Wednesday, June 27, 2018

REVIEW: Barbie Fashionistas Rockstar Glam

 Yay, she's here! This girl was available for order on Amazon, but it said "ships in 1-3 months," so I waited a bit before ordering. I finally just placed the order, figuring I'd get her whenever, but it only took a week for her to ship. Now the listing says "1-2 months" so maybe she's shipping faster now.

This is the only one I really wanted from the new set. She does not disappoint!

I thought she looked like Zendaya in the promo shots, which was a lot of her appeal, but the actual doll doesn't. She's still really pretty though.

She wears one of the only interesting outfits in this set. 

And by "interesting," I mean one of the only ones that isn't utterly hideous. 

I mean, I'm old school. I'm still of the camp that a tee-shirt is not a dress. 

Just call me old-fashioned. 

It is a cool t-shirt though. The hem is a bit longer in the back. 

Her hair is actually mostly yellow. I didn't take a pic of the back of her head, because her hair is laying weird after being boxed and I wanted to do this review before she went to the salon. But the majority of the brown is in the front. 

She comes with these silly sunglasses, which she actually manages to make look good. 

Definitely my fave of the new batch of Fashionistas. I don't plan on buying any more, but we'll see when they actually appear in stores if any more win me over.



Even though it's only the 27th, I'm going to go ahead and do my Month in Review for June, because I don't have a lot of things incoming. I do have one Fashionista that will likely arrive tomorrow, but she'll get a review, so she won't need a pic in this wrap-up anyway.

The reason I'm doing this is because someone knocked on our door at 3:30am and no one was there when I looked out the peephole, so I'm a little creeped out. I had my headphones in before that and two of the dogs looked up like they heard a noise, so I yanked my headphones out and a couple minutes later was the knock. The dogs barked then, but not the first time, so I'm thinking maybe this person knocked on a neighbor's door first? I don't know. No one seems to be around, but I'm too unnerved to go to sleep, so here we are.

Anyway, Party Pop Teenies are the first things pictured. I got these at the same time as my first Boxy Girls. I actually have two more that I never photographed. They're really cute and I wish the closer Walmarts had them.

And now bears. Of course.

Dally's been on my wishlist for over a year. I finally lucked into a great deal on ebay from a US seller, which I never thought I'd get. She's lovely in person with all her different colors.

The oddly-named Licky Tissue was one of my 2018 pre-orders. He's named after when a mom licks a tissue to wipe something off a kid's face. It's kind of a cute idea, I guess, but the name is I call mine Licky, but I'll think of something else eventually.

And this is Skip. He's odd because he photographs far more yellow than he really is, which I wish I'd known. I was expecting a yellow bunny, but he's like a dark cream color. Still nice, but I wanted that buttercream yellow.

Seraphina the bunny and Cody the wolf are Lumo Stars. These can be found at Target. I will get more soon!

This guy is possibly my biggest love of the month. I've been supporting the Lunar Lion since he first appeared in the "in process" Squishable designs.

He's up there in my top Squishables with the original gray alien and the Spooky Lil Monster.

My Lost Kitties! I just took a pic of these yesterday. I finally got my most wanted Flakes, the angry sweater-wearing blue one, and that's enough for me. I've gotten 8 and 2 are doubles, so no more. Not at $5 apiece.

And finally, my new Gund bears. Bleecker is on the left and Indigo on the right. I've got money set aside for a couple Charlie Bears pre-orders I think might come in soon, so I splurged on a couple cheaper Gund bears on Amazon to fill the bear void while I wait.

Indigo really is a very, very dark blue. He just photographs black.

That is it. Anything else will be lumped in with July or done in reviews.


Monday, June 25, 2018

REVIEW: WWE Superstars Eva Marie

Well, I made some money on sales, so I ended up back at Target for Eva Marie. She's the last of these girls I had my eye on, so this is it for WWE reviews.

According to the back of the box, Eva Marie played a villain role, so her fabulous expression makes perfect sense.

She has blood red hair, unlike Becky's natural red.

