Tuesday, February 26, 2019

REVIEW: My Little Pony Classic Bubbles and Bow Tie

Surprise! More ponies!

My mom stopped in Target after dropping me off at work and found Bubbles and Bow Tie! Earth pony set complete!

Bow Tie is my least favorite from this set, but it's hard to compete with seated ponies and Applejack.

She is a nice dark blue. I don't think the vintage one is this dark.

And she has cute freckles. She's plenty cute. She's just got stiff competition.

Like Bubbles!

I never cared about her during childhood or my early phase of adult collecting, but I'm loving this repro.

I love all the repros really. I'm buying them all, even if they're ones I wasn't interested in originally.

I love the blaze on her and Seashell. So pretty.

So yay for new ponies. I hope to have some of the Rainbow series 2 soon!


REVIEW: My Little Pony Classic Seashell and Applejack

Quickie review time!

The newest repro MLPs have been popping up on Target.com, though not staying in stock very long.

I was able to grab Seashell and Applejack from the small Earth Ponies set, which also includes Bow Tie and Bubbles.

They arrived today!

Not really a proper review, as what can you say about ponies that hasn't already been said in the previous sets?

These new ones continue to have the poseable head, which makes for fun poses.

I wish more ponies had gotten freckles. They're so cute.

And there's her brush. I love the flower brushes.

Seashell is a favorite of mine. I didn't have her when she first came out, but I bought her for a dime at a garage sale when I was in 4th grade or so.

A lot more should have been made in the seated pose! It's adorable.

I  have to say I miss the puffy stickers. I loved those. But I do like the flower brush and the quality of the ponies continues to be nice.

Hopefully, I'll find more soon!


Saturday, February 16, 2019

TOY FAIR 2019: DC Superhero Girls

Okay, so my life is that level of insane right now that I didn't even realize it was Toy Fair weekend.

Apologies for being MIA these days, but I've got a lot going on at work, we're moving to a different apartment starting on Monday, and I've been working on my writing a lot. I'm behind on stuff, but I hope to get caught up eventually.

I've counted on Idle Hands for years for some of the best Toy Fair news out there, so when I saw pics popping up in my Flickr stream, I realized what time of year it was. Then I saw two images that could only be from the new DC Superhero Girls reboot.

Now I do want to establish one thing: I think DCSG was done dirty. I loved the original show, the dolls, the designs, and the books. I think it's a travesty that characters like Miss Martian, Star Sapphire and Big Barda never got dolls, because they gave us the magic trio over and over again. And when I first saw the designs for the reboot, I HATED them. They were overstylized anatomy failures.

However, one little picture got my attention and it was this Batgirl here on the right.

She's freakin' ADORABLE.

Her head is gargantuan and her hands are teeny, but that mimics the new art style.

So I looked at all the pics Idle Hands shared and then I went off to Youtube. I spent a while finishing the original series, since I got behind after the hurricane. Then I watched all that was available for the new series.

Do I think the reboot was necessary? No. Not a bit. Will I watch it?

Yes, I will. The shorts are over the top goofy and the animation style works better in motion. I like some of the character changes, too, like tough girl rocker Kara and clueless about regular life Diana with her little accent.

Let's take a look at the toyline now.

You're going to want to go here:

Idle Hands has asked people sharing news to only show half the images on their sites and link back for the rest. There are 10 DCSG pics, so I'll only be tucking 5 into this post.

What we know so far is that there are at least 2 separate styles: basic and deluxe. Typical Mattel pattern.

The basic dolls will cost $9.99 and the deluxe $19.99. Both due out in Fall 2019, so figure sometime this summer.

The basic dolls have the same 5-point articulation as the old basic DCSGs: neck, shoulders, hips. Outfits are a blend of perma-colored plastic, fabric and separate plastic pieces. For $9.99, I think they look pretty good. They're definitely very stylized, but also cute.

Let's go one by one. Remember to click the link above to see everyone I'm talking about. I'll go in the order they're shown in the link.

BATGIRL: This doll really captures the animated character's fresh-faced adorableness. Big eyes, big head, youthful. She's just cute. The only fabric element is what looks like a one-piece bodysuit with plastic belt, gauntlets, shoulder piece, mask and boots. My only real nitpick is that the mask should be the same purple as the shoulder piece, as it is in the show.

BUMBLEBEE: I'm going to be curious about the heights of these dolls. The site says 12", but there are definite height differences on the show. The dolls have body diversity so I don't know why they wouldn't also have height diversity. Bee has the same thinner arms like Batgirl, but she's got some thighs. Her outfit is almost entirely plastic. The fabric bit is basically a tiny bodysuit that ends in shorts. But her plastic pieces are big and pretty epic, so that makes up for it. The helmet is great and she looks super cute! Nitpick: I wish the black detailing was on her boots.

ZATANNA: Zatanna's design reminds me of several characters. She's got some Twilight Sparkle hair, while in her civilian animated look, she definitely looks like a human Rarity. (Minus the curls.) I glance at her quickly and I think Star Sapphire. That said, I do really like her. She has more muscular arms than the first two, paired with a thicker torso and the thicker thighs. I'm always a sucker for goth bangs and I adore her color scheme. If I could pick one of these to materialize in my hands right now, it would likely be her.

GREEN LANTERN: For some reason, they're calling this doll Jessica Cruz. Maybe to avoid confusion with the male Green Lantern, but I would think the difference would be obvious. I think Jessica's on the slim build body like Batgirl. It's hard to tell with the material on her legs. I like the green streaks in her hair. Not quite so fond of the lantern face deco, but it's not awful.

KATANA: My fifth and final picture! I haven't seen art of Katana yet, but this is the only doll that might give Zatanna a run for her money if I could choose to have one right now. I hate the beige chunk on her arm, but other than that I 100% love this look. I love that she has an actual mask and it's not painted on. She's so cute!

SUPERGIRL: Muscles all over! This is definitely not the original DCSG Kara. I love the bob and her face has a lot of personality, but she got the worst outfit hands down. No white on her boots, a plastic cape and a skirt that's half glitter for no reason? Disappointing. 

WONDER WOMAN: Ah, look at those arms! Love it. She's gorgeous and elegant, but also looks like she could take you down in a fight. The outfit is pretty well-done. Lots of detail for Diana. Nitpick: The top did not have to be glittery.

Moving on to the deluxe dolls, we're already using the secret identity gimmick I was not thrilled about. Each girl comes in her civilian clothes with some pieces that could be thrown together to make her hero costume.

BATGIRL: I love her regular outfit! It's adorable. I might drop the twenty bucks on her for that and to give my basic Batgirl boots with painted detail.

SUPERGIRL: Two pairs of shoes and neither are what she wears with her hero outfit. WTF. There's the regular skirt I wanted on the basic, but you know that's going to be a one-piece dress so you can't change it. Oh, looks like these have wrist articulation. Not sold on this one, although I do like her casual look.

WONDER WOMAN: Ah, the glasses. Dang it, they're going to win me over. I quite like Diana's casual outfit. And hey, knee articulation! I hate the socks though. Hate them. I would have rather had fabric socks and no shield or something.

So there you have it! A first look at the new DCSG reboot dolls. What do you think? I'm honestly looking forward to buying them, which I never ever thought I'd say.

PHOTO CREDITS: Idle Hands blog. Click the link up there!