Sunday, February 26, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Lagoona Blue

I've also got the new signature Lagoona to share. I would have had Clawdeen, too, but mine looked like someone grabbed her left eye and yanked it down at the corner. So I'm either going to wait til I find her in stores or just pass on her. She's like Cleo. There have been far better Clawdeens in the past and the current Electrified one is pretty awesome, so I don't know if I'll be spending on the new sig or not.

This Lagoona is super cute. I think the reboot suits Lagoona very well, with the only exception being her lack of webbed fingers. I still don't understand why they took those away when they made other girls even more monstery.

Lagoona's outfit is a nice sporty piece and is definitely reminiscent of her original signature fashion. However, it's one piece. Bear that in mind. This is one single piece right here. No top and shorts. Nope. It's a sporty onesie.

I've been in MH's corner with the reboot a lot, but stuff like this confuses me. I'm not sure why this needed to be one piece. It isn't a dealbreaker for me, because I never change MH doll clothes anymore. I rarely change doll clothes period. But it's still baffling as to why they keep doing stuff like this. Cleo has poor hair and a cheap-feeling top. Lagoona has a decent outfit, but it's all one piece. Considering the signature dolls are one of the few lines where the outfit is more than just another short dress, this is disappointing.

Well, anyway, moving on. Lagoona's shoes are pretty cute. They're very simple, but I think they capture her character well. Better than her original sig's shoes actually. I always felt it weird that the sporty girl wore high wedge sandals. I think she tried to call them flip flops, but no, those are not flip flops. So these are still high wedges, but at least they're sneakers, which fit well.

Lagoona's a cute doll. Not the best Lagoona and definitely disappointing with the one piece outfit, but she's not horrible by any means and I do like her overall style.


REVIEW: Monster High Cleo de Nile

It took ages for the new signatures of Cleo, Clawdeen and Lagoona to join Draculaura, Frankie and newcomer Ari on the shelves. I'm not even sure anyone in the US has found them on the shelves yet actually. I ordered mine off, getting 2 of Cleo in hopes of getting one that was decent. I'm glad I bought two, because one had an iris much bigger than the other, so this one here to the left is the one I kept.

To be honest, I'm not nearly as thrilled with this Cleo as I'd hoped. Cleo is one of my favorite characters and favorite dolls from Monster High, so I was looking forward to this new sig, but I think there are far better reboot Cleos out there.

Cleo's hair seems thin and the tinsel in it, which I've never minded unlike other fans, is not good quality. Her outfit is just okay. I love the shoes and the jewelry, but the top seems a bit cheap and the pants aren't anything new or special.

The dark blue wrap sandals are fabulous. They're darker than they photograph. I love that MH is starting to use a more lapis lazuli blue for Cleo.

I'm also a fan of the earrings and necklace. The headband is cute, but nothing super special. I do love the bracelet, although mine was bent out of shape, so it won't stay on her wrist. I moved it up to make an arm cuff.

The purse is interesting, but Cleo's had far better.

I think this Cleo pales in comparison to the original signature. While I do love the molded bandages on the reboot Cleo, the original outfit is iconic and it's hard to beat that. The aged bandage sandals will always be awesome, although the new blue ones are definitely prettier.

This new signature isn't a bad doll by any means, but I do think her hair and top could have been better quality. You can even see a clump of the new one's hair in this photo. It fell out without me noticing. There are far stronger Cleos in the lineup, both older and current. Dance the Fright Away Cleo is fabulous and I love Electrified, too, for something different. I'm also being hard on her because this is one of my fave characters and I have so many beloved Cleos that it's hard to compare.


REVIEW: Shoppies Rainbow Kate (Join the Party edition)

The first Rainbow Kate was cute, but I preferred Sara Sushi and Pam Cake from her release. I did get her with Sara though when my mom found both at Target. I wasn't planning on getting this one, but her fairy theme was making me reconsider. So when I bought Lucy, Kate jumped in my cart to get us the free shipping. I have no regrets because I actually like her better than Lucy!

A fairy theme works really well for Kate. And she's the opposite of Lucy when it comes to box art. I think the doll is far cuter than the art with Kate.

Kate's part of the Join the Party line, so she's got one of the fancy "dancing" stands. I actually gave hers to my original Rainbow Kate in her space on the display shelf, because I like this new doll enough to display her on the coffee table.

Kate has a cute smiling face and an adorable fairy outfit. I love the wings and the layered skirt especially. Her shoes are cute, too. I do like her Shopkins and the magic wand one is sitting at her feet.

