Monday, December 30, 2019


I got my Alt Grrl from Amazon today! She's part of LOL OMG Series 2. We're back to the original box designs, not the fancy ones from Winter Disco.

Alt cost me $26.99 on Amazon. She is currently available to purchase and will be in stock on January 4th.

I'm not going to go through the entire deboxing process, as you've seen it all before, so let's see what's inside.

Two garment bags.


Black purse.

Silver brush.

Yellow shoebox and silver hatbox.

Black stand.

And here she is!

I pretty much fell in love with her when I saw her face. Her makeup is gorgeous.

Her hair is mostly yellow with black streaks. It looks much darker, kinda muddy, in the promo photos, so this is a big improvement.

Her skintone is the same as Downtown BB's.

She has a smokey eye that surrounds most of her eyes.

Her lipstick is kind of a dark raspberry pink.

The garment bags contain a little white jacket and a black vinyl dress with real chain straps.

Back of the jacket.

The dress is a bit tight to get on and the straps aren't the easiest to get on her shoulders, but it all worked in the end.

I do like the jacket, but I think it covers the outfit too much, so I'm leaving it off.

The hatbox contained sunglasses, a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings.

I love how they did the earrings. They make it look like she has way more piercings.

Each earring is different.

These glasses are super cute and I love how quizzical she looks with them on, but they're not part of the overall look I prefer.

This is how I'm displaying her, leaving off the jacket and glasses.

The shoes are cute black heels. The base material is a translucent brown with the black painted over the top and then the additional painted details.

The shoe mold is the same as Swag's.

These were not easy to get on the doll. I had to really push her foot hard, basically pressing the doll down into the shoe, which was stood on the counter. I couldn't do it with just the force of my hands alone.

In my opinion, this girl brings little to mind of her sister, Grunge Girl. The glasses are the most similar thing, and the white, yellow and black color scheme, but Alt hardly has any of Grunge's light pink.

So while the connection between sisters is thin, I think Alt is a better doll for it. I love the dominantly yellow hair.

She might just be my favorite so far. Dollie is the only one I like either as much or almost as much.


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Glitter Girls Quickie Character Guide

So it's been bugging me that I discovered all those Glitter Girls names without providing accompanying photos, so here's a quick visual guide to Glitter Girls.

This photo shows the original facemold style for these dolls. It's far different than the current incarnation. These versions are also not bendable like the current ones.

Left to right: Bluebell, Keltie, Fifer, Poppy, Sarinia, and Elula.

The dolls were revamped and the same six characters were released in the same outfits. Aside from the new faces, the dolls now sport poseable arms and legs that are bendable even at places they're not articulated.

Back row L to R: Bluebell, Elula, Keltie, Fifer

Front row L to R: Poppy and Sarinia

Wave 2 of the dolls featured 6 brand new characters. Each subsequent release would follow this pattern, although all 6 were not always produced.

Back row L to R: Lacy, Eline, Nelly, Candice

Front row L to R: Kani and Amy Lu

I couldn't find a high quality promo pic of the Wave 3 dolls. This wave is where the limited releases began. Only two of the dolls would be produced (so far) and in a very limited release.

Back row L to R: Sashka, unknown character, Chrissy, Ariadne

Front row L to R: Elaithea and Bobbi.

Sashka and Bobbi are the two with the very limited release.

Since my group photo is so poor, I'm going to show promo photos that show the dolls a bit better on their own.

Here's Sashka.




As yet unknown girl. They call her Keltie, but she isn't. She has the same very dark blue eyes as Candice, while Keltie's are brown.

This is the best stock outfit photo of Elaithea, standing beside the car.

Wave 4 is similar to Wave 3 with only part of the wave released. This time though, 3 of the 6 would become available and they're easy to buy. No limited releases this time.

Back row L to R: Unknown character, Charlie, Odessa, Emilia.

Front row L to R: Tippi and Dayle.

Charlie, Odessa and Emilia are available to buy.

