Thursday, August 29, 2019


I've been getting codes for Series 3 contributed and I found some in Target today myself!

Here's a look at the packaging.

The flamingo is who you want to look for.

The code is stamped in the upper left by the brown kitty.

These do not seem as easy to read as past codes. I struggled quite a bit.

Of course it photographs really well...


The two I got. The flamingo I knew I was getting because of the codes submitted, but the cat was a surprise. I didn't see his code listed in the comments.

The inside of the tortilla now matches the spiciness of the toy.

Pretty cool!

I do love this cat. The pink and orange cats were the first two I ever opened with Series 1 and I've been a fan of the cats since.

I really love brown cats, too, so this one is my fave, tied with the aqua one from Series 1.


So moving on, let's see the codes.

That's what you guys want, not my babbling and pics. I know. Heh.

Luvito blue chihuahua: 17219/23319
Tabbito brown cat: 17519/23419/28319

Huskito husky dog:  17619/26019/28419/23519/21919
Houndito white and brown dog: 17119/23219/25419
Pinkito flamingo: 16919/22819/25219
Muddito pig: 17019/23119/23519
Wildito zebra: 16819/22719/21119
Tuskito pink walrus: 16419/22519/20719/26719
Rapidito pink/purple(?) cheetah: 16519/21019/22619/24819
Chillito penguin: 16219/20519/22119/24519
Flippito seal: 16119/20419/22019/24219
Cloudito pink pegasus: 16319/22419/20619

23519 has been reported as both Huskito the husky and Muddito the pig.

Series 1:

Series 2:

Babitos Series 1:

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

RANKING: Poopsie Sparkly Critters Series 1 & 2

I decided to do a ranking for my Sparkly Critters! I'm still missing one, but I can slide him in when I get him.

Beam is my obvious #1. This guy has not left my coffee table since I got him.

I loved Moonie most from the Cutie Tooties initial assortment, so I was hoping they'd do a moon for the Sparklys and they did. And did him to perfection. He glows in the dark and has an interesting rough texture none of the others do.

And he's just incredibly, uniquely cute.

I had no plan on loving Puff as much as I do, but he was the first Series 2 I opened and I just adored him on sight.

Like all the weather ones, he has a fairly basic body, but their weird heads make up for any lack of body detailing.

Puff just has an adorable face. He's so happy and cute! And I love how they did his coloring.

Flutter is essentially tied with Puff. I had a lot of trouble picking between the two, so I did it kind of arbitrarily. They're tied for second place, rather than being second and third.

Flutter is gorgeous colors and is hands down my fave from Series 1. I love the wings as arms styling.

Like Flutter, Midnight the bat has wings for arms. She's a gorgeous dark shimmery purple.

I love how they did her nose, but the random placement of her teeth and her oddly white toes held her back a bit.

The silver horn is great though. I think she might be the only one with a silver horn.

Avalanche! I'm a sucker for yetis. I'm not sure why they decided to put horns on him, because yetis aren't known for having horns, but it looks cool. I love the gunmetal color of the horns and claws.

His sculpting is excellent, right down to his teeny tiny painted toenails. Toe claws?

Singe is my 2nd fave from Series 1. Not many of the others in either series have his level of detail AND he glows in the dark.

He's gorgeous.

Bubbles bubbles my bubbles!

The third standout from Series 1, which was honestly, kinda lackluster.

I prefer the anthropomorphized ones or mythical animals or ones like Bubbles that are in no way meant to ever look bipedal!

Bubbles has lovely colors and wonderful detailing.

I originally had Ocho in front of Bubbles, but honestly, they're tied.

And if I put Ocho here, he's #8.


Lovely colors again and the way they did the tentacles is really clever and cute.

My only wish is that they'd used the darker palette they used on the Cutie Tooties.

Stripes the zebra. Not originally high on my want list for Series 2, but then I saw the oilslick color like Flutter has and that elevated him.

He's a badass zebra.

This is also another tie. Stripes and King are tied for whatever place this actually is. I stared at them both and just couldn't pick between them.