Her hair has more purple in it this time around. Or at least mine does. And her expression, while being less exuberantly happy than the original doll's, is cuter, I think.

I adore the gathered pigtails. I'm not a hair person, so I'm not sure if there's an exact term for this style, but I'm always kind of a sucker for it, possibly because it reminds me of Princess Jasmine's ponytail.

So yes, my Shoppies purchase from TRU became a bit of a flip flop. I bought Kate along with Lucy, who was my primary purchase, but I ended up far preferring Kate.


REVIEW: Shoppies Lucy Smoothie

I've got four reviews to get through so these will probably be shortish. My allergies have been killing me all week and work has also been kicking my butt, so I'm pretty zonked.

I was on the fence with Lucy for quite awhile, but after missing out on her on the first time I saw her, because I hemmed and hawed too long, I grabbed her the second time I came across her.

A lot of the characters have super cute box art, but Lucy's one of the cases where the art is cuter than the doll.

Lucy is cute, don't get me wrong. She has a lot of cute elements. But her very pale eyebrows and lip make her look washed out.

It sort of works for her, but it also doesn't make her stick out in my collection, so she got sent to the display shelf right away. No time on the coffee table of faves for her.

I feel like they made an odd choice in Shopkins for her, too, because that parfait one in the front doesn't have a hole in the bottom, so she can't sit on the stand. What's the point of having this fancy display stand if it can't be used? I ended up giving her stand to Peppa Mint instead.

Her hair is very pretty. I like the pale pink with tinsel. It's my favorite thing about the doll. My second favorite thing is her waving hand. She's just got this pudgy little arm with a big hand and is happily waving away. She really is cute, just in a different way.

I do like Lucy, but she doesn't get a high recommendation from me. Buy her if you like her, but I think there are cooler and prettier Shoppies out there.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Daisy Petals

My allergies have been killing me the past few days, so I'll likely catch up on some Toy Fair posts soonish. I fell behind due to work and struggling with feeling poorly. I do have one review that I'm managing to do today, and that's only because I absolutely adore this girl: Daisy Petals!

I will have the new signature Cleo and Lagoona coming up soon. I work a double tomorrow, so maybe Saturday? Plus, Shoppies Lucy Smoothie and Rainbow Kate V2 should arrive tomorrow as well, so four more reviews coming up. Would have been five, but the Clawdeen I ordered from Target looked like someone yanked the corner of her left eye down, so she went back to the store.

Shoppies have the cutest box art. I clip a lot of it out to use as bookmarks.

Daisy was one of the new characters that I was super excited for and for good reason. I'm a sucker for flower themes and she does not disappoint.

Daisy has long, blonde ringlets and she wears a flower crown over them. Part of this crown is a twisting stem that wraps around one of her curls.

She has big golden eyes and she's very sunshiney all around, I think. Just those little pops of green.

Her Shopkins are a pot of daisies and a watering can. Pretty cute, but I left them in my Shoppies display by her Li'l Shoppie figure and gave her display-style stand to Sara Sushi.

Here you can see one of my favorite details: her shoes! I adore their design.

I think Daisy is my favorite of all the new releases. She's above Tippy and she's just a hair above Polli and Cocolette. I've got her standing next to Rosie and she kinda blows Rosie out of the water. Which is unusual for me to say, because you might have noticed I don't favor blondes much and I like red and green color combos.

I definitely give Daisy a high recommend. If the Shoppies are a bit too out there for you, she's worth looking at, because she's more normal-looking like Tiara, but I think Daisy's much prettier than Tiara. And if you like the wild designs, she'd provide a lovely contrast.

So yes. Daisy. Buy her!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: Misc. (Part 1)

The following are lines I don't have enough to give a separate post to, so I'm compiling them all together. And then trying to go to bed again!


I don't know who the girl in orange and white is (I need to finish watching the show), but I need her figure. Looks like she's getting a doll, too. And all the new plush are cute.

Tonner stuff. Not much this year.

I had not heard of Vinimates until now, but that is Lydia Deetz and I NEED HER.

Cryptozoic has some cool stuff. Amesome-looking Ghostbusters board game that seems to be from the comic.

Love the blind box cryptids.

DCSG locker assortment!!!!

This Pokemon stuff is sooooooooooo cute! I'm getting several of those plushies.

