Sunday, February 26, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Lagoona Blue

I've also got the new signature Lagoona to share. I would have had Clawdeen, too, but mine looked like someone grabbed her left eye and yanked it down at the corner. So I'm either going to wait til I find her in stores or just pass on her. She's like Cleo. There have been far better Clawdeens in the past and the current Electrified one is pretty awesome, so I don't know if I'll be spending on the new sig or not.

This Lagoona is super cute. I think the reboot suits Lagoona very well, with the only exception being her lack of webbed fingers. I still don't understand why they took those away when they made other girls even more monstery.

Lagoona's outfit is a nice sporty piece and is definitely reminiscent of her original signature fashion. However, it's one piece. Bear that in mind. This is one single piece right here. No top and shorts. Nope. It's a sporty onesie.

I've been in MH's corner with the reboot a lot, but stuff like this confuses me. I'm not sure why this needed to be one piece. It isn't a dealbreaker for me, because I never change MH doll clothes anymore. I rarely change doll clothes period. But it's still baffling as to why they keep doing stuff like this. Cleo has poor hair and a cheap-feeling top. Lagoona has a decent outfit, but it's all one piece. Considering the signature dolls are one of the few lines where the outfit is more than just another short dress, this is disappointing.

Well, anyway, moving on. Lagoona's shoes are pretty cute. They're very simple, but I think they capture her character well. Better than her original sig's shoes actually. I always felt it weird that the sporty girl wore high wedge sandals. I think she tried to call them flip flops, but no, those are not flip flops. So these are still high wedges, but at least they're sneakers, which fit well.

Lagoona's a cute doll. Not the best Lagoona and definitely disappointing with the one piece outfit, but she's not horrible by any means and I do like her overall style.


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