Her nickname is "All Red Everything," which I find pretty funny, because only the slogan on her top is red. This poor doll should have at least have had red pants. Her biggest flaw is the see-through gold glitter pants. Aside from being disturbingly transparent, they also just look cheap.

I do like the black top though.

And her shoes are fabulous.

I think she's a fun addition to my tiny collection and I love her expression.

The three girls together look pretty awesome!

Asuka's still my favorite, although Becky has the best outfit. If I ever see a non-wonky Asuka in the store, I'm totally buying her.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

REVIEW: WWE Superstars Becky Lynch

All right, Asuka needed a friend. I was a bit irked to see the $14.99 price on these at Target when I paid $12.99 on Amazon for Asuka, but I got her anyway. I almost got Eva Marie instead because Becky was cheaper on Amazon, but eh, I like Becky.

Apparently, she's Irish. I've got two of these dolls now and neither is American. I always thought this fanciful wrestling thing was some American phenomenon, but I guess not!

Becky's thing is steampunk, so she's got a really excellent top and her pants have a gear and pocket watch print.

She's very pretty and has bright yet natural red hair. It's good quality, too.

Like Asuka, she's articulated at the neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists and knees. She has less range than Asuka though. Either that or her joints are stiffer and I don't want to try to force them and risk breaking her. Asuka's knees are able to turn sideways a bit, but Becky's don't, and her hips have less range.

I love the steampunk pants, but they're oddly baggy in the lower legs and they look a bit odd tucked into her boots.

The boots are nice and chunky like I like them, but the proportions on them seem a little bit off. Like the upper seems too wide.

Still, I do like me some chunky black boots.

Aww, they look cute together. 

Although this highlights the skimping on Asuka's outfit. Maybe that's why her line is $2 cheaper on Amazon? Hmm. 

I'll likely be bringing Eva Marie home next. More redheads!


Saturday, June 23, 2018

REVIEW: WWE Superstars Asuka

If you'd asked me if I'd ever buy one of these WWE Superstars wrestling dolls, I would have told you it wasn't likely. I'm not into wrestling and I don't know who any of these people are.

And then Asuka showed up. She was in my Amazon suggested items and the pink and blue hair caught my eye immediately. And then she's Japanese, too? Sold. I didn't buy her immediately, but I think I ordered her within a week of seeing her.

Then Amazon forgot to ship my package. They made it look shipped with a tracking number and everything, but Wednesday delivery turned out to actually be Saturday. (I complained and got some money back. If I'm paying for Prime, the least they can do is actually ship my stuff on time.)

So Asuka arrived today and she's pretty epic.

Her hair, as you can tell from the boxed pic, was gelled to high heaven, so all my deboxed pics are her after having her gel washed out.

She's a nice doll for $12.99. Fully articulated. My only gripe is that she's not as detailed as she could be. She could totally have had the black face stripe! I hope she gets another doll with her elaborate costumes, because this tee and shorts are cute, but from the pictures I Googles, this girl has some fab costumes and I want to see those!

I feel like her one eye is off, but she's still cute, so I'm not sure if it's just me reacting to having a doll with normal-sized eyes for once...

The outfit is cute, it's just simple. This is "Imma crash your slumber party" Asuka.

Another angle on the hair.

I love her hair.

Super awesome!

Like seriously, I kinda want more of these now and that's the power of a really good doll. To make you want more, even though you know nothing about the line.

However, I also know none of them are as good as she is.

(I keep wanting to use a different word to describe her, but I try to keep my language clean on this blog, in case there are kiddies reading.)

Asuka wants a fancier doll made of her, Mattel! Give her what she wants!


REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Cheetah Action Figure

The Cheetah figure shown as one of the previews from last year's Comic Con finally shows up for US buyers! Almost a year later...

Like the Cheetah signature doll, the figure's been available in the UK for a while, but I wasn't about to pay thirty bucks to import a ten dollar toy.

Finally, my patience was rewarded and she showed as in stock from Amazon for $9.99.