TOY FAIR 2017: Hearts for Hearts Girls

I do not usually post other people's pictures, but I am so unbelievably excited that I'm breaking my own rules.

I give many thanks to ASMZine for being the only one so far to cover Hearts For Hearts Girls. They have brought us the amazing news that we are getting a NEW CHARACTER.

This is Aya, a Syrian refugee.

Isn't she stunning?

Mosi has been my favorite for years, but Aya might give her a run for her money. She is just so beautiful. I can't even find the words. I'm so incredibly happy right now, even though I'm wide awake struggling with my allergies when I should be sleeping, as I have to get up at 6:30.

I am not sure yet which older characters make up the 2017 HFHG lineup, but it looks like all the girls are in the Toy Fair gallery. Not clearly shown in the photos, but I think they're in the gallery space itself.

Check out the gallery here:

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so excited!

ETA: I just saw an article that says she's coming "this spring!" Along with Tipi and Lauryce. Oh, man! This is the best dolly news this year!

TOY FAIR 2017: Mattel (Part 3)

Most notable is the rather bizarre-looking Amazon exclusive Abbey. I love the hair, but I'm not sure why she's got a caveman aesthetic or what's up with the weird makeup. Skelita having elaborate makeup has always been her thing, but Abbey? Not so much.

I wish they'd put her on the tall body used for the collector Draculaura or even on a reboot version of Marisol's body.

I'll still buy her, because I like to support Abbey, especially now when she's a doll-only character, but they could have done better by her.

TOY FAIR 2017: Mattel (Part 2)

Nice shots of DCSG and Wonder Woman movie dolls.

TOY FAIR 2017: Mattel (Part 1)

Okay, Stitchkingdom is starting to bring us some Mattel photos. Just a few so far, so let's go over what we have.


Abbey becomes the next doll to get an Amazon collectors' exclusive. She's kinda yikes though. The hair is awesome, but why are her eyebrows dripping? And she has a melting mammoth headpiece? It's just weird and pretty unattractive. I'll end up with her to support Abbey, because she's one of my faves, but why they made those two drippy bits, I'll never understand. Abbey freezes things. She's not melting.

Minis playset. Cute for kids, not for me.

New minis, most of which we've seen already. Cute fairy Twyla though!


Katana. Nothing new, she just looks pretty.

Hot Wheels

FROST. Yes. I still think her hair should be longer and she should look much less blandly nice, but I think she looks great otherwise. But I hope people stop comparing her to Faybelle and Abbey. She looks like neither. An ice theme and fur do not an Abbey make.

YAY MORE MINIS. Poison Ivy FINALLY gets recognition and she's bringing Starfire and Frost with her. I approve.


Better promo photos:

More later! I'm sure I'll find more stuff after I get back from work. I do not believe that's all MH or DCSG has out.

REVIEW: Shoppies Tippy's Tea Party

We interrupt our Toy Fair coverage for a quick Shoppies review!

Yesterday was the big Swapkins event at Toys R Us stores and the day the stores should have put out the Tippy's Tea Party playset. I went in early and grabbed my set. They had six out on the shelves to pick from, so yay.

The set costs $19.99 and is exclusive to Toys R Us.

We've seen Tippy recently in the Happy Places line in Li'l Shoppies form. The little doll actually captures her hair better, I think. They made the side bangs way too long on this doll. Her smile disappears a bit into her face, too, so she looks a bit more befuddled than the big smiling face we see in her art. But other than those things, I love her.

Tippy comes with a rolling cart, a serving tray, a cake stand with removable lid so you can put Shopkins inside, and a pair of tongs. The Shopkins are all pretty cute. My favorite of the cake slice. I like that she has a cup of tea and teapot to represent herself and her sister, but they lack the intricacy of Kirstea's, so they pale in comparison.

The doll is really cute, although like I said, she misses the mark a bit compared to her art.

Tippy does come with a stand. I'm so glad these playset dolls have stands, because they're so little and work well for these girls. I love small stands because I have more room for them on my display shelves. I don't mind the bigger ones that can display the Shopkins, but I wouldn't want them all to be that way.

Here you can compare the two sisters. Yes, they really are sisters. It's confirmed on the back of the box! I mean, it was pretty obvious, but I always like confirmation, so there's an easy answer when people go "Ehhhh, why do they look so much aliiiiiike?"

Tippy is a lighter skintone that I really love, because it reminds me of Bratz Nevra's (and Nevra was one of my faves). Both girls have the same molded decorations on their stockings and you can see the other similarities in their outfits in their gloves and shoes. They even have the same hairbow in different colors!

