Monday, April 24, 2017

FAVORITES: Disney Fairies

Disney Store Tink
I've been really into Disney Fairies again lately, so I thought I'd look at my favorite doll version of each character. 

I'm going to try to make myself choose only one, but there may be some with two, like Tink. 

I absolutely adore the rather pouty, more sedate original Disney Store Tink. Tink is cute when she smiles, but let's face it, she's an extremely moody character, so I like this take on her when she's not overly bubbly and all smiles. 

Giochi Lost Treasure Tink
The other Tink I adore is Giochi Preziosi's Lost Treasure doll. The detailing on her is wonderful! Her hair is cut perfectly and she's got a little smile, but it's not overbearing. 

Let's keep going with the original book fairies.

I had to start the line with Tink, but second can only be my absolutely fave ever, Vidia. 

Disney Store Vidia

The original Disney Store Vidia was so hard to wait for, because they didn't put her, Lily or Bess in with the first release of dolls. But when I finally got her, it was love. Her face is stunningly beautiful and her outfit is very well-designed. I love the choice of materials, especially on the burgundy pieces. 

This Vidia is my #1 favorite Disney Fairies doll. 

Disney Store Rani
Fan favorite Rani got a few dolls, but once the movies took over the merchandise, she was forgotten. Sadly, because she's awesome and I kept waiting for them to do her arrival in the movies or even the arrival of just one of the original book fairies! Sigh. 

Anyway, Rani's best doll is easily her original Disney Store doll. She is second only to Vidia in terms of beauty. Her outfit is gorgeous and her face is This doll is part of the reason I made myself get over my original dislike for the character. (I tend to find myself not liking the overly popular characters.) The only flaw of this doll is that the wings on the Disney Store dolls are sewn to the clothing, so she can't be wingless. Rani should always have the option of going wingless.

Disney Store UK Prilla soft doll
My favorite toy for Prilla is a bit of an odd choice. From the art, you could see that Prilla was a more curvy fairy, but her toys had the same bodies as the others. The Disney Store doll is cute, the Playmates figure is very cute and my second fave, but the best Prilla item in my opinion is the plush doll from the Disney Store UK. She's the only doll of Prilla that rounds her out a bit more. They did a great job on her shoes, too, which the original doll got way wrong. 

Prilla is pretty much the main character of the original fairy book, so it's disappointing that she got so little merchandise. She really didn't get much when you think about it. 

Playmates 3.5" Fira (variant colors)
Fira has one of the most beautiful designs of the lot, but her original Disney Store doll missed the mark on her. Her 8" Playmates doll is much better, but my favorite Fira is the 3.5" Playmates doll. Her face is so lovely! I only recently got the single-packed one in her regular book clothes, so my choice for fave is the one I've had for years: the variant that came with Beck in a 2-pack. 

Honorable mention for Fira goes to the Disney Store UK plush. Why oh why didn't they make Rani, too? Wah!

Disney Store Beck

If Anne of Green Gables was a blue-eyed fairy, she'd be Beck. This doll is just so cute! Beck was one of the ones I wanted the most originally. I think she's probably my mom's fave. She loves the cute ones that look a little younger. Beck's outfit is also stellar. Loads of detail. I wish they'd gotten the boots right, but the effort is better than what Prilla got anyway! If you look up at the pic of Fira, you can see how Beck's boots are supposed to look. 

Unfortunately, Beck hardly got any toys. This doll and the 3.5" Playmates ones are the only ones I can think of, aside from a couple PVC figures.

Playmates 3.5" Bess
Bess is the fan favorite that I didn't mind. A ton of people loved her, but it never bothered me the way the Rani adoration did. I really don't remember why. Maybe because Rani was weepy and interrupted people a lot, which is one of my pet peeves.  

Like Beck, Bess suffers from massive lack of toys. Her original doll is cute, but this 3.5" is my current favorite. 

Disney Store Lily

Also lacking toys was Lily. Her Disney Store doll is absolutely stunning though and that helps make up for the lack of options. Her outfit is so detailed and all the different materials used are fantastic. 