PHOTO CREDITS: Amazon for the majority. The single shots of Sashka and Bobbi came from the Glitter Girls website. The Wave 3 group pic is mine.

NEWS: Glitter Girls 2020

So the above is a link to the 2020 Glitter Girls catalog. I'm going to dissect it page by page, because I'm weird like that. I am not going to crop a bunch of pictures from it for this post, because that's simply too much to do, so if you like the dolls, you'll just have to open the PDF and follow along.

The current state of the line is kind of a mess. I've talked about this before. The first two waves of dolls came out fine, but the third wave had 2 dolls with an extremely limited release and 4 that don't seem to exist and the fourth wave had 3 dolls come out on Amazon and 3 that don't seem to exist. What will happen with the fifth wave? Who knows?

Let's dig into this catalog.

PAGES 6-7:

Doll #1: Maren (Wave 5)

This pale blonde, blue-eyed chef is from the upcoming fifth wave. She looks a lot like other characters, like Chrissy from Wave 3 (Doll #6 on the same pages) and the unnamed blue-eyed, ponytailed blonde from Wave 4. She looks like she might have the pale skintone? She's cute, but not wowzers. The chef outfit is kinda neat, but also immediately brings to mind Chrissy, who's also got an apron and "works" in food service at the Sweet Shop.

Doll #2: Emilia (Wave 4, currently available on Amazon)

Doll #3: Floe (Wave 5)

Floe is pretty. Honestly, she looks like Wave 2's Lacy but with bangs, but there's something cute enough about her that I don't even care. I like the weird cowgirl outfit.

Doll #4: Sashka (Wave 3)

Sashka is one of the two incredibly hard to find Wave 3 dolls that got a very limited release.

Doll #5: Amy Lu (Wave 2)

Doll #6: Chrissy (Wave 3)

Chrissy is on the back of my Bobbi's box, so she's definitely part of Wave 3, but I've seen no proof that she actually exists, although she seems closer to existence than the other 3 dolls from Wave 3, who don't even have names.

PAGES 8-9:

Doll #1: Lacy (Wave 2)

Doll #2: Elula (Wave 1)

Doll #3: Fifer (Wave 1)

Doll #4: Charlie (Wave 4, currently available on Amazon)

Doll #5: Eline (Wave 2)

Doll #6: Bobbi (Wave 3)

Bobbi is like Sashka. Wave 3 and very, very, super limited release.

PAGES: 10-11:

Doll #1: Stivie (Wave 5)

One of the upcoming girls. Stivie...who in the world does these names? Some of them are fine, but why not just do Stevie, which is likely how this is pronounced? Weird. Stivie brings to mind both Eline and Charlie, our existing freckled redheads, even though Stivie looks like a brunette. She looks a little like Ariadne, one of the Wave 3 unproduced girls, although she has brown eyes. (I really want her to exist! Argh.) The fast food worker theme is actually pretty cute.

Doll #2: Candice (Wave 2)

Doll #3: Hallie (Wave 5)

Hallie looks almost exactly like Stivie, except she does seem to be a redhead. The eyes might be the same color or maybe a teeny bit different? They sure love these green eyes right now. I lean slightly more toward Stivie, since with her red hair, Hallie looks more like a green-eyed Eline than Stivie does. Cute outfit though.

Doll #4: Poppy (Wave 1)

Doll #5: Bluebell (Wave 1)

Doll #6: Odessa (Wave 4, currently available on Amazon)

Doll #7: Keltie (Wave 1)

PAGES 12-13:

Doll #1: Sarinia (Wave 1)

Doll #2: Kani (Wave 2)

Doll #3: Nelly (Wave 2)

Doll #4: Jana and Cuddles (Wave 5)

These seem to be doll plus dog sets. Jana is pretty cute and manages to look different than both Keltie and Odessa, although I wish she had a bob, because that would have helped differentiate her even more.

Doll #5: Tavi and Nougat (Wave 5)

I can't tell if she's more strawberry blonde or a full-on light red (yes, they're different to me). I like her though.