This little cake was the freebie from the TRU event. It looks cute on the cake stand.

Overall, I think this is a cute playset. You get a lot for only $5 more than the regular Shoppies. I do like the Tippy doll. My critiques may be a bit hard on her, but I love the art design a lot and I do wish the doll captured that better. She's really great though, don't get me wrong!

Now I've just got to do reviews for Rainbow Kate V2, Lucy Smoothie and Daisy Petals when they all arrive in the mail and we'll be all caught up on Shoppies!


TOY FAIR 2017: Descendants 2 (Part 2)

Idle Hands presents an excellent gallery of Descendants photos. We saw some yesterday, but these are have some different angles.

Man, I really love those ballgown Mal and Uma dolls.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: My Little Pony & Equestria Girls

SPOILER WARNING. I do talk about stuff from the upcoming movie in this post.

I am always extremely grateful to the people that realize that still photography is the way to go at Toy Fair. No one cares about watching you on camera, Youtubers. We want you to zoom in on the toys, but you never do! I've watched two videos today, both of which failed to show what I wanted to see and failed to ask the questions I wanted answered. No more videos for me.

Anyway, Equestria Daily succeeded where others failed and have provided several posts with good images.


One of the lines of regular ponies (non-movie stuff) is an "All About" series, which have decals of moments from the cartoons on their bodies. This would be a potentially amusing gimmick if we were getting all old characters, but NO, Hasbro finally got their stuff together and gave us one we've wanted for years and he's covered with silly graffiti. Yep, Big Mac is finally getting a brushable and so is Soarin, one of the Wonderbolts. The upside is that the "art" seems to only be on one side of the body, so I can just turn his head the opposite way and display his clean side to the front.

The stuff from the movie is pretty fabulous because SEA PONIES. I love the sea ponies. The translucent ones in particular will be coming home with me. Also all the tiny ones. And anything Tempest Shadow because she is amazing.

Blind Bags:

I've been very disappointed with the blind bags recently, because the Nightmare Night line was indeed a nightmare. I think the US got passed over for multiples lines of blind bags that contained those costumed figures, so I ended up collecting absolutely none of them. Not sure exactly how the ones at Toy Fair are going to be sold, but the highlight is definitely Moondancer.

Guardians of Harmony:

Guardians of Harmony is the fancy detailed action figure pony line. Tempest Shadow will be coming home with me. And Daring Do.

Equestria Girls:

Hasbro seems to have finally realized the best Equestria Girls toys are the poseables, not the dolls. Not a doll in sight, but lots of excellent figures! Daring Do and Starlight Glimmer seem to be coming in a multipack with DJ, Pinkie, Rarity and Sunset Shimmer. I haven't bought DJ yet, so I think I'll get this instead. These girls appear to be going to new character Juniper Montage's theatre. Then we've got new single-packed characters: Bon Bon, Trixie, Muffins and I think the new girl from the last movie, which I still have not seen because I'm behind on everything. There are a couple super cute sets of Rarity and Twilight with changeable clothing.

Minorly disappointed there's no post about the plush I saw hanging out of the background in one of the practically useless videos I watched, but maybe it will come another day.

TOY FAIR 2017: Descendants 2

Stitchkingdom on Tumblr has a lot of great pics from Toy Fair. Being that it's a Tumblr, I can't link to specific galleries, but just check it out and skim. I will, however, link to a few photos I'm particularly excited about.

Bonus Mal with bangs in gorgeous gown and Uma with updo in gorgeous gown. I also have my eye on the blue and yellow Mal with Ben on the top shelf by Carlos and Jane.
This is a really cute Evie. Looks like the 2nd movie is getting basic dolls, too. There's a Mal, too.
Another cute Evie.
And Mal with bangs. Not 100% sold on these.

And last but not least...
Fabulous Uma!

Definitely getting both Umas, ballgown Mal and the Carlos/Jade pack. Possibly the Mal/Ben pack, too. I love that blue and yellow on her for some reason.

TOY FAIR 2017: Funko

There's some great stuff in this gallery!

I love the Harry Potter Rock Candy figures, although I'm sad Luna's eyes are covered by her glasses.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has some cute stuff, but Rock Candy Mantis is definitely coming to live here. Also Baby Groot plush? SOLD.


And Ripley, too? Awesome.

