Thursday, August 22, 2019

HACK: Hairdorables Shortcuts

So I'm a very recent (like yesterday) convert to Hairdorables Shortcuts. I always intended to get one to see in person, but one turned into four and I want more.

This is Bella's little sister Dancin' Dillon, the one I opened yesterday. She got me hooked.

This isn't a proper review, but a place to hopefully put together code hacks for the line, but these dolls each come with a hairtie skirt, a barrette, two pigtails and an accessory. (Dillon's is her wings, which you can't see that well.)

Here's Mighty Maya, Willow's sis.

Sun-Kissed Marisol is Skylar's sister.

Gah, adorable suitcase!

And Pet-Sittin' Robin is Kat's sister.

She has one of the cutest accessories I've ever seen in any line.

A tiny hamster ball with a TINY HAMSTER IN IT.


Here are the backs of their heads so you can see the multi-colored painted hair detail.

But the point of this post is that these girls have numbers on their packaging. I think we might be able to hack this line.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this til after I threw out Dillon's packaging, but I did write down all the info for the other three.

Underneath the UPC, there are two numbers. The longer one is the same for every doll in the case. Mine was 1269MT01. But then after that comes a 3-digit code. All of them in the case were different.

282: Pet-Sittin' Robin
292: Sun-Kissed Marisol
294: Mighty Maya

If anyone has any codes to share, please comment so I can add them to this post! I'm going to be adding more as a get more.

Monday, August 19, 2019

REVIEW: Hasbro Style Series Mulan

So I sucked it up and paid the shipping for Mulan from Hasbro Pulse, which of course means she's now available on both Target and Amazon.

You're welcome.

Yes, this happens like every time I overpay for something.

Worth it though. She's the best of the three by far.

Lovely art.

I'm really glad they did not go with gold for her purse. The pink is much better.

Just stunning.

I'm not a huge fan of them slapping Mulan in pink all the time, but this elegant look is a reminder of her equally elegant look from the movie, which was partially pink.

My only complaint is about the packing. Would doll companies please stop punching holes in thin, delicate fabrics just to tack them down for display purposes? I hate the holes left in doll clothes from that nonsense.

Excellent headband.

I like the flip in her hair, too.

And great makeup.

This purse would have been so boring gold. Good change.

A hint of the shorter dress beneath.

So pretty!

Obligatory crappy pic of her shoes.

They're Coronation Evie's shoes from the Descendants line.

I was annoyed by this until I realized Belle and Ariel actually have the same shoe mold, so at least Mulan's is different.

Wish they were pink or blue though. But they're hidden by the overskirt, so yay.

So glad to have all three! Now we just need more. I hope Jasmine is in the next batch.


Friday, August 16, 2019

REVIEW: Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Amethyst Rae

One more Poopsie Rainbow Surprise review! I saved the best for last.

No box pic, since we saw that with Blue Skye.

I just dug right into opening her.

Gah, she's so gorgeous.

They really nailed the hair on these. Excellent color blends and high quality.

And she has cute tattoos!

Sleeves even.

I have heard there are issues with the rainbow-haired girl and her tattoos coming off with her jacket? I think she has a long-sleeved jacket and I suppose the plastic sleeves could get stuck to these sticker tattoos. Not a problem with Amethyst and her vest, but I thought I'd mention it.

She has the best shoes.

And her accessories.

It just occurred to me that her comb is missing. Oh, well. Not a huge deal.

So what do you think of the Rainbow Surprise dolls?


Thursday, August 15, 2019

REVIEW: Hasbro Style Series Ariel & Belle

I was surprised to see the Style Series in stores so quickly. I got these at Target for $24.99 each.

Gonna state right now that I am very annoyed that the two white characters are readily available, while the one non-white character is only available from Hasbro Pulse right now and I don't want to pay $7.99 shipping.

I really only wanted Mulan, but when I saw these others, I caved. Let's face it, they're pretty gorgeous.

The box is a lovely, simple design. If I was a boxed collector, I'd be pleased.

The art on the back is also gorgeous. And the design once again is perfect. Elegant, simple and sleek.

Here's Belle.

They had 2 Ariel and 4 Belle.

And her art.

Ariel is 1, Belle is 3. Again, this makes it even more annoying that Mulan was left out, because she's clearly 2.

Deboxing was fairly simple.

I will say straight off that if you were expecting full articulation, you will not be happy. The knees are not articulated. For $24.99, I really expected articulated knees. And a stand would have been nice. It's not like that's a cheap price.

She's beautiful and all, but yeah, I'm not seeing $24.99.

I do adore the purse.

And the necklace.

If you can pick yours out in person, make sure you check the lashes. Some of them are pretty sparse.

Close up on the shoes.

I like Belle, but she's the weakest of the 3 for me. Her hair isn't the best quality either. Mine is currently in the salon.