I really didn't expect to like King as much as I do, but his detailing is gorgeous.

I love the colors, too.

Another very unexpected like. Dots isn't a particularly interesting animal or color combo, but it's his face that won me over.

Meanwhile, Cinnamon has the gorgeous coloring, but a more static, less interesting sculpt. Hence him being behind Dots.

Ah, back to the weird ones. This is Ray.

I'm not sure why MGAE is obsessed with dripping suns. Why is he melting? He's the sun. He's not supposed to actually melt himself. Or maybe things are melting on him? But then what did he put on his arms only? Weird.

Regardless, I love the glitter on his rays.

And here's Starlight. This is another tie, by the way. I couldn't pick between Ray and Starlight.

Starlight's colors are just superb. Something didn't quite translate from the Cutie Tootie to the Sparkly Critter though. I actually think both Cutie stars are cuter.

Splits! When I first saw the checklist, I thought these two fruit ones were too odd and not cute enough, but then I opened Splits and he's just darling.

Just don't think about how his head is peeled open.

Fleece seems a bit simple to be this high, right? Nope. It's all in her expression, her pose and her detailing. She's got her fleece shaved into what looks like a bikini and legwarmers, and it's accented with tiny pink bows.

She's girly and cute.

This guy is REALLY unexpected. I fully thought Hammer would be my least favorite of them all, because it still annoys me that the eyes are in the wrong place. How freaky and cool would he have looked with the eyes on the sides where they should be? He would have been amazing!

But to compensate, they amped up the detail. I love the little spikes all over and the fins and how they shaped the "hands" and "feet." But my favorite bit is his mouth. He has two teeth showing on one side and only one on the other!

He's darling. Wrong, but completely darling.

I'm still disappointed we got Wildberry and not one of the thorned roses from the Cutie Tooties, but I love the body sculpt on her and the fangs make her pretty awesome.

Waves is another I expected to be bored by. He's got a simpler body and the head shape is kinda weird, but then I spotted the blowhole and that just made him for me.

Dawdle the pink sloth was one of my earliest Series 2s. She's very cute and I do love sloths, but the pink is kinda unnecessary. Dulce is the brown version and he's the only one I'm missing. I think he would have ranked up somewhere with Dots and Cinnamon. We'll see when I get him.

Here's Stripes the tiger. You'd think someone would have noticed they were repeating names with the zebra, but I guess they couldn't think of anything better and just went with it.

Stripes is quite intricate and pretty, but I dunno. He doesn't interest me for some reason.

Let's make the pink bunny interesting by giving him piercings and tattoos.

It worked on me.

Cheeky's way higher on this list than he woudl be without the "edgy" bits.

And so is Oopsie Starlight. While I do like her soft pink and the pretty pastels in her mane, it's the tattoos that got her this high.

Drama. Oh, Grumpy Cat. This one may have been higher earlier on in my collecting days, but she's fallen a bit now. Can't even say why. It happens sometimes.

Fluff the pink llama, not to be confused with Le Fluff the pink poodle.

Seriously, MGAE, I will name your characters if you pay me in toys.

Cute, intricate, but not super interesting. I would have preferred her in, like, silver or something. Not pink again.

Sprint AKA Sonic the hedgehog. A nice design, but again, just not interesting to me for some reason.

Nanners the pink monkey. Why not brown? Why so much pink? He is a nice pink though. I do like brighter pinks.

Without the tattoos and being mostly white, Rainbow Brightstar can't compete with most of the others.

Here's Le Fluff, the poodle I mentioned.

Cute. Pink. Nothing else to say.

Yet she still manages to outrank the bear. I'm not sure why I'm not a fan of Sugar. Maybe it's the completely nonsensical wings?

This duck was dead last. I HATE those ugly legs. They're lumpy and grotesque.

And yet, before I put this together, Quacks had already moved up a couple spaces. He's got quite the photogenic face. Given a bit more time, maybe he'll climb higher. I'm even contemplating moving him up as I type this, so I'm going to move on before I have to rearrange this entire thing.

