Saturday, March 30, 2019

REVIEW: Hasbro Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess 14-Pack

I did not think I was going to tackle this before work, but what the hey, let's do this.

Today, I received the biggest package I've ever gotten, except for furniture.

Look at it.

It's a monster.

Yup, it is the Hasbro princess set for Ralph Breaks the Internet!

FOURTEEN dolls to debox.

It only took half an hour though. I was surprised.

I'm not going to go on too long about any of these girls and I didn't take a body shot of anyone either. I may if there's interest, but I don't have another Hasbro princess doll on hand to compare bodies with, so I just stuck with pics of the princesses themselves.

I'm going to go in alphabetical order, so here's Anna.

Her top is one piece. That's her only flaw.

She's super super cute! I love her.

Each one has articulation at the neck, shoulders, hips, elbows and knees. Everyone EXCEPT Moana also has wrist articulation.

They each come with a plastic accessory they can sort of hold. Anna has a bag of chips.

Hasbro does Ariel really goofy. I don't know how they look at her animation and come to this end product.

The outfit is cute though.

Ariel's the only one with this drink accessory.

Ariel has the best straight, long hair of the set. It's silky soft.

Starfish barrette that's a little too large.

She somehow manages to look cute, even though she really is ridiculously goofy-looking.

I missed getting a full body shot of Aurora. It's nothing special though. Pink pants and pink slippers.

Aurora's the only one with a pop (soda) can accessory.

She has the worst hair of the 14. It was in two curly chunks on each side and then practically straight hanging down the back.

It looks better now that it's brushed.

Cute little headband.

I wish she had a bit more expression. This doll doesn't feel far off from a regular Aurora.

Belle's a bit on the goofy side, but not like Ariel.

Her outfit is kinda boring. Yellow shoes would have been nice instead of brown.

She has one of the best accessories though: a book that can be either open or shut and she can hold it both ways.

Cinderella is my sleeper hit of this set. She's one of the cutest dolls in here! Her outfit may be boring and I don't know how she got brown shoes, but the doll herself is so dang cute that I don't care!

She comes with popcorn.


She's giving me Betty from Archie comics vibes.

I love her.

Cinders and Belle both have this hair bow accessory.

If you had told me two of my fave dolls in a set of 14 Disney princesses would be the Frozen ones, I wouldn't have believed you, but it's true!

Elsa is as well done as Anna.

The range of motion on their arms isn't the best.

Her top is a sort of fleecy material. Fitting for Elsa.

I would have given her black or white shoes and let Cinderella have these blue ones.

Gorgeous face! She's very expressive.

Speaking of expressive...


Her outfit is perfect. Her face, hair and makeup are perfect. Her cup accessory is cute.


I was really disappointed in the promo shots of Merida, because her eyes are so off. She's looking in two different directions, yet somehow, by some Merida magic or something, she looks adorable in person.

She's got the same chips as Anna.

Her hair has giant volume and it's fantastic.

I love her outfit, even though the shirt is one piece.

I wish the eyes were a little better, but she realy makes it work. I have no idea how!

Biggest disappointment though? Right here.

Moana is just like any other Moana doll, except she's got pjs on.

She keeps her body type, which is great, but at the expense of wrist articulation? Not great.

She's shorter than the other girls and she just looks like she doesn't fit in. If the entire set had body diversity, I would have been ecstatic, but it doesn't. So with everyone else looking the same, Moana really sticks out and not in a good way. She looks like she doesn't belong.

She's adorable and she's well-made, but she looks like they just tossed her in from another line instead of giving time and consideration to her design.

MY FAVORITE. Jasmine and Cinderella are up there, but Mulan is #1.

Great outfit. Again, the shirt is one piece, but eh. It's still good. The overall design still looks great.

She's SO COOL.

I love her so much that I lack words to describe how much I love her.

Pocahontas is a bit awkward. It's unusual for her, since she typically looks very glamorous.

Excellent outfit.

Same cup as Jasmine except brown.

She was a little hard to photograph, so this is the best shot I got of her face.

I loved the tiny Disney Store version of this Rapunzel, so this one's a disappointment. She's on the goofy side and her outfit lacks detail. They couldn't even make a fake shirt under the hoodie. It's just all printed on.

I think she's the only one with the plain cup accessory.

Still cute, but I prefer the sass of the mini doll.

Ah, cross-eyed Snow. It works though.

One of the best outfits. I love the rather unattractive color palette for her look.

She has a great poison apple accessory. I wish more of them had character-specific accessories like Snow and Belle do.

Care for a bite?

And finally, Miss Dimples. Tiana has some amazing hair!

Hm, is that the same cup as Ariel? It might be. I honestly wasn't paying attention to all the different drinks.

Cute outfit, cute face, great hair.

And a great doll to end this on.

I'm definitely pleased with this set overall. I think it's a great value at roughly $14 per doll. I'm glad I got the big set because it was fun to see and debox.

So who's your favorite? Will you be getting these or do you prefer the Disney Store's smaller versions?


REVIEW: My Little Pony Classic Flutterbye and Tickle

After repeated efforts, I was finally lucky enough to get two of the second set of repro Rainbow ponies home!

There's no sign of them at my Target, so I had to rely on only.

I really thought Confetti and Trickles would be first, but I missed them by a hair, and got these two instead. Not that I'm complaining! I love this pair.

Here's the box art for this set.

Flutterbye is a truly gorgeous shade of orange.

I'm happy the stickers are back! I love the stickers.

And here's the lavender Tickle.

Close up of their stickers so you can see the cute art.

They're very cute! This pose is great and the articulated heads make it even better.

Pretty hair colors.

And that's it! I do have Trickles and Confetti on their way now, too, so they'll be the next pony review.


Thursday, March 21, 2019

REVIEW: Shoppies Beach Style Berry D'Lish

I had been waiting to see this girl in a store before deciding if I wanted her or not, but the only store that carries the beach dolls is Target and they haven't gotten this new set in.

So I gave in and ordered her.

I wasn't sure about her freckles. Pinkish freckles always run the risk of looking more like a breakout than freckles.

I think they look okay. A different color would have been preferable, but they're not horrible.

She's so cute, you barely even notice.

Here's her face from another angle with less flash.

Shorter hair than usual = awesome.

Her entire color scheme and design is really great. The freckles are the only thing I would have tweaked.

And all the accessories!


Sunday, March 10, 2019

MONTH IN REVIEW: February 2019

Started February with some cute cat plush from

Okay, one cute cat plush. The Dia de los Muertos one is more cool than cute.

After getting my first Hairdorables Series 2 from Walmart, I ended up finding six of them at Claire's. 

How did Bella become one of my faves this series? Weird. 

Then came my first 2019 Charlie Bears! 

This is Candice. I was least excited for her of the three I had coming, but she's actually the one I ended up bonding with the most. She sits on my bed with several other favorites. 

Here's Muffin. His brother Bakewell should arrive tomorrow. 

And Toadstool, who's so adorable!

I've wanted Mercury for ages and I'm grateful to the seller who managed to find me one in her stock!

He's a big, cuddly guy. 

Little Ruby was an ebay steal for only $26!!!

And that's actually it for February. We moved into a 3-bedroom apartment starting on the 18th, so things are still being set up. (Going slowly mostly because work doesn't seem to realize I need time for myself. They keep overscheduling me.) 

But that catches me up with Month in Review. Yay. I feel productive. And now I have to get ready for work.