Sunday, February 26, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Lucy Smoothie

I've got four reviews to get through so these will probably be shortish. My allergies have been killing me all week and work has also been kicking my butt, so I'm pretty zonked.

I was on the fence with Lucy for quite awhile, but after missing out on her on the first time I saw her, because I hemmed and hawed too long, I grabbed her the second time I came across her.

A lot of the characters have super cute box art, but Lucy's one of the cases where the art is cuter than the doll.

Lucy is cute, don't get me wrong. She has a lot of cute elements. But her very pale eyebrows and lip make her look washed out.

It sort of works for her, but it also doesn't make her stick out in my collection, so she got sent to the display shelf right away. No time on the coffee table of faves for her.

I feel like they made an odd choice in Shopkins for her, too, because that parfait one in the front doesn't have a hole in the bottom, so she can't sit on the stand. What's the point of having this fancy display stand if it can't be used? I ended up giving her stand to Peppa Mint instead.

Her hair is very pretty. I like the pale pink with tinsel. It's my favorite thing about the doll. My second favorite thing is her waving hand. She's just got this pudgy little arm with a big hand and is happily waving away. She really is cute, just in a different way.

I do like Lucy, but she doesn't get a high recommendation from me. Buy her if you like her, but I think there are cooler and prettier Shoppies out there.


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