Tuesday, November 20, 2018

REVIEW: Disney Store Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Set

I missed out on this set the first time it was available, because I was still living in the motel and didn't want a giant box shipped to my dad. But when it was closer to our moving date, I ordered it and had it shipped to my new address. It arrived today (a lot later than I had hoped!) and I just finished deboxing and photographing everything.

Each doll is about 6 inches tall and you get TWELVE of them! Plus the Vanellope figure. The set costs $99.95, but it's worth it.

This is going to be a lot of pictures.

Like A LOT. I took so many of each girl.

So yeah, this review is going to be way more pictures than it is words.

I typically cut the plastic straps holding accessories down, but I'm not risking losing that necklace!

Moana is one of the only princesses to come barefoot. Ariel is the other.

Both Moana and Ariel also have misshapen legs from how they were positioned in the box. Moana's better off than Ariel, because she's mostly just got a wide stance.

She comes with a coconut drink, but she can't hold it.

Gah, I love these expressions.

Rapunzel is not typically a favorite of mine, but this doll is one of the standouts from the set.

I love her entire outfit. The colors are great, particularly the shoes and jacket.

And she has one of the best faces!

So much sass.

She looks great without her jacket, too.

Cinderella is my least favorite from the set. Her expression is cute, but her outfit is really boring.

I decided to leave the broken glass slipper strapped to her hand.

Well, hello, my favorite. I knew going into this that Mulan was going to be #1 and she doesn't disappoint.

I love her shorter hair.

Her face is super cute, too!

Mulan is the main doll that's dressed in something that definitely is not pajamas. A few of them kind of ride the line between pajamas and a regular outfit, but this is definitely not pajamas.

Every outfit on these girls is multiple pieces, even though they're really tiny.

Mulan's only flaw if you're being super nitpicky is that her top is boring. But she's got Mushus on her jacket, so she can wear a plain top.

Snow is another goofy expression girl. She makes it look pretty cute though.

I'm not a huge fan of the poison green color choice. Yellow is her color, along with blue and red, not this funky green. I like it on the pants, but the shoes are kinda ugly.

I don't know why she comes with glasses, but they're very delicate and not easy to push into her overly gelled hair.

Merida's got an outfit that could pass for regular clothes. I mean, it could be sleepwear, but it looks more to me like regular clothes.

Her hair is giant and amazing.

Her shoes are amusingly not that attractive.

And the shirt is my favorite thing about her.

The Vanellope figure is quite well-made. I had a few figures from the first Wreck-It Ralph and she's better than all of them.

And once again, I'm reminded of how much like a Chipette she looks.

Back to goofy faces. Tiana has one of the most exaggerated expressions in the set, but she manages to pull it off well.

She has the same weird shoes as Merida, but they don't work as well on her. Why couldn't Tiana get cute flats?


Gah, Aurora is SO CUTE. She manages to match the exaggerated expression with equal gorgeousness. Of course, Aurora really is usually very beautiful, so it fits.

Nap Queen. Gotta love it.

I LOVE this Pocahontas! She's so pretty.

I love the style and color of her outfit, too.

She looks a little more regular clothes, too, but not as much as Mulan and Merida.

I love that shirt.

Pocahontas could have gotten the Merida-style shoes instead of Tiana and they would have made sense for her.

Ariel looked super adorable in the box, but being in that position mangled and stained her poor legs.

I guess at least it's Ariel who looks like she's just learning how to walk instead of one of the others.

Her arms are misshapen, too, thanks to their positioning in the package.

But she has the softest, silkiest hair of the set. It's really nice, considering the size of the dolls. They could easily have skimped on the hair quality.

She's freakin' darling. I like her a lot more than I expected to.

Belle got the really goofy expression. Thankfully she can do the "I dunno what's going on" arms to match it.

Love the shirt, but I wish they'd give her more color.

"Why couldn't I have come with a book?"

Jasmine! Jasmine's typically one of my faves and this adorable girl doesn't disappoint.

I mean, okay, the inhaler is weird, especially considering other princesses could have had a better accessory or more jewelry, but maybe it'll make sense when I see the movie.

Cute outfit, cute face, lovely hair. She's the only one with earrings and they're not molded as part of her head! Even at this tiny size, they're separate.

And here's how I have the entire set right now. Mom gave me this wicker chest thing, so it will likely be the place for my reviews until I get some bookshelves ordered and set up.

I love this set and I think it's well-worth the money. If you like the princesses, I recommend buying one, because you will never see them like this again!


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Update from Super 8

So I'm still in the motel. Yay. At least it's just for tonight, tomorrow and Friday. Then we finally get to move into our new place!

I've accumulated a group of new plush while we've been here.

The pumpkin I got on my first trip to what I call "Walmart City." It's the biggest Walmart I've ever been in. The skeleton is from the smaller Walmart closer to our new apartment. Then the robot and flamingo are from two other trips to Walmart City. The flamingo I actually just got tonight. I had my eye on him in my old Walmart before the hurricane and decided to grab him before he disappeared from here.

The two witch dolls are Cauldron Cuties by Aurora World. I got both on Amazon. Matilda has the purple hair and Hazel the orange.

And then here's Velvet, the blue Lumo Stars unicorn, on Charlie Bears' Twinky's head. Twinky I got before the hurricane, of course.

I've bought some LOLs from Target and Walmart on various trips. Ancient Meow was my best find from the blind balls. I also got the Posh dog, Lil Boogie Babe, Lil Thrilla (a double), and Funky QT from a random Confetti Pop ball (another double). Lucky Luxe is a Target exclusive that was supposed to be handed out at an event last Saturday, but my store must not have done it, because I got her off the shelf.

Trixie was a surprise find in Walmart tonight. They only had one of her, so I had to grab her.

She's like a Twice As Fancy on one side.

I've heard of people finding the second wave of Happy Places unicorns in Target, but I had repeated failure. Then tonight at Walmart, there was half the wave.

I wasn't sure on Candy Clops, but she was the first one I saw. I ended up grabbing her because I figured I'd regret it if I never saw her again.

She's cute, but the weakest of the trio.

Boho Feathers is STUNNING. I love all the different colors. I can't wait to get the Faith doll on her, but that requires finding my Shoppies when I'm unpacking first!

Boho's lovely mane.

Ringa Bell is my fave of these three.

She does have her mane split into two different shades of purple.

And here are their faces. Ringa is soooooooooo cute! I love her dark muzzle. She has freckles, too.

That's all I have to report for now. I plan on catching up on my Charlie Bears and making a couple orders with Amazon and Build-a-Bear once I get moved in. And getting some more Glitter Girls! It will be so nice to have normalcy again.

PHOTO CREDITS: Mine. I guess the ice bucket belongs to Super 8.