PAGES 14-15:

I like to try to ID which doll is modeling which outfit, so now that we're out of the doll pages, that's mostly what you're going to see.

L-R: Amy Lu with her hair up, Odessa, Eline, Bluebell, Lacy, Tippi.

PAGES 16-17:

I'll mark an outfit as "new"  if it isn't currently out on Amazon.

Outfit #1: Elula

Outfit #2 (new): Eline

Outfit #3 (new): Eline

Outfit #4 (new): Chrissy

Outfit #5 (new): Ariadne

PAGES 18-19:

Outfit #1: Candice

Outfit #2: Fifer

Outfit #3: Eline

Outfit #4: Lacy

PAGES 20-21:

Outfit #1: Poppy

Outfit #2: Nelly

Outfit #3: Sarinia

Outfit #4: Kani

Outfit #5: Eline

PAGES 22-23:

Outfit #1: Ariadne

Outfit #2 (new): Charlie with different hair.

Outfit #3: Elaithea. This outfit is currently on Amazon and the Glitter Girls website and that is the name shown for the model. She is one of the Wave 3 mystery girls! So at least she finally has a name. It's a cool name, too. I wish she'd been made.

Outfit #4: Tippi. Same as with Elaithea, I only just learned that this (unproduced?) Wave 4 doll's name is Tippi.

Outfit #5: Sarinia

PAGES 24-25:

Outfit #1: Dayle. As with Elaithea and Tippi, here's another mystery solved! Dayle is one of the Wave 4 girls.

Outfit #2: Sashka

Outfit #3 (new): Stivie

Outfit #4: Keltie

Outfit #5: Elula

PAGES 26-27:

Outfit #1: Poppy

Outfit #2: Kani

Outfit #3: Amy Lu

Outfit #4: Elula

Outfit #5: Keltie

PAGES 28-29:

Outfit #1: Amy Lu

Outfit #2: Kani

Outfit #3: Bluebell

From here on out, I'm only going to note if there's a new or unproduced doll in the photos. I don't care enough about the playsets to keep track of what's new. I'm lazy. Sorry.

PAGE 32:

This stable set looks new and the doll pictured seems to be Dayle.

PAGE 37:

The Pop-Pup Shop is new. The dolls are Tippi and Bobbi.

PAGE 38:

The dogs are how I finally learned Ariadne's name! Gah, I wish she existed. Ariadne was my chosen name in Ancient Greek language class in undergrad.

PAGE 42:

The dark-skinned girl is a new mystery! She has lighter eyes than Keltie and she has freckles!

PAGE 51:

And here she is again.

PAGE 64:

There's another angle on Floe.

PAGES 66-67:

More Jana and Tavi.

PAGE 73:

Another shot of Stivie.

And that wraps it up!

Well, I'm glad I did this. I either hadn't noticed those mystery girls' names before or they changed, so now we have only a few mysteries left.

We know now that Wave 3 is Bobbi, Sashka, Chrissy, Ariadne and Elaithea. The dark-skinned girl remains unknown. The GG website calls her Keltie, but she's not Keltie. She actually has Candice's really dark blue eyes.

Wave 4 is Charlie, Odessa and Emilia plus Tippi and Dayle. The tan girl with hazel eyes and black or very, very dark brown hair remains our mystery here.

And we have a new mystery with the freckled dark-skinned girl.

Ah, Glitter Girls. Please stop showing cute stuff you don't actually make!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019


I did one of these a few months ago, covering my Top Ten purchases from my first few years of CB collecting. Well, 2019 has been my most purchases by far and likely my most ever. I'm going to be cutting back next year. Or trying to anyway! I do love these bears.

So this is a list of my favorite purchases in order of arrival, not in order of preference.

Shani was a bear that had to grow on me. I loved her name right away, because it reminds me of a book character, but it took quite awhile to want the bear, who's from the 2017 collection. By the time I wanted one, she was nowhere to be found, but I got lucky and one of my stockists got some in. She's a big, lovely girl and she's the queen of my gray bears.

