Monday, December 31, 2018

REVIEW: Azone Sahra's a la Mode Maya Cherry Pie

Oh, Azone, you always blow me away. I've been wanting a new Azone doll ever since I got my witch Lien, but they're very pricey and I got swept away by bears instead. Heh. But I've been working hard these past few weeks and I decided to look into them again. My little witches that I love so much are just too much and there's the wait time for shipping from Japan. I located a couple North American sellers and ended up choosing this teeny girl. She's the 1/12 size, which I've never had before, and you would not believe the level of detail packed into this tiny doll.

The Sahra's a la Mode dolls are mini versions of a line that was originally 1/6 scale. They have oversized hands and feet that are a little scaled up, but they mostly look bigger thanks to the shoes.

Maya comes with all these pieces! The detailing on that tiny dress! I mean, wow. There is absolutely no skimping on detail with Azone. Tiny bows, a tiny metal closure on the delivate lace choker, shoe snaps, crisscross shoulder straps that snap into place.

She may be tiny, but you get what you pay for!

And all these hands!

There's a personalized stand, too, which I forgot to take a picture of in my excitement.

All dressed!

And one more hand switch. I love the pinky up on the left hand and the delicate fingers on the right one.

Definitely going to put in at least one pre-order this paycheck. I've got my eye on three pre-order girls and then one more in stock. This series is lovely!


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

NEWS: Hairdorables Series 2

So the Youtube "influencers" have been getting Hairdorables Series 2 and I've compiled the checklist photos for everyone here to see easily.

I'm always so disgusted by how bad a job video reviewers do. Hands in front of the camera, not showing details properly, speeding past important info. How can anyone see anything? Well, now you can without having to pause the video every second.

Hairdorables Series 2 is 26 dolls with 1 super rare and one regular rare. The packaging is primarily pink this time. The characters are all the same.

Let's look at them in alphabetical order.

Bella got two good dolls this time. I love that both are wearing pants. Freestylin' Bella looks to have a new hairdo with two little bun pigtails. Maybe that will end up being the pigtail twists and it's just drawn weird, but it could be something new. Breakdance Bella has a long pony with a couple Sailor Moon buns at the top. I actually like both of these, unlike the first Bellas.

Brit apparently got into the hair dye. She seems to be entirely pink instead of just pink highlights this time. I'm not sure why she's a cheerleader. She should have cheerleaders cheering FOR her. The doll's got some oddly bumpy super ponytail thing going on. Cute, I guess, but this isn't my Brit. Batter Up Brit is better. I like that she's doing a different sport and the fishtail braid works for her.

Cotton Candy DeeDee has some wild hair. I'm not sure if this will be the curly high ponytail or a new version of the same thing. She's so bizarre-looking that I'm curious to see what she really looks like. Delightful DeeDee looks to have super-sized sausage curls and a very colorful outfit. I like all of this except the random visor.

Harmony is one of only two characters with 3 versions.

Open Mic Harmony has the same short hair as first series, but her outfit is so fun that I don't care. I also think she looks amazing with the bob, so they can bring it back as many times as they want. Sing-a-long Harmony has a great outfit AND glasses. Excellent. She has long straight hair, again like Series 1, but the style looks different.

And then there's the incredible Harmonic Harmony, who's the regular rare doll. Of course. I'm going to end up overpaying for her, because she looks EPIC.

Kai had some fashion improvements, which is good. Keyboard Kali has giant curly hair with little buns, which should look awesome, and I do like the overalls. Magnetic Kali looks a lot like Kali Coder, but her outfit looks really cute.

I miss Kat coming with pets. They could have given her a little cat figure for each doll, but I guess the pets will be out at the same time, so that's why not.

Kool Kat is pretty cute, but I can barely see her because I'm staring at Kat-Tastic, who is STUNNING. I love that hairdo! And the outfit, the purse, the headband. She's perfect.

I still love me some Neila. She and Sallee are my favorites.

Night Sky Neila is pretty, but not quite up to her usual standards.

Firefly Neila though! Super cute hair, super cute outfit. I love her!