Then there's Ariel. I am not a big Ariel fan. I know my entire bathroom is outfitted in mermaids because of the Ariel & Her Sisters line, but the key word there is "sisters." I adore her sisters. Ariel's pretty much an idiot.

That said, this is one of the best Ariel dolls I've ever seen. She's perfectly stunning. Her hair is silky and lays so nicely.

The design of the outfit is spot on, too. I love the mermaid skirt with the overlay that billows out like a wave. And the top is just fabulous.


Shot of the headband.

And the shoes. Sorry that's not a better pic. I thought they were pearl, but they're a faint lavender pearl, which is nice. They do not stay on as well as Belle's though, so maybe leave the plastic bands on them so they don't fall off? I'm not putting them back on mine, but yeah, they're not stable. And the skirt is so long, you won't see the bands holding them on, because you can't even see the shoes with the skirt down. The only flaw of this outfit.

I REALLY want Mulan now. So not happy she's not in stock on Target or Amazon.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I was ever so thrilled this morning to turn around in the Target aisle and see Bow's dippy little face looking back at me. I scooped him up, then Glimmer, then Adora.


I'm going to start with Adora since I think she's the best doll in the line.

My only nitpick about her is that I wish she looked a little less happy and a little more determined, but her teeny face is so cute that I can't be too mad.

They really did a great job with the outfit.

The shirt and jacket are all one piece, of course, but the materials are nice. They didn't cheap out on that jacket.

She is darling. Definitely not as vacant as she looked in the early pics.

Her hair isn't the best. It's not horrible, but it's a bit dry at the ends.

Her ponytail wants to swoosh off to the side, so I straightened it some.

Outfit from the back.

Very good representation of the character. The hair quality is a tiny nitpick and the facial expression is something I can definitely live with. I think she's the most accurate of the dolls released.


I wish he came with tiny action figures.

A belt would have been cool, too, but I can live without it.

He's adorable. I still think he looks a little dippy, but in a good way. He's a sweet character.

His proportions aren't as bad as I initially thought, too. Those first pics just were not flattering.

Love the boots.

Here's my big nitpick for him though. See the brown strap painted on his front? Well, there's nothing on his back. Because it's the strap for his QUIVER, which they didn't include.

Seriously, no quiver, guys? But the strap is there? Sigh.


And then...there's Glimmer.


Glimmer, who should look like this.

They got her outfit for the most part. I'll give them that.

Where to begin? The top and work down, I guess.

Her hair is not as bad as I thought, but this is one of those missed opportunities created by whiny adult doll collectors. "WAH, I NEED HAIR TO BRUSH" literally any time there is anything other than rooted hair.

They should have molded her hair out of translucent purple glittery plastic and painted the pink parts. It would have looked so cool. And show accurate. This is...I mean, it's not bad considering she does not have easy hair to make realistic.

Then there's her face. SIGH. Glimmer should not look like a generic anime character. Her eyes are way too round. They tried with the eyebrows, but they should have been thicker.

And her eye color. SIGH. Y'all, her eyes are brown. NOT PINK. It's a rather unusual shade of brown with a little hint of pink to it, but this doll has pink eyes. Stop erasing brown eyes. Brown eyes are awesome.

The outfit is good from the front. Some people will probably complain about the painted glove, but it doesn't bother me.

The boots are perfect.

The cape has that weird gaping hole like She-Ra's, but it works a little better with this filmy material.

The back is too plain. Why didn't they wrap the detail all the way around?


I honestly don't know what Mattel is doing with this line. Make the dolls $19.99 each and give us proper dolls with full outfits and all their accessories.

And give Catra her mane! Argh.

My doll has a flaw you probably can't see. The fingers on her left hand didn't mold properly. The pinky is completely flat and the two middle ones are only a little better. Thankfully, they did a good design on her power effect and that distracts from the flaw.

I don't hate this doll. I honestly think she's very cute and she's growing on me by the minute, but I cannot say they did a good job on her. She is a cute doll, but a poor representation of Glimmer.

Here's the other way they did Glimmer dirty. Glimmer is not a small girl. She is thick from neck to toe. So much that her head actually looks a bit small in the cartoon design.

However, on the doll, from the waist up, she's only got slightly bigger boobs than Adora and Catra. She's quite simply too skinny. She should be as wide as She-Ra. From the hips down, she's good, but her top half is way too small. Her arms are okay, but could also have been bigger.

Adora and Catra have the same torso. Everyone else is different.

Man, that group photo really emphasizes how crappy Catra's hair is. Everyone else has thick hair. WTF.

So there you have it. I will eventually get the SDCC set and review it. Not sure I want the Swift Wind set.

I don't hate these dolls. Not by any means. I'm glad they exist. I just wish less cost-cutting and more show accuracy had been put into them.