Little Toadstool was a must have from the 2019 collection. He's like a little elfy bear. I love his hat, but just the green bear himself with his white-tipped fur was enough to make me want him. Pair the coloring with a darling little face and he's a winner.

Candice was another early arrival from the 2019 bears. I actually was more interested in her sister Cara when I saw the catalog, but it was Candice herself who would overshadow once I got her in person. I still love Cara, but Candice is definitely my favorite of the pair. She even got more attention than Toadstool when they arrived together (and also with Muffin).

This little guy! This was actually not my first choice of Splodges, but I fell for his one blue ear and he was still available when everyone else had chosen, so I got him, too. He came home first and he's been on my bed ever since. The other Splodge with more varied coloring sits on my shelf and I admit I ignore the poor guy in favor of this one.

This guy is one of my big loves from this year. He's actually 2018 collection, but it was a larger layaway, so I didn't get them home until March 2019.

Rum Baba is AMAZING. The main reason people love this bear is his fur. A lot of CBs use Tyber fur, which is incredibly soft, but mostly it's just on their limbs and faces. Rum uses it ALL OVER. And his is thicker than a lot of the other ones. So Rum is my go to comfort bear when I'm upset or not feeling well. He lives on my bed, so his feet are never too far away for me to grab. And his coloring is absolutely stunning.

Hakatan had the poor luck to be in the same shipment with Rum Baba. Haka was actually one of the ones from 2018 that I was most excited for, but he ended up completely overshadowed by Rum. Almost everyone in that order did. I recently started picking him up more though and he deserves a spot on this list.

As does my grumpy little Chillblaine, who suffered from the same misfortune. I owe him some hugs. I love that face!

Dandy was in the same shipment as Rum and the others, but he's the only one that held his own against Rum. It's a bit funny, because I pre-ordered him, but he was one I was not completely sold on. He's gorgeous, but he was also a bit expensive and I thought if I had to eliminate one, it would be him. But then I got to pick mine and I saw this one's sad face and just fell in love. I know I've talked about it before, but he reminds me of this sad lion sculpture in the Met that was my favorite piece in the museum.

Simone was another unexpected love. She was pretty, but not for me when I first saw her stock photo, but then owner photos made me want her. She's absolutely lovely in person.

I love Windypops so much that I worried he'd be delayed and the US wouldn't get him or something, so I ended up importing him. We did finally get him in, but I did not want to take that risk! He was one of my most wanted from this year's collection. He's just darling and really nice to cuddle.

I got this guy for a steal on ebay! Firework always hovered just off my want list, but for the good price, I had to have him and in person, he impressed me enough to make this list. He's a lot more cuddly than he looks in photos!

Cherry Pie is my little imp. His black tufts of fur on his head naturally move into two little horns. They're not quite as formed here, but they started doing it a day or so after I got him. I love red and brown together and he's fabulous. Simply fabulous. Lollipop seemed to be the one other people preferred, but I am all about Cherry.

This photo is incredibly dark, but Evermore is really a very dark blue. He was another older bear from my want list that I got a great ebay deal on! Even with importing, his price was really low.

The best Bearhouse creation ever when it comes to detail. I'd give Dringle the nod for being the cutest ever, but Congo is by far the most gorgeous. Every bit of him is just stunning. I'm looking forward to getting Fiddy, who's the one pre-order I still have left, and sitting them together. Big, muscley, gorgeous boy!


Normally, I do profile shots for these things, but my best pictures of Jason are from the shelf. He is a master of The Eyes. He was not anywhere near my want list, but I saw him on the QVC show sitting on a shelf and immediately ordered him. He sold out before they were even done presenting him and the US still has not gotten him back. The UK only just got him. 

See, he's so manipulative that he gets two photos. 