TOY FAIR 2017: DC Superhero Girls Legos

We've got our first galleries for Toy Fair, although nothing really great for us doll collectors.

However, we do have some DCSG Lego sets, including three characters never before seen in toy form. Eclipso and the Flash are in one set and Mad Harriet is in another.

Friday, February 17, 2017

NEWS: DC Superhero Girls

A little video previewing some of the upcoming toys has been uploaded to the official DCSG Facebook.

Included are Katana, Frost, the three Intergalactic Gala dolls, the Supergirl locker set, and a Batgirl action figure with vehicle.

Katana is the same one currently for pre-order on Amazon.

This is a new photo of Frost, who is lovely, but also a bit disappointing. Her hair should be longer (and how often do I say that?!) and I would have liked a less blandly sweet face. Give the girl some character, Mattel. But I'm still pleased to have her, even though I think Cheetah should have been first.

The Intergalactic Gala dolls for Supergirl and Wondy were part of the current survey leaks, but Starfire is shown here for the first time. I don't think I need Supergirl or Wondy, but Starfire will be coming home.

The Supergirl set was also part of the leaks. I can't remember about the Batgirl playset. Honestly, all these figures and dolls of the Big Three run together for me, unless they're stellar standouts.

We've also got the Starfire action figure coming, as shown during the leaks, and a DCSG-themed Facebook that shall remain anonymous because their practices are so terrible posted a likely stolen photo that shows Hawkgirl as an action figure, too.

We'll likely see all these from Toy Fair when the photos start rolling in!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: It Begins

I've done minor Toy Fair coverage in my old doll Livejournal in years past, so I'm going to continue that trend and try to up the content for this blog.

I do not like to post other people's pictures, so my coverage will mostly be links to pictures.

One of the best sources of Toy Fair news and photos is the Idle Hands Blog Flickr:

They take some excellent photos. Other coverage sources I will mention as we go along, but this is going to be one of my main resources. A lot of these photos are from the recent UK Toy Fair.

Teen Titans Go:
I haven't watched all of this show, but what I've seen is cute and it's how I got to know Starfire, Beast Boy and others that have appeared at least in the background if not otherwise in DC Superhero Girls. These mini figures are adorable and I'll likely buy Jinx, who's my fave design from the show.

Care Bears:
I love Just Play's Care Bears, but I think it's a giant misstep to give them all those glittery giant blue eyes. They look weird. I will probably get Daydream Bear, the purpley one with the Saturn-ringed heart, because I like her design. The pink one with the sun heart is Shine Bright and the blue musical bear is Heartsong. I love new characters, but these new eyes just take away a lot of their personality. I'm not sure how long I'll collect this line if these eyes are the new norm. And where is poor Birthday Bear? He always gets forgotten.

DC Superhero Girls (once again leaving out Poison Ivy), My Little Pony and Disney Princess get new Fash'ems. I need those DCSG ones, because they are adorable!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NEWS: DC Superhero Girls

The signature Katana is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

She releases April 15th.

Also, check out these new products:

We've got $20 toddler dolls done by Jakks Pacific. You can guess which three, even though Harley would have been the cutest toddler.

Then there are 18" dolls also done by Jakks. They're $35 and exclusive to Toys R Us. The big three plus Bumblebee. Again, no Harley. Grr. Batgirl is fabulous though and will probably make it into my collection. Maybe the others will, too, but at that price, they're not priority.

REVIEW: Shoppies Polli Polish

My impatient self could not wait for Polli and I bought her on ebay for $19.99. She arrived today. I'm glad I got her, because I haven't caught her or Daisy on yet, although I did order Lucy Smoothie and the Join the Party Rainbow Kate today. (And now all the party dolls and Lucy are sold out again. Yet Cocolette stays in stock. Whyyyy? She's gorgeous!)

Polli is amazing. I think her Li'l Shoppie is boring and didn't buy her, but this doll is just stellar. She's so crazy over the top with the hairstyle and objects sticking out of it. She's got the four fabric hair extension thingies. And she's got a little star on her face. She looks like she could be a Jem character and actually reminds me of Aja a bit.

Her art is freakin' adorable, too!

Polli has one of the stands that displays her Shopkins. I don't really care for either of hers, so after taking these photos, I plopped them on my display shelf and gave this stand to Kirstea instead. I mean, they're cute, but they're nothing real special.

Polli herself, however, is totally special.

Notice that she has thigh-highs instead of stockings. Absolutely adore that! The paint on one of them is a bit off, but it doesn't bother me. Not like bad face paint. Love the suspenders. Love the choker. I just love her.

