Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hallmark is continuing its incredible skill at taking my money by bringing back another beloved 80s line!

This time it's the cute, shirt-clad animals: the Shirt Tales.

I loved Shirt Tales when I was young, though I can't remember as much about it as, say, Get Along Gang. But these are still perfect for tweaking my nostalgia needs.

There are five plush characters offered right now: Tyg the Tiger, Rick the Raccoon, Pammy the Panda, Digger the Mole, and Bogey the Orangutan. These larger 14" plush run $24.95 each.

A bit pricey and I wish they were cheaper, because I want them all! But I'll end up with them all eventually regardless.

Each plush comes wearing a cute t-shirt with the character's name on the front and a message on the back.

Tyg's says "Let's do this."

Rick's says "To the rescue."

Pammy's says "Pretty. Smart."

Digger's says "Diggin' up fun!"

And Bogey's says "Goin' bananas."

Bogey was my childhood favorite and Digger is my adulthood favorite, so those will be the first ones I order. I'd love to get Pammy, too, but ugh, I can't afford $75!

I'm going to check my Hallmark tomorrow, but I doubt they'll be there. I'm still waiting on them to get Puppy Brite in.

Agh, Digger is the cutest!

The Hallmark Shirt Tales line also has a storybook ($9.95), a puzzle ($19.95) and a coloring book ($4.95). All a bit overpriced, in my opinion. I'll probably stand in my store and read the book whenever they get it in.

For the Itty Bitty collectors, there is also a $29.95 set of four. Same characters as the plush, but missing Bogey. Which is funny, because these originally had single Itty Bitty listings on the website and Bogey was one of those, while Digger was not.

I'm super excited for these old 80s characters to be brought back in such high quality plush! I can't wait to hold them!


REVIEW: Shibajuku Girls Wave 3 Yoko

Every time I think I'm done with Shibajuku Girls, they pull me back in.

A little while ago, some listings were found on for new dolls of Yoko, Shizuka and Suki. Then someone in Australia turned up Yoko plus a new Koe and Miki. I think they had Miki anyway, but maybe she was just on the back of the box. Doesn't really matter.

More recently, people have found a new Suki that isn't the one in the Walmart listing, but to be fair, that looked like a badly Photoshopped recolor of her Wave 2 doll.

Well, I popped in Target after work tonight and snatched this little beauty right off the shelf, where she'd been sitting in front waiting for me. The only other new one there was Miki, who I'm not interested in. She looks sporty this time, which is more fitting than her first look.

See? Definitely sporty there on the bottom right.

I really want that purple-haired Koe. Reaaaaaaalllllly waaaaaannnnt!

Shizuka is okay, but a little too toddlerish for me.

But I loved this mint green Yoko from the original Walmart listing and she does not disappoint.

She's back to having blue eyes like her original doll. Her Wave 2 doll has gray eyes.

Her hair is mint green with white streaks. and I swear there's some blue in there, but it could be a trick of the light. My eyes aren't the best.

Her hair is nice, straight and easy to brush. I brushed all my Shibajukus tonight and my original Yoko and Suki are having some tangles, so I'm glad the hair has improved.

Another hair shot. Is there blue? I swear I see blue.

Yoko's wearing black again, so yay. Her cute tee has striped sleeves and the skirt has a checkerboard pattern, which is nice. I'm not sure why her socks have that melting white border. It reminds me of ice cream, but she kinda does on the whole anyway. Mint chocolate chip Yoko.

My only outfit complaint is the shoes. Why can't they make her the mary janes in black? She's had these shoes three times now.

My favorite of her four barrettes is the spiderweb. Miki yanked the crossbones.

The other two are a diamond, which is pretty ugly, and a crowned heart, which I think is quite cute, but doesn't suit any of my six girls. 

My favorite Shibajuku is still Yoko's black and white Wave 2 version, but this Wave 3 is in second place. She's adorable and I'm so glad they had her!

Now I just need that purple Koe! Love those buns.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

REVIEW: Gorjuss White Rabbit

White Rabbit was not initially on my want list. As I crossed more dolls off the list, I contemplated getting her, too, so she wouldn't be the one left out, but I wanted to get Pretend Friend next.

However, as things would have it, I found an American seller with White Rabbit and she made it to me at last today. She got hung up in Christmas mail for quite some time.

White Rabbit is the only Gorjuss to wear pants. She's also the only one without either socks or stockings on. She's just got bare feet under the mary janes.

White Rabbit has much longer hair than my other Gorjuss dolls. It's the same basic style as Toadstools, Ladybird and Little Violet: smoother at the top, then a bunch of layered waves at the bottom. However, White Rabbit's reaches about her knees, while the others are about waist length.

White Rabbit has black hair, like Little Violet and Bluebird's Proposal.

Her outfit is a thick pale blue jacket with white lace cuffs, embroidered blue hearts and two blue heart buttons; a very thin white, short-sleeved shirt with a dark blue bow at the neck; black and white-striped pants with two blue heart buttons by the cuffs; pale blue mary janes, and a golden clock purse.

The purse is the only part I don't care for. The gold sequin strap feels a bit too cheap for Gorjuss's style and the clock face is rather distressed. I think it's on purpose, but I'm honestly not sure. There are several places where the gold of the purse shows through the clock face part and I don't care for it.

I'm glad I was able to get White Rabbit, because she is awfully cute. I hadn't had plans of getting them all, but she found her way home. I really don't like one of the newest two though, so there will be one missing from my set. Right now, I only need three more!


Monday, December 18, 2017

New Fashionistas!

Walmart had a great display of the newest Fashionistas and I adopted these two, then found the Hello Kitty clothes in the stocking stuffer section.