He is not my usual type of bear at all. That would be something more like Rum or Cherry Pie. But there is something about his little face. Those freckles. The needy eyes. I found myself constantly scooping him up off the shelf to give him attention. Definitely one of my very top choices from 2019.


I can't have Dandy on the list without the delicate little Clock to go along with him. Clock was the one I originally wanted more, but now I love both about equally. He's a gorgeous silver lion. 

Roman and Windypops were my two biggest wants from the 2019 catalog. Both ended up being a bit overshadowed by others, but they're still very high on my list. 

I love Roman's bizarre hairy self. He's beautiful and tall and skinny, yet still cuddly. 

Snapdragon is one of two absolutely stunning dragons produced this year. She was the very limited, club members only mohair dragon. She's surprisingly soft and cuddly for a mohair! I did not expect that at all. And her detailing is simply exquisite.

Lush purple Errol is the same type of fur as Rum Baba. I have already said how much I want a bear that uses just this fur in just this color. Errol is a more recent arrival from only about a month ago, but he's already gotten a lot of cuddle time.

Grumbleweed is the other lovely new dragon. He's regular collection, so a lot more people were able to get him, but he's still selling out in a lot of places, as he is a limited edition, not an open one.

He's incredibly soft and cuddly! That mottled green fur is super soft. I knew he'd be a favorite, but he's even better in person than the promo pic.

Bryce possesses the same manipulative power as Jason. Only even moreso! There's something about those eyes that just draws me in. I've spent a lot of time with this bear, even though he's much bigger than the ones I usually go to for my repeated cuddles. He was never on my pre-order list, but then I saw people's pictures and I added him. I had to wait for others to choose first, but I somehow lucked out and ended up with my first choice after all! He's definitely one of my very top choices for the year.

Sausage is an older bear from 2012 that's been at the top of my want list for a couple years. A fellow collector told me one was on ebay and I was able to import him for a very fair price. He's a standing bear, so he's claimed a spot right beside my bed where I can reach down and pat him anytime. He's also more cuddly than my other standing bears, which is great.

Can't have Errol without having Flynn, too! This one is a gorgeous dark green.

So that's my list of 2019 bears. How many did we come to? 23? Not too bad! If I really had to narrow it down to ten, well, I just can't! It was too good a year. I fully admit I have splurged on bears this year. I'm considering it my recovery year from all the trauma of Hurricane Michael. Next year, I may dial back my collecting of everything more. I need to go through what I have and rehome some things as I finally work toward getting everything out on proper display again. But I'm sure I'll probably still get more bears than anything else!


Here we are at the end for the second time!

1) Sleepin' Willow: Oh, man, is she ever cute! I was so happy to open her! Her hair is not curly in the checklist art, so it was a pleasant surprise and she looks absolutely adorable with it. I love her.

2) Willow Flower: Thankfully, this one was another departure from the art, because the art hair was not flattering one bit. The gentle expression works well for her and I love the flower petal skirt.

3 and 4) Fishtail Willow and Willow Waves: I could not choose between these two. Willow Waves was one of the earliest dolls I opened when Series 1 came out and she was my first favorite until I think Neila came along and nudged her (and everyone else) out of the way. And Fishtail Willow has amazing hair. I love that braid and the blend of colors. Both have really cute outfits, great hair, cute accessories. How can I choose?

5) Whimsical Willow: One of the most casual Willows, but I think one of the cutest. I love her three hair colors, the outfit, the unicorn toy. She's adorable.

6) Water Willow: I love how dorky cute this one is, but she's hampered by not being able to stand very well. Great idea, middling execution.

7) Poolside Willow: I want to like this one more than I actually do. Not really sure why she's this low. Maybe the simple outfit? It's a great design, but it's still basically a swimsuit.

8) Willow Wings: This was my last Series 1 that I needed. She's okay. Like she's plenty cute, but I think the other two Series 1s are much better.

9) Whirling Willow: Love the pouty face and the boots, but the dress is severely lacking. It's so boring! The wings are cuteish, but nothing we haven't seen before, and the hair is just okay.