Polli is totally fabulous and I highly recommend her. She's one of the more unique and wild Shoppies, I think, which I always appreciate. I only have one single complaint and that is that the nail polish character has no nail polish! Otherwise though, she's perfect.


Monday, February 13, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Cocolette

I was shocked to see the newest set of Shoppies on last week. Pirouetta and Kirstea never got a good release and neither of them is there, although they've showed up elsewhere, so to jump right to the new wave is odd.

I grabbed Cocolette right away, though the other three were sold out. Lucy came in stock, but I missed out on her, because I took too long to decide what I wanted to buy with her to get the free shipping. She's my least fave from the quartet though, so it's all good. I caved and bought Polli on ebay so I'll have her in hand soonish.

I was equally shocked that Cocolette stayed in stock for so long. She's stunning! I love brown with light pink and the addition of the aqua is nice.

Coco has a great sass arm. She's like "Why didn't people buy me? I dunno and I don't care!"

She comes on a different type of stand than the party dolls. This stand doesn't move, but still has two Shopkins display spaces. I gave her stand to Gemma, so she can have all her jewels crowded around her, even though they can't sit on the pegs.

Cocolette's smooth ponytail is three different colors and absolutely lovely. I really love how they did it.

Her Shopkins are pretty cute, though I think Bridie has the best ones of the three dolls I got today.

Cocolette is definitely one I would recommend. She's very different and in excellent ways. I like her colors a lot and her hair is my favorite of the entire line. She's right up there with Sara, Kirstea and Lulu at the top of my faves list.


REVIEW: Shoppies Bridie

Bridie is another surprise for the day. Mom checked out Target for new stuff, too, and found her there. Rainbow Kate and Pirouetta were also there, but I passed on both. I have the first Kate and she's not a huge fave and Pirouetta is too pinky pink pink for me. Although all bets are off if I see them in person and change my mind.

I think Bridie is funny, because who's she marrying exactly? Aren't they kids? Or sort of kids? Oddly independent children kind of like Strawberry Shortcake?

Anyway, I think she would have worked better for a dress-up party instead of what seems like an actual bridal party.

Bridie me over because she gives me slight Jem vibes. Her Shopkins also happen to be my exact favorite shade of pale pink. I really love two shades of pink: neon and that pale pink on her Shopkins. The bouquet one is gorgeous.

Bridie looks cute on her pink stand. I think the Shopkins display works particularly well for her. She looks like a display in a bridal shop window.

Bridie's dress is simple yet elegant. She just looks so happy that it's contagious.

Her hair is done in a pretty twist that works well with the multi-colored pink hair.

Bridie is very pale with her light skin, very pale pink hair, white outfit and pale blue eyes. I think she makes a nice contrast to the many brighter characters in the line.

Like Tiara, Bridie's not one of my faves from the line, but I like the diversity they bring to my newly set up Shoppies display space.


REVIEW: Shoppies Tiara Sparkles

Ugh, I apologize for the boxed pics. I kept getting glare and finally just gave up. It's been a long day, as I got called in to work this morning and didn't get much sleep then, so I'm pretty wiped, but I have three new Shoppies I want to share.

My mom called me from Toys R Us tonight while checking for the newer lines. Tiara was the only one she found, so I said sure, bring her home. I wasn't positive I wanted her, but I caved when I saw her.

Tiara's appeal for me is that she's about the most normal-looking Shoppie there is. Her hair is blonde with no unnatural colors. Her eyes are blue, not, like, yellow or something. I'm a bit of a sucker for red and gold, so I decided to keep her.

Tiara's hair isn't the best. The curls hang in her face a lot. Her tiara is attached to that gold headband, so I didn't undo all the plastic bands holding it on, which messes with her hair somewhat. Or maybe it just kind of is a mess. I'm tired. Ha.

The Shopkins are never why I buy these dolls, but it's always a nice bonus when I like them and I like both of Tiara's a lot.

Tiara's hair is in fat ringlets like Kirstea's but it's not as nice-looking.

Tiara has the same sort of dancing stand as Rosie, only hers is red. I'm always in support of red, which is so often overlooked for pink, so yay for red.

Tiara's brush is super cute.

Overall, I think Tiara is a cute doll. I don't think she's one of the best Shoppies, nor do I give her a real recommendation, but she looks cute with Gemma and Bridie, so I'm happy to have her.