Tuesday, August 28, 2018

REVIEW: Star Wars Forces of Destiny Ahsoka Tano

I finally got my hands on Ahsoka! She was the one I wanted most from this line, but the prices on Amazon were terrible for ages. I saw her at retail with Prime shipping and snatched her up a few days ago.

I'm not the world's biggest Star Wars fan by a long shot, but I've always loved the designs of the less human-looking female aliens. I still have my Shaak Ti and Barriss Offee dolls. So getting Ahsoka was a no-brainer, even though I've never seen anything she's in.

Her headsculpt is gorgeous. I love the nose in particular.

I like the color scheme this doll has going on, too.

Where her biggest problem lies is in her articulation. Her action feature completely limits the articulation in both arms. She can barely move at the shoulder and elbow joints. Her biggest range of motion on her arms is in the wrists.

So considering this is an action doll, there's not much action she's actually capable of!

Really lovely sculpt though!

And the adorable nose!

I like her boots and the entire outfit design.

And this guy is super cute, too.

Overall, I think Ahsoka is well-worth having, because how many other dolls do you have that look like her? Her uniqueness makes her worth the money. For me anyway!


Saturday, August 25, 2018

REVIEW: My Little Pony Reproduction Rainbow Ponies Windy, Sunlight and Starshine

YES! More ponies! Windy, Starshine and Sunlight were out at Target (thanks, cool employee), so now I'm just missing Parasol.

Windy is my favorite from this set after Moonstone. It's not necessarily that they're unicorns, but I like their body colors and symbols. The unicorn bit is just a bonus.

So naturally, Windy is the one that's flawed.

This is how her symbol should look. Minus the missing chunk of glitter on that top swirl. It's pretty full. Lots of thick. swirls and a couple dots.

This is how her symbol looks on the side that was facing out in the box. It's barely there and what glitter is there isn't on the right spots. I don't really know how to describe them. Sort of like glue spots? You can tell that's where the glitter is supposed to be, but all of them are off the marks.

I'm glad this is the only problem like this I've seen with this line so far. All my others are fine and thankfully, Windy's other side is almost perfect except for that one spot.


Yeah, I love these two.

Windy's scent is supposed to be cherry, but she smells exactly like Pez. Not even the pink Pez, but grape Pez. Being that I love grape Pez, I keep sniffing her. She's got my favorite scent, although Moonstone, who smells like SSC's Raspberry Tart, and Skydancer, who's just good-smelling, are close behind.

I'm gonna be honest. Starshine's just not my favorite by a long shot. I think she's the boring one in this set and she might be the most boring of the retro ponies so far. I think I even like Cotton Candy more than her. I think it's the vast expanse of white and the pegasus pose that I don't really care for. But still, retro pony. I want to keep supporting these. (The only one I likely won't buy is the Peachy playset.)

It's like even her accessories know she's boring. They're just copies of Moonstone's. Ha.

Sorry, Starshine. I should be nicer. But they are the same color.

Starshine's vanilla-scented. She also got the worst smell of the lot. I don't care for it.

Pegasi together.

Sunlight! I feel bad for Sunlight because Basic Fun thinks she's the worst in the set or something. There's a 5-pack that just leaves the poor girl out.

And it's actually in stock on Amazon when the singles aren't. Weird. I wanted the singles though, because the individual stickers were a must.

Sunlight is super cute. I like her colors a lot, even though she continues the vintage mystery of why is the sun silver in her symbol while the clouds are gold?

This pose benefits more than the others from the articulated head.

She defnitely has the widest range of workable poses.

Sunlight is supposed to be apple-scented, but I don't get apple from her at all. Just generic sweetness, but not as nice as Skydancer's.

So that does it for ponies until I find Parasol and the 3rd set!

Yay, nostalgia.


The Return of Earth 2 Jane!

The Earth 2 Jane girls are some of my favorite dolls. I always have them somewhere I can see them in my display.

Well, the line is making a comeback and the first products are some awesome t-shirts!




I'm thankful these come in women's sizes, too, although they're being called a slim fit, so I'm not sure I'll be able to fit one. I plan on ordering the Jane shirt soon and giving it a shot!

These are designs I could see adults wearing as well, so maybe adding even larger sizes in the future would be an idea. And more colors! I mostly wear black, so I'd love to see that as an option for all the designs.