Playmates 3.5" Queen Clarion

Queen Clarion got a few dolls with her movie look, but I hated the changes done with her for the movies. The only real Clarion toy to me is the Playmates small figure. She's far more interesting in outfits of multiple colors!

There are other book fairies that got toys, but they mostly only got one figure, so I'm leaving Pluck, Iris and Dulcie out. (Even though Iris got two toys, I've only ever owned one.)

I'm also skipping over Terence. He got a few items, but I don't own any anymore, and they never made a toy of his book appearance, which is the best-looking. 

So moving on to the girls popularized by the movies and the reason I started this whole post. 

Giochi Preziosi Rosetta in flower gown
I just got this amazing Rosetta and decided she's the best Rosetta, so I got the idea to make this post. 

I've wanted this flower dress doll and the Silvermist one, too, for years, but I stupidly did not buy them when they came out. Still kicking myself, but slightly less now that I own Rosetta. I lucked into finding an American seller with her for a super price and she arrived today. 

Giochi could really nail an outfit when they wanted to. This dress is just gorgeous. 

So this Rosetta takes the spot from Pirate Fairy Rosetta, but they're practically a tie honestly. I love the deluxe Jakks Rosettas. 

Jakks Pirate Fairy Rosetta 
Rosetta has had some lovely dolls. I liked the original set of movie dolls from the Disney Store, even though I only have Silvermist left, and she had some pretty regular Jakks dolls, too.

Let's move on to Silvermist, the other one you mostly saw on shelves.

Disney Store Silvermist

Silvermist is a tie. I have to put the original Disney Store doll here, because she's the one that, despite being based on the movie, manages to capture the original serene look of the book character best. Honorable mention to the first Playmates 3.5" Sil for that, too.

My very favorite Sil though has to be the Jakks deluxe edition. Her face is just drop dead gorgeous. 

Jakks deluxe Silvermist
She was much harder to find than the rest of the line, but man, was she ever worth looking for! Her outfit is great, minus the shawl thing, but her face is what makes this doll. 

Giochi Preziosi Lost Treasure Fawn
For the spunky Miss Fawn, we go back to Giochi Preziosi. They really nailed the character and gave her a great detailed outfit to boot. 

I think Jakks could have been a contender here if they'd ever bothered to give Fawn a deluxe doll! She was the main character of the final movie, but she didn't get a deluxe doll then. Ridiculous. We did get this taunting little beauty though. 

Jakks Basic and Neverbeast Fawns

The Neverbeast Fawn has a new headmold that would have been the one used on her deluxe doll, had they ever made one for her. 

One of my biggest disappointments in the entire franchise is that Jakks never made deluxes for Vidia, Iridessa and Fawn. Really epically dropped the ball there, Jakks. 

Fawn's more basic Jakks dolls were really cute, too, like the one on the left in the photo.

Giochi Lost Treasure Iridessa

Giochi really nailed Iridessa just like they did Fawn. I've never seen an Iridessa so perfect. Neither Jakks nor the Disney Store could even come close. 

There are some other movie characters that got dolls, like Zarina, Glimmer and Chloe, Marina (one small doll that I don't have), and Periwinkle and Spike. 

Zarina's best is her deluxe. Glimmer and Chloe only got one larger doll and one smaller doll each, so obviously I like the larger ones. Spike is my second fave after Vidia, so her large and small dolls are both treasured, but not worth picturing because there are only the two to choose from. 

So that leaves Perwinkle for the last doll. She's gotten a LOAD of them. However, I somehow do not have a photo of my favorite Peri! She's the deluxe Jakks one that's not from the first line or the Pirate Fairy, although Pirate Fairy is also amazing. I'm going to have to use a group shot. 

She's in the middle of the shelf between Spike and Tink. I love the dress on that doll and I was so happy when they got her hair right after giving the first deluxe a ponytail. 

So that about wraps things up! I don't think I missed anyone, but let me know if I did. 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Frost

Frost arrived today! She came in stock on Amazon on Saturday night and thankfully, some were left for me to buy when I got home from work. She's $19.99 like all the current signatures. 

Frost is not one of the best show character to doll likenesses, but I'm still quite smitten with her doll, so I'm apparently capable of overlooking a few flaws. 