Sadly, the figure does not continue the tradition of the newer ones being some of the better ones.

Katana, Starfire and Hawkgirl, the last three single-packed new character releases, have excellent figures, but Cheetah's is lacking.

A large part of the problem is that her skintone is uneven. I'm not sure there's a single part on her that's the same color as another. The head's large difference from the color of her neck is really evident and unattractive.

Something also seems off in the figure's proportions.

I wanted to like her, but they just didn't do a very good job. I do like the tail and ankle articulation though. That's good at least. And her hair. Her hair's nicely done, even though it's too short, but then so was the doll's.

Time will tell if Cheetah becomes the last DCSG review I ever do. I pre-ordered Beast Boy, but he's been delayed and who knows if he'll come out, and I don't know what the future of the line holds what with having the ugliest reboot designs I have ever seen in my life.

Oh, wait, I do plan on getting basic Frost. So maybe she'll be my last!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

REVIEW: Enchantimals Winsley Wolf

My second new Enchantimal from the newest trio of single-packed ones.

Winsley Wolf is really cute and it goes to show what happens when they overdo a face: you end up liking a totally different doll better than the one you thought you'd love. I never thought I'd pick Winsley over Tanzie, but here we are.

Winsley's art is super cute like usual. There's something very sweet and earnest in her expression. She reminds me of Starfire, even though she looks nothing like her.

Winsley has bright blue hair with a couple Rogue white streaks. I was pleasantly surprised by the white, because in her promo pics, it's much more blended in with the blue. It's meant to be the two giant streaks though, because that's what she has in her art.

Trooper the wolf is like Tanzie's tiger with the hole in the back. That's really my only complaint about this doll, the stupid hole in the pet.

I mean, I'm not thrilled we got another gray character with blue hair, since we just had Ekaterina not long ago, but Winsley is so cute with it, it's actually Ekaterina I would give a different color if I could.

Because, you know, this is the main reason I wanted Winsley.

She's totally some relation of Silvi's!

(I'm still mad we never got a sig doll for Silvi.)

That and the paw boots are just the cutest things.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DCSG Cheetah Action Figure IN STOCK

If you're like me, you've been wondering when in the world the US was going to get the DCSG Cheetah figure.

Well, I checked my Amazon wishlist before I left for work and she was actually in stock!

If you're still looking for her, keep checking the link. She's sold out now, but I imagine she'll reappear soon.

Monday, June 18, 2018


I just realized that I have not been getting email comment notifications for probably a couple months.

I replied to a few, but I'll try to check my comments section more often to make sure I'm keeping up.

Sorry if you were waiting for a reply from me and I missed your comment!

More Lumo Stars

I got another Lumo Stars plush tonight!

So that's Cody the black wolf on the right. He's the one I bought first and he is not on the Lumo Stars website.

On the left is the one called Bunny on the website, but her tag says Seraphina. I knew there was a Seraphina!

Sunday, June 17, 2018


The Lumo Stars are a new line of plush being carried at Target. They're similar to Ty Beanie Boos with the big eyes, but Lumo Stars have much cooler eyes, in my opinion.

They come in 3 sizes. There are small clip-on ones that are about 3" and then regular plush in 6" and 9" sizes.

My Target had several of the clip-ons ($3.99) and smaller plush ($5.99).

There are a few different animal types in multiple color offerings.

CATS: Aurora (rainbow), Forest (dark brown, brown, white and gray), Katti (gray and white), Lynx, Peach (peach and white with teal ear lining), Winter (white with black spots)

DOGS: These all have floppy ears. Pinky (pink and white), Spotty (rainbow), Wuff (brown and white)

WOLVES: Hukka (gray and white), Susi (purple and white), Woody (camo and white), Cody (black, gray and brown)

FOXES: Blueberry (blue), Noki (black and gray), Repo (orange)

RABBITS/HARES: Bunny (dark brown and white), Ice (white and blue), Pupu (gray and white)

BEARS: Camo, Otso (brown and white), Raspberry (pink and purple)