Keep an eye on E2J on Facebook, too!

Definitely excited to see these ladies return.

REVIEW: My Little Pony Reproduction Rainbow Ponies Skydancer

These Rainbow ponies are not going to be easy to get! Amazon still has no updates on their pre-orders. Pretty sad that a company does pre-orders, then two and a half months later when the items are supposed to be shipped out, they know nothing about when they'll come in stock. I'll never understand how this stuff happens. It's not like the products aren't available.

My Target had only Moonstone out so far. I've been checking back a lot, waiting for more, because Brickseek shows them still in stock. Last night, I finally asked and was able to add Skydancer to my collection.

I can't say I was super excited for her initially, but in person, she's lovely. I wasn't really into the pegasi when I was younger. I preferred the unicorns! But I do love Heart Throb a lot and some of the later pegs. So yeah, basically, the two Rainbow pegasi plus Firefly and Medley from the 3rd retro set don't excite me as much as the unis do, but I know I'm going to love them once I get them in hand.

I will always love the chubbiness of the G1s. They're just fabulous. So much nostalgia! Both from childhood and from when I was super into pony collecting in the late 90s/early 2000s.

I wasn't sure about this whole scented pony idea, because it's not like they were originally, but I cannot complain at all, because Skydancer smells AMAZING. She's supposed to be apricot. I'm not sure she smells like that, but the sweetness is really nice, whatever it is.

Two out of six! The employee said the other 3 they had should be out on the shelves today, since he put in a pull for them. I'm not sure what that means, because I've never worked at Target. (TRU just had one big back room.) But my mom is going to be right across the street at work this morning, so she's going to check on her way home. Maybe I'll have some more to review later. (Yes! Starshine, Windy and Sunlight were there! More reviews later.)

I just wish these were easier to get. They're wonderfully nostalgic for older collectors, but they're also great for kids! Put out more ponies, Basic Fun! Ponies for all!


Monday, August 20, 2018


And it's nearing the end of August and I realized I never did a July Month in Review. Whoopsie.

Hey, look, here are some Party Pop Teenies. I love these things, but I haven't been picking up many recently.

This is most of my collection.

And there are the rest, barring one that I never photographed.

I'm super behind on LOLs. These are some of my only Series 3, Wave 2 dolls. Eventually, I'll get the rest!

Can't remember if I posted Miss Skunk from the end of June, but here she is. Definitely one of my favorite pets. Possibly #1 favorite.

More pets. I opened all these blind.

I also have Angel Wings, who I bought on ebay,  and Dusk Raven, who only just recently arrived from ebay. I need to take a pic of her. I love her.

Went on a brief Harry Potter kick in early July. I got Funko exclusive plush Luna, the Luna keychain and the Viktor Krum figure on ebay. I'd had the Luna figure for a while.

I've not had a new American Girl in ages, so I finally got around to getting Luciana in early July. She's gorgeous. I love her character and her look.

I also picked up Nanea's dog, Mele, from the AG website with my rewards coupon. Mele looks like a gray version of my dog, Riley, and she's such an important character in Nanea's books that I had to have her.

My Charmin' Farm Friends collection grew by two. I finally got the horse character, Hilary Jean Nay!

And not one, but two of her!

Henry, on the left, joined Indigo in my Gund collection. (Indigo was at the end of the June Month in Review post.)

This adorable Muppet Babies Gonzo was a surprise gift from one of my best friends. I adore him. Gonzo was always my favorite.

And then Vincent is from Creepy Kawaii. He's actually got jointed arms and legs, and his quality is excellent.

It wouldn't be a Month in Review without a new Charlie Bear! Bashful is from the older collection and I was lucky to find him from a stockist in Florida. (Not my usual stockist in Florida.) Bashful is so soft and cuddly. He's just amazing.

The Hairdorables love started up in mid-July. I'm going to skip over them for now, since I've spent multiple posts on them here already.

I picked up my second Jossie doll on ebay and she arrived at the end of July. Nori, on the left, is the new one. She's wearing a Bratz outfit and Boxy Girls shoes. (Jossie dolls are sold nude.) I love both her and Hildy, my first Jossie. I'd buy so many more of these if they weren't so pricey for a nude doll!

That takes us through July. I'll likely do my August one of these soonish. I'm not expecting much more before the end of the month.