This art on the back shows my main nitpick: the fact that they gave this girl such a bland expression. Frost is one of those characters like Cheetah and Star Sapphire that aren't goody two shoes nicey nice girls. She would have benefited from a snarky grin and a raised eyebrow. 

Her character card shows excellent personality, too. Argh. 

Although I do want her snarky, I am frequently irked by all the people I see on Facebook that keep insisting on calling her Killer Frost. Yes, that is the name of the original comic character, but DC Superhero Girls is for LITTLE GIRLS. It should be obvious why the Killer part of her name was dropped. Also, the character is not a villain in the show, so duh, she's not a killer. This line is an excellent gateway into comics for little kids, so why not just let the characters be for kids and not keep trying to insist everything has to be for you, eh, adults? 

Okay, Rant #1 is taken care of. Yes, there will be a Rant #2. Give me a few minutes here. 

So let's take a look at deboxed Frost. The one in the boxed photos is not the one I chose to open. I'm selling the boxed one, so it made sense to just photograph her and use the same pics for my sale and for this review. The boxed doll has these two neat little blue paint lines streaking down from one eye and I really wanted to keep her for those, but this one has bolder eyebrows and I think that helps her look a little bit more like show Frost, so she got chosen. 

The doll has a skintone that I have hard time describing, because it's not just one color. It's like if you threw white, gray, lavender and a hint of blue together and mixed them up. It has a pearly sheen to it, but more subtle than other dolls with a similar sheen.

Frost's hair is my other disappointment. Frost has a long ponytail. It's so weird that they gave the doll much shorter hair. Doll lines are typically guilty of giving too long hair, not too short! Her hair flows in a curling wave down to behind her thighs, so it's really long, too. They also left off her icy hair accessory, something that would have been easy to make. 

Her outfit is similar to the show's, but they added an ice crystal pattern to the tunic, probably to make it look more interesting, but I wish they'd just done the proper deco like in the show and then the plastic that had been used for the belt could have gone to her hair accessory and a pair of earrings. 


They left it plain on the back, so they really could have just gone with the show design.

I really love her power accessory though, because it looks like she's blasting you with ice AND it's not something that's going to damage her hands! Starfire's is an ugly blob that's dangerous to put on and take off your doll, and Poison Ivy's squashed her fingers while she was packaged, so maybe they're listening and this is a step in the right direction, because I have zero complaints about this. 

The accessory is one of the two changes from the Amazon promo pictures though. It's shown with the end part being able to detach and fly off, but it's all one piece, no action feature.

The other difference from the promos is that her boots now have painted toes, which makes them more show accurate. Nice. 

Frost is definitely a standout doll though. The outfit is eye-catching with the pattern, even though I wish they'd nixed it in favor of other show accurate accessories. It's not awful by a long shot! 

Now for Rant #2. These two dolls on the left DO NOT LOOK ALIKE. 

Their skintones are similar, but actually different. 

They may both have a ponytail, but their haircolors are nothing alike and Frost doesn't have the loose piece. 

Their eyes are nothing alike. They're different colors and Faybelle wears eyeshadow while Frost does not. 

Their lip colors are nothing alike. 

Their tops are nothing alike aside from being a printed shirt about the same length. Different colors, different sleeves, different prints. 

Their pants are the one thing that's actually quite similar, but even then, they're different materials. 

They do both have taller boots, but said boots look nothing alike. 

Frost does not look like Faybelle. And she REALLY does not look like Abbey. Stop saying she does.

So there you have it, a review and a couple bonus rants. I really love Frost, despite my nit-picking, and I think she's one of my favorites from the line. I'm pretty surprised we got her before Cheetah though. Cheetah was definitely the main antagonist at first, but now she's been kinda shoved in the background, which is disappointing. I want my Cheetah doll! But honestly, I want Star Sapphire first...

I'm hoping we see Hawkgirl pretty soon. She's got an action figure, so I think she'll be one of the next to get a doll, although it might be SDCC. Who knows? From there, I'm not sure who's going to be next, but my shelves need Miss Martian and Star Sapphire especially. 