Noah got some underwhelming dolls. InstaNoah is Noah Knows in different clothes. I mean, that outfit is adorable and I love red, but the hair could have been different. Give her the fishtail braid. And On-the-Go Noah has the same hair as Sk8r Noah. And apparently also a skateboard?

Very unimpressive for the face of the line.

I'm not impressed with either of Rayne's new looks. Did Skylar give her those glasses? The festival one is cute, but honestly, she's one of my least faves in both lines.

And then there's Sallee, who's killing it like always.

She has the same little buns hairstyle as Bella and it looks even cuter on her.

Design By Sallee is so gorgeous! Definitely a top want.

Biggest improvement from Series 1, hands down.

Both Skylars are STUNNING. I cannot gush about these enough, so I'm not going to try.



Want them both right now.

Willow has traded in her horn for a tail. She's moved on from unicorns and her new thing is mermaids. I think this one is really goofy cute.

Fishtail Willow is lovely, too. I like when she goes casual and the braid looks great on her.

Sea Willow is the ultra rare. She does come on a holographic background like Rayne Showers did. she is really underwhelming though. One of the influencers opened her and she's just dull.

So what do you think of Hairdorables second go round? I wish they'd added at least one new character and that some of the girls didn't get repeat hairstyles. They had a good number of styles to work with, so they shouldn't be repeating already.

PHOTO CREDITS: Stills made by a Facebook group member from My Froggy Stuff's video. Then cropped by me.

RANKING: FairyLand Cuties

I've been planning to do a ranking of my FairyLand Cuties for a while, but I'm finally getting around to it.

I had a hard time with some of these, so like most of my rankings, these could change any moment.

Augusta gets last place. She's very cute, but she can't compete with the other pink/blue/purple ones. Her wand is really cool though. I love the flower.

Rosalinda squeaked a little higher than Augusta because she has red hair and a bit of red on her dress.

While I do love green, Mae sits lower because I would have loved to see her with some darker greens, brighter greens. Toys so often just go straight to mint and slightly darker mint. Brown would have been nice, too. Brown eyes, brown accessories. She's spring after all, so make her earthy.

Normally the mostly pink one would be lower on my list, but Petunia has the super cute ponytail and I love the colors on her dress.

Rae made it this high purely because of the Maleficent hair. I love this style. It makes the toy just look fierce as hell. I like her warm color scheme, too, since this dozen is predominantly cool-colored.

I originally thought Flurrie would be much lower, because she doesn't have a ton of detail and she's quite monochromatic, but her blue lips and white hair gave her points enough to put her this high.

Lunara's also got the blue lips. I love her moon theme, although the warm colors on her held her back some. Dark blues, white and yellow should have been her accent tones.

I thought Autumn would be a lot higher, but she's held back by one major thing: she falls over all the time. It's really annoying. The ponytail hairstyle aims to one side and they put her hair accessory and wand on that same side, so she tips over a lot.

I do love her colors though. I'm always a fan of red and orange.

Cute little Creepette! I definitely did not think she'd get ahead of Autumn, but she did. All these darker-themed girls are so cool. Her wand, hair accessory and wings earned her big points.

Lupina is the biggest surprise. She wasn't on my list of ones I was excited for, yet she jumped right into my top fairies when I opened her. The ponytail hair really suits her. She's just adorable.

The top two are impossible to split, so consider them tied.

I love both Briar and Dusky a lot. Briar's skulls and thorns are fab, although I think I would have kept the neon green instead of pale yellow. I love that her hair is darker purple than anyone else's and of course the Maleficent hair goes great with the bat wings.

And then the stunning Dusky. I think her color combo is the best. I love the purple skin with purple lips and eyeshadow. I love the blue hair, too.

I hope these do well enough that we see more of them!


Sunday, December 23, 2018


Yeah, okay, I'm addicted.

A member of the hot toys Facebook group I'm in replied to my post on Cutetitos with...CHEAT CODES!!!!