HORSES: Carla (purple and blue), Reino (mostly brown), Snow (white with black spots)

PUFFINS: Lenni (rainbow), Luna (purple), Lunni (black and white)

HEDGEHOGS: Mortti (rainbow), Siili (browns and white), Smultron (pink and white)

OWLS: Pollo (pink and white), Stripe (rainbow), Uggla (brown animal print and white)

REINDEER: Poro (gray, white and pink), Renee (rainbow), Vasa (brown and white)

The odd thing about the one I bought, Cody, is that he isn't on the website. I know I also saw the name Seraphina on a tag, but there's no Seraphina on the site. That one might be a name change though, because some of these names are super Finnish.

If I remember correctly, my store had: Aurora (1), Forest (several), Katti (several), Lynx (several), Spotty (1), Wuff (1), Cody (4), Bunny (4), Lenni (several), Lunni (several), Mortti (3), Siili (4), Pollo (several), Stripe (several), and Renee (2). No foxes (except the clip-on orange one), no bears, no horses. 

I definitely want more of these!

Saturday, June 16, 2018


More bears and plush this month!

This is the Charlie Year Bear 2018. She's a plumo, which means she's plush and mohair. The muzzle and ear lining is where the mohair is.

She's unusual-looking, because she has quite a long snout, but I like her.

Her torso and head fur is super soft!

Thanks to a friend, I was able to get two things my local Targets never got.

The first is Nalini, the tiger from Hearts For Hearts Girls. They randomly added her to the line and then barely spoke a word about her when asked. Odd.

The second was the lavender-haired Koe from Shibajuku Girls Wave 3 that I reviewed here.

Who Mee? is a bear I've wanted for quite a while. I imported him from the UK via ebay.

He's got long, skinny arms and legs with big paws, a skinny body and an oversized head. He's really adorable and unique.

Taggle was an unplanned purchase from my stockist during her Cinco de Mayo sale. I'm glad I invested in him, because my purchase won me a $25 Amazon gift certificate in the prize draw!

Taggle is made up of nine different plush and he's super awesome. I hope to get Raggle (they're Raggle Taggle) in the next couple months.

I picked up Daffy at the farther Target and wish I'd gotten Bugs, too. My store only has one lone Taz.

I've always loved Looney Tunes. It's just classic stuff.

I picked up this pretty Taranee doll from the Chinese seller I've gotten some great older Giochi Preziosi finds from.

I always preferred the older faces for the W.I.T.C.H. girls except for Hay Lin, but now that it's been years, I wouldn't mind having a new face version of each character.

I really loved this particular Taranee outfit, so I chose her from this line.

Macaroon was a UK exclusive Charlie Bear for ages, then he appeared in Australia. Finally, they put him on the CB Direct website where Americans could order and I got him after months of wanting him.

Sadly though, I haven't really bonded with him, but there's plenty of time for that.


I'm obsessed with the new Ducktales and these four plush from Shop Disney do not disappoint.


The new Hasbro Pocahontas finally appeared in my area and she honestly puts the old one to shame. (Left is the original, right is the new)

Poor thing just looks goofy standing by the new girl.

And I got the new Mulan from Amazon, because no stores around here had her. I love how teeny she is!

Pink is my least favorite color for her, but that dress is still gorgeous.

She and Merida are the standouts from the new line.

More Disney goodies!

Shop Disney sold out of Angel, so I got her from an ebay seller, who also hooked me up with Stitch, both for cheaper prices than the actual Disney website.

I love my fellow Floridians who are basically Disney parks personal shoppers.

Squishable's mini Japanese dragon was a must have.

I backed Tasty Peach Studios' cake foxes on Kickstarter and my Marble arrived in May.


I picked up a lot of Fingerlings minis in May. I have 20, I think? I need to photograph them all!

So much cuter than the big ones.

And finally, I got my first mohair Charlie Bears! These little cuties are only 7" tall, but they're all mohair, no plush.

I opted not to mention all the things I reviewed, so this is barely any dolls, but you know they were there, too!