PHOTO CREDITS: My icy not-a-villainess.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

REVIEW: Little Kingdom Pocahontas

Just a quickie review, because she's a tiny figure, but I know some people have been excited for her.

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I bought Pocahontas from a marketplace seller on ebay. She arrived today.

Her box is multilingual, so perhaps she came from the international market? The seller also had Tiana from this new series and I didn't ask where he got them from.

Pocahontas has enormous eyes and initially, I didn't care for that, but seeing the photo of the actual boxed toy won me over.

She's very, very cute, just like all the Little Kingdom toys!

If you don't care for the longer skirt on her, the bottom layer can be removed, although the top layer does sit a bit awkwardly without it.

I love the leaf pop-ins. Flit is amusing, too, but the leaves are the prettiest.

I'm not sure when...or even if...this series will come out in the US. It's hard to say how well Little Kingdom is doing, because I mostly see the same older ones over and over. Walmart only just got the Tiana single-pack series in their Easter section a couple weeks ago. But if you can find Pocahontas, I recommend her! She's one of my faves from the line.


Friday, April 14, 2017

REVIEW: Kuu Kuu Harajuku figures

I still haven't watched Kuu Kuu Harajuku, but I can't help but love the designs of these toys. I have a few of the old perfume figures, but these are even cuter.

The five characters are available on Amazon for $5.99 apiece. Right now, they are add-on items, which means your order needs to be $25 or more to buy them. Easy enough, because you meet that if you buy all five.

Each figure comes with a child-sized ring in a different style, and several small charms that I can't help but wonder if they were inspired by Hasbro's Little Kingdom Disney figures, because that's exactly what they're like.

Each character has two holes on her skirt and one in each boot to place charms in. G has three holds in her headband, while the others have at least one hole in their hairdos.

G is the only figure to wear a charm in her skirt while packaged. That black bow is a charm.

All of them have at least one charm in their hair while packaged. The big black bow on the headband is another charm.

G's charms are the two black bows, red lips, a red megaphone, pink music notes, and a pink microphone.

The skirt and boots are removable on each figure. I love their giant feet! You know Bratz feet were always undersized for those huge heads. Well, Kuu Kuu Harajuku isn't afraid to give at least these figures whopping big feet.

G is the only one with stockings. The others all have bare legs.

Love has always been one of my favorites from the perfume figures to the original L.A.M.B. dolls.

She's my favorite of these new figures, too, although Music is a close second. Amusingly, those were my first two perfume figures.

Love's charms include a bear, a computer, a red heart and jellybeans (took me awhile to figure that one out).

Some of the girls have different charms from their prototype pictures on Amazon. G lacks the makeup on the figure, too. But G and Love both were shown with the charms they actually came with.

I gave Love the pink heart that came with Angel, because she needed more hearts.

Of the hearts in her hair, the bigger ones on either end are charms.

I think Love is going to be my favorite overall. She seems to be the smart one, a type I usually like. I really love the doll shown at Toy Fair, although again, Music is close second.

Angel is my biggest disappointment from the line, but it has nothing to do with the figure or character design. It's the fact that her prototype images on Amazon showed her with this adorable hamburger charm and she doesn't really come with it! That one was my fave of all the charms. Unless there are multiple charm options, which might be a possibility. I won't know until more people start taking pics of these girls.

Angel's charms are a pink guitar (shown without the yellow paint in her Amazon images), a bear purse, a little octopus (?), and a pink heart. The pink heart wasn't in the prototype pics. It was a little pink ray gun or hair dryer or something instead, so the heart is a nice change.

Angel's blue star and the biggest yellow stars in her hair are also charms. 

I decided not to use the pink ones on her because they don't really go with her look. Love's got the pink heart and I gave Baby the bear purse. 

The prototype pics showed her with a teal makeup line above her eyes, but the toy doesn't have that. 

Ah, pretty little Music. I love her. 

Like Angel, Music's Amazon photos show her with an extra charm. It's just a purple version of the pink music notes G comes with, so I'm okay with that being missing. Still not okay about the burger! 