Is it a cute cat? Yes.

Is it a well-sculpted cat? Yes.

But is it just a plain white cat? Also yes.

Sorry, Chloe.

Poor Bamboo comes in last. You'd think it would be the white cat, but no. Panda. I think it's because I find him boring. The brown bear, even though it has random wings and a dull sculpt, at least has a nice color. This is just a panda.

Sometimes the realism works, sometimes it just makes it more dull.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

HACK: Hairdorables Shortcuts

So I'm a very recent (like yesterday) convert to Hairdorables Shortcuts. I always intended to get one to see in person, but one turned into four and I want more.

This is Bella's little sister Dancin' Dillon, the one I opened yesterday. She got me hooked.

This isn't a proper review, but a place to hopefully put together code hacks for the line, but these dolls each come with a hairtie skirt, a barrette, two pigtails and an accessory. (Dillon's is her wings, which you can't see that well.)

Here's Mighty Maya, Willow's sis.

Sun-Kissed Marisol is Skylar's sister.

Gah, adorable suitcase!

And Pet-Sittin' Robin is Kat's sister.

She has one of the cutest accessories I've ever seen in any line.

A tiny hamster ball with a TINY HAMSTER IN IT.


Here are the backs of their heads so you can see the multi-colored painted hair detail.

But the point of this post is that these girls have numbers on their packaging. I think we might be able to hack this line.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize this til after I threw out Dillon's packaging, but I did write down all the info for the other three.

Underneath the UPC, there are two numbers. The longer one is the same for every doll in the case. Mine was 1269MT01. But then after that comes a 3-digit code. All of them in the case were different.

We have the complete list now, thanks to an awesome member of my FB Hairdorables group. These are the ones paired with the 1269MT01 code.

Emma Zooms 285
Say Cheese Emma 286
Dancin’ Dillon 271
Hip Hop Dillon 272
Vibrant Violet 289
DIY Violet 290
Team Charlie 273
Super Fan Charlie 274
Sweet CeeCee 275
Vitamin CeeCee 276
Pixel Quinn 279
Bookworm Quinn 280
Marisol in Flight 291
Sun-Kissed Marisol 292
Hoop C Daisy 287
Bloomin’ Daisy 288
Magical Maya 293/123
Mighty Maya 294
Ultimate Maya 295
Galactic Stella 283
Jurassic Stella 284
Super Star Zoe 277
Jammin’ Zoe 278
Dog Walkin’ Robin 281
Pet Sittin’ Robin 282

You can figure these out by subtracting 40 from the 1269 codes. So Galactic Stella is 243 and Pixel Quinn would be 239.

Can't wait to see who I can find at my Target and Walmart.

Monday, August 19, 2019

REVIEW: Hasbro Style Series Mulan

So I sucked it up and paid the shipping for Mulan from Hasbro Pulse, which of course means she's now available on both Target and Amazon.

You're welcome.

Yes, this happens like every time I overpay for something.

Worth it though. She's the best of the three by far.

Lovely art.

I'm really glad they did not go with gold for her purse. The pink is much better.

Just stunning.

I'm not a huge fan of them slapping Mulan in pink all the time, but this elegant look is a reminder of her equally elegant look from the movie, which was partially pink.

My only complaint is about the packing. Would doll companies please stop punching holes in thin, delicate fabrics just to tack them down for display purposes? I hate the holes left in doll clothes from that nonsense.

Excellent headband.

I like the flip in her hair, too.

And great makeup.

This purse would have been so boring gold. Good change.

A hint of the shorter dress beneath.

So pretty!

Obligatory crappy pic of her shoes.

They're Coronation Evie's shoes from the Descendants line.

I was annoyed by this until I realized Belle and Ariel actually have the same shoe mold, so at least Mulan's is different.

Wish they were pink or blue though. But they're hidden by the overskirt, so yay.

So glad to have all three! Now we just need more. I hope Jasmine is in the next batch.