I warn you now, August will be, like, all Hairdorables and Charlie Bears!


Saturday, August 11, 2018

REVIEW: My Little Pony Reproduction Rainbow Ponies Moonstone

 I have the full set of Rainbow ponies on pre-order from Amazon, but when I spotted Moonstone at Target, I had to have her. It was just her, along with Snuzzle, Butterscotch and Blossom. No other Rainbows. The Peachy playset was there, but I'm not interested in that.

Moonstone was my most wanted of the Rainbow set. I never had any of these in childhood, but I had an attachment to Moonstone from when I was hardcore collecting ponies in the late 90s/early 2000s. I collected all the figural MLP stampers and Moonstone and Moondancer were my two favorites and the only ones I still have.

I'm not sure why the Rainbow set is always the second one to get repro treatment, but here we are again. At least these repros are nice. I never bought any of the first ones.

Basic Fun did make the odd decision to make them scented. I have no idea why, because the originals didn't have any smell, aside from that precious, most nostalgic New Pony Smell.

Moonstone is raspberry-scented. It's pretty nice, but still odd.

Moonstone is a lovely color. I really love her.

Her symbol is the best one of the Rainbows.

Basic Fun made another interesting change: her head turns!

Most G1 ponies did not have turning heads and definitely not ones as old as the Rainbows.

I like this change though. It's fun.

From the front. She has great hair that's got some flip from how it was packaged.

And from the non-display side.

Love that hair and the nicely-curled tail, too.

I didn't take any photos of them aside from what you can see in the boxed pic, but Moonstone comes with an fabulous puffy sticker just like the original G1s and she has both a brush AND a comb. Lots of stuff!

She's quite a bit taller than my first Basic Fun repro set. I'll do size comparison photos once I get all six Rainbows. I cancelled Moonstone from my pre-order, but not the other five!


Monday, August 6, 2018

Got Hairdorables Rage?

If you are getting Hairdorables doubles, PLEASE email Just Play and let them know. I spoke with a customer service rep today and she said my email was the only complaint they had so far. I know pretty much everyone collecting is getting doubles, so please take a moment to go here:
And let them know that you're getting multiples of the same doll, too. If we all speak up, maybe we can do something about the terrible distribution within these assortments.

I wanted to love this line, but I'm already honestly pretty sick of it. I'm tired of seeing the same ones and I haven't been able to arrange a single trade so far. How are we supposed to collect with nothing but roadblocks in the way?

Saturday, August 4, 2018

REVIEW: Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach

I got super lucky in Target tonight and found a lot of the new Rainbow Beach Happy Places line! There was only one of each character, but I didn't have much free money, so I left the pink one and her unicorn behind as well as the other 3 larger sets, which I don't want. (I do want that unicorn though...)

They also had the mini Li'l Secrets, but I'll get one of those eventually. Not in a hurry.

Rainbow Beach has some of my favorite Li'l Shoppies designs.

Here's Isabell with her two-tone purple hair and bell theme. Isabell's also in one of the larger Li'l Secrets locket playsets.

Faith Feathers is the hippie chic pastel girl.

From the back. Faith's hair is neat.

With their accessories. I plopped both of these in my storage bag after this shoot. Not a fan of either accessory.

Then we've got my favorite, Popsi Blue. She was my most wanted from this line when we saw them at Toy Fair. I love her sailor popsicle theme and her colors!

Her accessory is a little bag with popsicles in it.

And here she is with Popsicorn, her unicorn.

I'm a sucker for the ponies and now unicorns. I think Popsicorn's going to be my favorite. I do love Cutiecorn, but these two are a perfect matched pair.

Yay! So happy.

The only bigger set I wanted was Kokonut's. I'm a sucker for white hair and I absolutely adore her design and color scheme.

Then there are all her accessories, which do not match her one single bit. They're neat though. I actually have my full-size Coralee in the hammock and my Li'l Coralee is surrounded by the other accessories.

Why is Kokonut not with her own accessories? Because she's one of the few Li'l Shoppies on my coffee table, which is where I put my favorite things.

She's just gorgeous!

I like the little bunny, too. These are blind-packed, so I'm guessing they're random.

Very pleased with these and will definitely be adding the pink unicorn to my collection hopefully soon. Maybe the pink girl, too. Hibiscus? I think she's something Hibiscus.