Sunday, April 2, 2017

REVIEW: Wonder Woman Battle Ready Movie Doll

I was surprised to see the Wonder Woman movie dolls in Walmart tonight when I went after work. I picked up the Battle Ready doll only, although I do want the Hippolyta one. I just wish she didn't come with the horse! I neither have space for nor want a doll horse. Anyway, Battle Ready and the one in the blue gown were $12.88 each.

I really love the look of these dolls. They did a pretty good job of mimicking her outfit without making it textured rubber or plastic. Her face is lovely and she definitely looks like the actress. The hair is decent quality, too, and not overly gelled.

My biggest surprise when I deboxed her was that she has no wrist articulation. Maybe this has been obvious all along and I just wasn't very observant with the Toy Fair photos and such, but I was surprised. I mean, she's Wonder Woman. This is a movie with a lot of action. She's a superhero. She should have articulated wrists.

Because she lacks the wrist articulation, she doesn't have the slip-on gauntlets like DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman. Hers have big cracks up one side for them to be taken off and put back on. The top of her outfit sits a bit high and her belt also likes to sit too high. I do like the overall design, but a couple little tweaks would have improved it.

Her boots are awesome though! Easy to get on and off and a totally excellent design.

I liked the design of the lasso until I realized one big problem. Look at the back of the doll box. She's holding onto that one little bit hanging off the side. They didn't even make her grasping hand large enough to hold the entire lasso. I mean, you can't hold a lasso like she's doing on the box! Rope does not work that way. Rope also doesn't hang that way with the other bit all defying gravity.

I solved the lasso problem by running her belt through it.

Overall, she's a fun movie doll who resembles the actress and I like the outfit, but she lacks articulation that I think the character should have, she can't properly hold her one accessory, and the outfit pieces don't fit quite right in a couple places. If you want a really good Wonder Woman doll, I recommend skipping the movie lines (unless you specifically want Gal Gadot) and buying the DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman of Themyscira. Way better value for your money!


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