Saturday, August 3, 2019

REVIEW: Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Blue Skye

I pre-ordered one of each of the Rainbow Surprise dolls on Amazon. The rainbow/pink one hasn't shipped yet, but purple/blue arrived today.

These run $54.99, which is definitely pricey. But considering they make you pay $14.99 for a poseable creature figure and $10 for a tinier, not so poseable creature figure, I'm not surprised.

I'm going to say right away that I'm not doing a full review with making the slime and putting it in the clothes. That's gross. If you want to watch them doing that, check out reviews on Youtube, but I bought this doll for the doll herself, not for some glop, so yeah, not doing that part.

Back of the box.

And a close-up of the four girls. When I first saw these, my instant thought was Descendants. Purple hair with bangs and wavy blue hair? Mal and Evie, just with darker skintones. The pink is slightly reminiscent of a paler Audrey in her D3 look, but that's stretching it, I know. But the purple and blue definitely remind me of Mal and Evie.

I'm sure you can guess which I want most, but unfortunately, this isn't her. I knew before I opened the box. How did I know?

Under the handle, there's a crack. Push down gently on it and you can peek into the box and see the top of the doll's head. It was really easy to see the blue hair.

So if you find these in stores, now you know how to hack them. I wish they'd show up so I could buy Amethyst, but my Target is so incredibly slow, it's not even a bit funny.

Once you remove the outer plastic, you can start peeling the cardboard away. It unpeels in one long piece with baggies of
accessories stuck to it.

And the doll herself is inside the case with a couple more accessories.

Here are all the opened packets.

Stockings, shoes, jacket. Comb. Purse and can. Slime crap.

The comb is really pretty. Sometimes I like the simplest things.

And here's Blue Skye out of the box. She's very pretty. I do favor Amethyst, but I don't regret opening Blue, because I know I'll buy Amethyst when I see her. I may not have bought Blue right away, so I would have missed out on how pretty she is for a while.

Her hair is GORGEOUS. It's smooth and silky, and three different shades of blue!

The body is simple, yet nicely-designed.

I've seen people complaining because they don't have much articulation, but this isn't a fashion doll. Most 14" and up dolls do not have articulated elbows and knees, unless you're on the collector end of things.

Her lightning-print stockings are pretty easy to put on.

Same with the shoes. My only complaint about them is that the slime compartment comes open too easily. I can't imagine actually having something liquidy in there and it opening that easily.

Shoe close-up. I'm glad all these pieces look good with their see-through bits, even though I'm not using them for their intended purpose.

Jacket on.

And a close-up of her face.

You know, it just occurred to me now that all the other Poopsie stuff has inset eyes with lashes. These should have. Especially at this price point. Her eyes are lovely, but they should have gone that extra step.

I am thrilled she doesn't have the cut lip look like the rainbow one. I was afraid of it with the open mouth, but she's fine.

And a quick size comparison to end with. Hearts for Hearts Girls are 14". Rainbow Surprise says they're 14". but it's more like 14.5". She's over 15" in her shoes.

So what do you think? Is her cuteness enough to beat the high price point? Will you be getting any of these girls? I'm definitely getting Amethyst and probably Pixie Rose, too. The rainbow one is the only one I don't like.



  1. For the price, not really impressed. I want some joints. her face is pretty

    1. It's probably because their large. Dolls like American girl don't have joints. Same with journey girls and lots of others.

    2. Exactly. As I said in the review, dolls of this size don't usually have joints unless they're high-end for collectors. These are playline for kids and a gimmicky doll to boot, not a fashion doll.

  2. While I think she is pretty, I would rather spend my money on one of their unicorn dolls (mainly because the inset eyes and those gorgeous lashes get me).

    Also slime in clothes just sounds... messy.

    Awesome review!