt water in to clean it out. Well, not once has something run out of one of their butts when I was doing this. Except Dots here needs to be cleaned. Sigh.

Cheeky is a butt-kicking, tattooed, pierced bunny.

And he's bright pink, which somehow elevates all that.

My only nitpick is that he and Oopsie have the same tattoos.

And here's Oopsie Starlight. May as well put the tattooed ones together.

No back picture for her. I was trying to show off more of her pretty hair colors.

And here's Rainbow Brightstar, the other unicorn.

I like her more than I expected. The vibrant hair is nice.

Oopsie, Rainbow, Cinnamon and Singe are the "ultra rares," which, as I've mentioned, are no rarer than any other.

They're also easy to find. There are 2 per case and you just shake the cans. The larger glitter these four come with can be heard shaking in the can.

Fleece is ridiculously cute! Look at that little arm pose.


I love the crazy "hair" puffs, too.

And the shorn bikini.

I'm actually surprised they did this for the sheep and not the poodle.

Nanners the randomly pink monkey.

I do like this shade of pink, but there are four pink ones. Four and a half if you count Bubbles.

And no purple. Nanners would have looked good purple.

The fingers are just precious.

Stripes! I love the random zigzag stripe between his eyes.

He's got some great detailing.

Cinnamon the lovely fox. Great coloring! Love the eyes, too.

I like the ear positioning as well.

Bubbles Bubbles my Bubbles!

Bubbles is tied for second favorite along with Singe. They're both just glorious.

Look at those scales! And the inventive way they did the feet!

He's so, so, SO cute. I love him.

And last but not least, my darling Singe the dragon.

Again, fantastic detailing. Look at all the spikes and the adorable hands!

And teeth!

The wings. The tail.

The pierced ear!

From the side.

I think he's actually the cutest one with Bubbles close behind. I'm just a sucker for Flutter, because he's gorgeous colors and a more unique design.

So there you go. All sixteen Sparkly Critters. I really adore these and hope they do a Series 2 with designs that are as good.


Thursday, January 17, 2019

REVIEW: Hairdorables Pets

I stopped in my Target, which is ever so slooooooooowly resetting. Like there are a couple aisles that are a chaotic jumble of crap level slow. One of the only new things I saw was four of the Hairdorables pets.

Now I have not been impressed with pictures of these, but I knew I'd try them out when I first saw them. I bought all four.

I opened them in the car while we ran errands, so I don't have a boxed pic, but eh, do you really need one? It's the same style as the Hairdorables box. Two accessory compartments on the left, pet compartment on the right.

The first one I opened was Sallee's Picasso. I actually thought I had Skylar's poodle, because the first compartment has the beret, but then the second had the paint-covered yarn and it was a yay.

Picasso is honestly the only one of these four that I like. I'm hoping to trade the other 3 for ones I prefer.

The beret looks silly on him, so I'm leaving it off.

The second pet was actually Skylar's poodle, Journey.

The bag is cute. I love the brush style for these, too.

The dog itself is just okay. Most of my problem with these is that they didn't do a good job on the hair. This poor dog's hair is ridiculous.

Then comes Sahara. This is Rayne's zebra. Rainbow bottle. Rainbow barrette. Bright-colored brush.

Effin' pastel zebra. YAWN.

If she was actual rainbow colors, I might like her.

Buuuuuut she's not. Her head is also weirdly large and chunky for her body. She looks like the old Barbie/Kelly Sweetsville ponies.

And finally, Taffy, DeeDee's rabbit. With two pigtails that come out halfway between her ears and the base of her skull. Like why?

I understand that these are Hairdorables pets, but the fact that they're forcing hair onto these poor animals and not in the right places makes them look really bad. Why not just do a curly rooted tail for the bunny? The poodle would have been fine with just the poof of curls and not the ears.

I'm definitely not buying any more of these blind at full price. $7.99 is WAY too much. I'm hoping to trade though!


Saturday, January 12, 2019

REVIEW: Shoppies Jenni Lantern

Jenni Lantern! I'm not really into the current Shoppies mermaid theme or the other masquerade girls, but Jenni was a must have.