I grabbed the packaging from mine out of the trash and verified that the numbers matched the ones I had. So it was off to Walmart a second time to see who was left on the shelf.

I came home with these four and now I only need three more!

So we've got Luckito the aqua cat, Frostito the panda, Peppito the chihuahua, and Hoppito the bunny.

All are just as adorable as the rest.

Luckito has a different face than the other two cats, therefore he is my favorite. I love a good smirk.

Hoppito has a cutely ginormous tail. He was initially one of my least faves, but I love him now, too. I love a lot of them equally.

I took some quick shots of their faces.

Sweetito and Pawsito have the same expression. Luckito smirks.

All three have different eye colors (blue, green and purple).

Two green-eyed pups: Bellito and Peppito.

Cheekito the monkey! The only one with a hair tuft.

Hoppito the bunny.

Speedito the pink sloth. I still need the gray one, whose name is unfortunately Despacito. It's a great name for a sloth really, but all I can think of is the stupid song.

Speedito had to help prop up Frostito, who did not want to lift his head enough for his smile to be seen.

I cannot pick a favorite.

I'm repeating this photo to try to show where the cheat codes are. In my eagerness, I opened all my bags without thinking of photographing.

See the orange dog in the upper lefthand corner? That's Fluffito. By Fluffito is a black 5-digit code. It is NOT easy to see at all! This code tells you which toy you have.


17918/34718/33418/32418GC pink cat (rare)
18018/34618/33018GC monkey (rare)
18118/34518/32318GC/32018GC orange dog
18318/33418 pink sloth
18418/34418/32518GC/01515 aqua cat
18518/34118/32618GC panda
18618/34018/31918GC chihuahua
18718/33918/01019 bunny
18818/33818/33118GC/00919 pig
19018/33718/32718GC gray sloth
19118/33318/32818GC orange cat
19218/33218/32118GC brown dog




So now you know how to hack Cutetitos!



Sooooooooo we had to go to Walmart to do a return and guess what they had.

I bought 3, my mom bought 1.

Hers is the brown dog. Not that it's hers, it's mine, but she loves to choose blind things and usually her luck is pretty good.

I opened the sloth, rare purple monkey and a double of the rare hot pink cat.

Methinks they're maybe not that rare.


The sloth doesn't have the cute paw pads the others do, because he has claws on each foot.

He's so cute. I can almost forgive them the too-big ears.

I want more already. Good thing Walmart had a bunch! I'll end up back there after Christmas!


REVIEW: Cutetitos

One of my Flickr friends mentioned these to me and I saw them in Target today when I ducked in after work. There were only two on the shelf, so I got both.

These are $9.99 each and they're made by Basic Fun.

It's a really cute idea. The tortilla wrap is plush and it goes around a plushie character that remains hidden behind foil until you open the package.

Here it is outside the wrapper.

It almost looks real. I'm kinda hungry now.

When you pull the foil off, you get something that looks like the wrapped pink cat on the right. The orange cat is on the unrolled tortilla.

Yeah, I got two cats. Of course. I mean, they're cute, but I would have preferred a different animal type.

They have an embroidered glittery chili pepper on one side of their butts. That's their Hot Spot, which identifies their personality type: Mild, Medium, Hot or Super Spicy!

The tortillas fasten with velcro.

Super cute paw detailing on the back feet.

Little faces! These guys are really soft beanie plush and they're very nicely-made. Even the tortilla is like a high quality tortilla plush. (I know, it sounds weird.)

They're about 6 inches long and then the tortilla is bigger.

Each Cutetito comes with a collector card. I forgot to take a pic of the back, which has art of most of the characters. You can see the actual plush on their website, which I'll link to at the end.

Even though I got two cats, I'm not entirely grumpy about it, because a) they're different, b) they're cute, and mostly c) the hot pink one is a super spicy ultra rare!

There are a buttload of blind-packed toys out right now, but I am truly impressed with these. For $9.99, the same price as a LOL pet, you get a good-sized, nice quality beanie plush toy in a cute wrap that's also a quality piece. I'm planning on ordering some on Amazon, so we'll see who I get next!