Music's charms are a purple bow, purple kitty ear headphones, a purple guitar and a pinky-purple...well, it looks like a cassette tape to me.

Thanks to her hair, Music's got a bit of a lean. The other girls stand straight pretty well, but not Music. Her hair is huge though and very obviously on one side, so it makes sense.

Music's hair decoration is another charm.

I struggled with her a bit, because the kitty headphones are too cute not to use, but they don't look right anywhere. They'd look best in her hair, but I'm not removing her trademark hair deco.

Last but not least is Baby.

Baby got the short end of the charm stick. She was shown with an extra one in her Amazon photos, but also, two of the ones she was pictured with are not here.

Baby's charms are a donut, a cloud, a mushroom and a...cake? I'm not sure.

But she was pictured with a cute bear and a green sushi roll on Amazon. Neither of those came with her and they were replaced by the ugly cake thing.

I gave Baby the bear purse from Angel's charms. I think it suits her more. The two little bows in her hair are also charms.

These girls are about 4-5" tall, depending on their hairstyles. Their arms are a very soft rubber, while their legs are a harder rubber. Heads and torsos are hard plastic.

They're a really cute little doll line and you can have fun switching around the charms. They're like amped up versions of the perfume figurines. I'm eagerly awaiting the actual dolls though!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NEWS: Kuu Kuu Harajuku

I was just looking for Kuu Kuu Harajuku on Amazon and I stumbled across some IN STOCK mini figures!






They are all so amazingly cute! I happened to have money in my Paypal balance, so I ordered all five. I'll do a review once they arrive, hopefully on Friday.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

OVERVIEW: It's a Small World

Morocco and Japan
One more entry for the night! You can see why I had to follow up Cherry Merry Muffin with these girls. When Mattel stopped making the CMM dolls, they used the molds for these six little cuties. They were made in 1993 and represent Disney's It's a Small World.

The eyes and shoes are both painted differently than the CMM line and a different plastic was used for the limbs, but they're obviously still very similar.

I don't have any photos of my collection still on their backcards, but I'm sure there are some photos on ebay if anyone's curious.

North America and Mexico

The dolls each have their country name stamped on their outfit somewhere. I think they're all incredibly cute and it's nice to see such a diverse line. Mexico and Germany are the only two dolls to not have brown eyes!

Morocco and Germany are my favorites, but I love each one. They're all just super adorable. I think my only real complaint is that the Native American doll is called "North America." I think they should have done something else, because you know what's also in North America? Mexico.

Germany and Nigeria

The German doll took me the longest to find, because she would turn up in large expensive lots or she'd be loose and her hair would be a wreck. I got her in January 2012, while I'd had the others since October 2010.

These are my favorite Small World dolls. The large ones from the Disney Store were pretty cute, but I don't think they have anything on these!


OVERVIEW: Cherry Merry Muffin

Grape Ice, Penny Peppermint and Banancy
You would think I would have been really into these girls, but I wasn't! They're 6.5" scented dolls a little reminiscent of Strawberry Shortcake. Mattel produced various lines from 1988-1990.

This is going to be a short entry, because I only have three of these!

I always liked Chocolottie, who was in the first line, but I never got her, because I preferred the Series 2 version with green eyes. I never got that one either, so there's no Chocolottie in my little collection. Maybe someday!

Banancy is my only one from 1988's Series 1 set. She doesn't look like a doll I'd really gravitate toward, but I do. I think she's adorable.

Penny Peppermint is my fave from the whole series. She's just crazy cute and I'm a sucker for red. The wild curls on the top of her head are a little weird, but I just decided Penny's the eccentric of the group. She's from 1989's Series 2.

Grape Ice is my Series 3 doll. I did have Peach Perfection for awhile, but ended up either selling or trading her. 1990's Series 3 is the hardest to find set. Cookies and Cream is still on my wishlist. I just don't often shop for these girls.

CMM is a pretty simple line. There are only 3 series of dolls with 5, 6 and 4 characters (5 dolls counting the black version of CMM). There were really cute miniatures made, plus some playsets and fashions.

I think I might have to wander off to ebay now and see if I can find the Chocolottie and Cookies and Cream that I want!