Jenni, Pearlina, Bella and Lulu are all currently available on Amazon for $14.99 each.

Jenni comes in a nice large box, because one of the awesome features is a backdrop!

I LOVE this idea. I mean, yeah, it's limiting for use with other toys, but it's a cute play idea for kids and good for taking pictures of Jenni.

Cute box art.

Jenni's got the poseable arms all the deluxe dolls now do.

She looks cute in all her purple and gold.

The only thing I don't like is the blue in her hair. I think it should have been another color.

She's very pretty. I love her eye makeup.

I got that little black speck off her teeth, too!

I snapped this one really fast, because her mask does not like to stay on. It actually shot back at me the first time I put it on. Good thing I prefer her with it off.

Mask, invitation, locket playset, necklace and Li'l Jenni.

Jenni is into video games! The screen changes and the little couch flips up.

I love Jenni. She's not my favorite Shoppie ever, but I think she's very cute and more different than the other deluxe ones out right now.


REVIEW: Hairdorables Series 2

Hairdorables Series 2 were available on for $12.88 a couple days ago and I grabbed 5 before they sold out. They arrived today.

I don't have photos of the box, because the FedEx guy came right as I was getting in the car to go to work, so I opened them in the car. I'll get a boxed shot eventually.

The dolls now come with the same surprises as before PLUS a stand and one of the accessories is color-change.

This is Cotton Candy DeeDee. She has lovely giant curly hair with a little twist going across her head.

She also comes with the purse shown here, which is her color-change accessory. The color-change is only on one side. The other side is white stripes instead of blue.

Keyboard Kali's color-change is her barrette, which gets that yellowish middle.

I think this Kali is adorable. I love the overalls! I was actually excited to open her, which was nice, because Kali was one of the first ones I got overloaded with doubles of the first time around.

There's her little keyboard purse.

This was the first one I opened and I couldn't help but groan. I'm just not a fan of Rayne. This is Pineapple Rayne. I'm not sure how she got into pineapples or what rainbows have to do with pineapples. Maybe Skylar took her on a trip?

Her hair quality is not nearly as good as my other four and the rainbow barrette is really huge. Maybe I'm just not sure how to put it on right.

Here's Rayne in her color-activated pineapple glasses. They turn a little orange in cold, but it's really subtle compared to Global Skylar's.

Sorry for Skylar's askew glasses, but the red was going away fast, so I just jammed them on her and took the photo.

This is what they look like three seconds after I breathed on them. So in cold, they're red, and in warm, they're gold, but really they just sit somewhere in between all the time.

Skylar's the doll I photographed with everything. All five of mine came with these same 2 stickers.

I'm really happy with her. I think both Skylars this series are gorgeous.

Another shot of her hair bow. I'm still disappointed it's not as epic as the art, but it's cuter in person than in the promo photo.

And one more.

Last but BEST is my favorite: Sallee Sketches!

I was so happy when I saw that blue-streaked white hair as I slowly peeled the wrapper back!

I LOVE these buns.

She is SO CUTE. Definitely as cute as the original 3 Sallees.

Her color-change is art appearing on the inside of her sketchbook. This is a cute idea, but the doll has the heart hands, so she looks awkward holding the sketchbook. I gave it to one of my other Sallees.

I do have to give two heads up warnings about these dolls though.

First, I'm one of three people that's opened theirs so far. The second person got the same five I did, plus Night Sky Neila. The third person got Cotton Candy DeeDee, Night Sky Neila and Open Mic Harmony. There are 26 dolls in the series, so what are the odds that three of us get so many of the same dolls?

Yep, I'm afraid we're in for more of the same problem as last time. Series 2 is also going to come in waves and not all 26 dolls are out right now.

Second, the new packaging, or at least the boxes I got from Walmart, is completely sealed in plastic. There will be no more peeking down the back of the box to look for the holographic background or ripping up the bottom or side of the box to see the doll. Not unless you unwrap the plastic first. So if you see unwrapped dolls, be aware that that very likely means they've been peeked in.

I'm looking forward to getting more girls, although I hope I don't get too many doubles.