I need to go back for more dolls. I feel the addiction creeping back. I think it was last Christmas that I bought a bunch of these.

Lots more pics in my Flickr:

Friday, December 15, 2017

A Plea to All Adult Collectors

I don't usually use this blog to post my rants, but this one has to be said.

I've seen numerous people complaining about Mattel toys ever since EAH and MH made some more kid-friendly changes.

Well, now the same negativity is infecting DC Superhero Girls. It has been for awhile, but just yesterday, I read the most pompous load I have ever heard come out of a collector and I think a lot of people who constantly spout negativity think this same way.

DCSG is described as an action doll line. They're not fashion dolls. The majority do not have fabric clothing. The upcoming Hawkgirl doll has a yellow torso, not her skintone plus a fabric shirt. This is likely, as I've mentioned before, due to her wing mechanism. She has ENORMOUS plastic wings that will have to fit into her back somehow. A fabric shirt would have had to have a huge gap in the back to fit around the mechanism. I, for one, HATE that and think it was a wiser decision to make her easier to play with by going with the yellow torso.

Recently, a boxed photo of her was added to the Amazon listing and the new complaint from entitled adult collectors is that she "lost" the ribbing on her torso that made it look like a shirt.

That ribbing was never there. It was 'shopped in.

I personally think she looks plenty fine without it, but the whining on one Facebook page was ridiculous.

A father with some sense finally said this: "It's almost as if there are a bunch of people who don't understand that this is a toy meant for little girls who don't care the torso is all one color. My daughter will love it."

Bravo, Dad. Bravo.

You know what the line was that I had the most of as a kid?

She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Dolls with molded on and painted on clothing that had a fabric skirt and maybe a cape, but were meant for heavier action-based play than, say, Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake.

And I didn't care that I couldn't change their clothes. I cared about She-Ra fighting against Catra and many such battles took place in my yard, where fashion dolls would have gotten their fabric dresses dirty and lost tiny high heels. But not She-Ra and her friends! Because they were ACTION DOLLS.

If I could get that as a young child back in the 80s, why can't the twentysomethings get it now?

Now I've kept you waiting for the entitled comment that the smart father I quoted above received. It's a gem.

"Perhaps you don't understand that the doll market relies heavily on the adult collectors for sales support, and that without those sales none of this would get produced in the first place. All these dolls are aimed at adults, either collectors or parents. And most parents, like collectors, want to spend their money on good, quality products for their kids. To get value for their dollar. Clearly you don't understand how the doll market works, or who keeps it going. Thank adult collectors for supporting this line, so your little girl can get these."

Congratulations, buddy. I've been collecting for over thirty years and that is the most entitled, delusional garbage I have ever heard.

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. While there are many adult doll collectors, NEVER EVER have the stupidity to think we constitute a significant portion of sales. We do not. Our purchases are a drop in the bucket.

So that negates the first nonsense statement.

Also, these dolls are not and never will be aimed at adults, so get that out of your mind, too. The only exceptions are the obvious ones like convention and Amazon collectors exclusives. Popular lines like Shoppies and LOL Surprise were not designed with adults in mind.

As for parents wanting quality for their money, that's another load. I'm currently in a Facebook group for popular toys so parents and others can help each other find what they need for fair prices. Those parents don't talk about quality. Their kids want what they want. They want tiny blind box toys where sometimes the rare pieces of itty bitty rubber sell for hundreds of dollars. They want multiple colors of the same electronic monkey that does the same thing as the other colors. They want squishy things and weird babies. They want LOLs whose rubber clothing doesn't even close fully in the back.

Then the idiot goes back to the delusion that adult collectors somehow keep the toy industry going and even has the audacity to tell a father that HE is the reason that the father's little girl can get what she wants.

It is disgusting.

It is fine to be an adult collector. I mean, obviously I think that. I'm 39 and I've been doing this for decades.

However, it is important to remember that with playline, these toys are not and will never be for you. They are not made for you. You do not provide enough sales to matter one little bit. If you did, we'd still have the original Monster High with loads of male dolls and even more detailed characters. Guess what. We don't.

Do not be like this guy. Do not sit so high on your horse that you think you matter at all to the toy companies. You don't. Lay off the negativity for once and let the kids enjoy what they've been looking forward to.

Buy Hawkgirl. Support action dolls. Understand the concept of action dolls. Support a Latina heroine! Support more dolls coming out in this line in the original design style!

Isn't that more important than a scrap of fabric that would have looked terrible on her anyway? If you don't think so, you're in the wrong collecting game. Go spend your money on Hot Toys and get out of here with your entitled, negative bull.

Thursday, December 14, 2017



She doesn't release until April 1st, but there she is to pre-order for $19.99.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

REVIEW: Disney Descendants Dizzy

I didn't know I'd be reviewing a new Descendant anytime soon, but my friend and fellow collector alerted me to her being on Amazon, so here's DIZZY!

Dizzy is, very sadly, only the second new character doll we're getting from Descendants 2.

No Harry.

No Gil.


I'm still mad, y'all.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dizzy and she absolutely deserves a doll and should have been in the original release, but I'm still mad they didn't make Harry, yet we got 2 Bens.


Dizzy is adorable.

They did justice to her outfit, as you can see from the actor photo on the back of her box. I would have liked the little apron, but let's be honest, I would have taken it off her.

Dizzy is paint-splattered from head to toe. Her entire dress and one side of each shoe are covered in paint splotches.

The dress has a really nice cut and it's a good piece that makes up for it being a single dress and not a multi-piece outfit.

Her shoes are neat, too.

I love the mold they used. It looks a lot like the actual costume piece from the movie and I think they're one of the best pairs of shoes in the entire line.

I took three shots of her face so this is gonna look repetitive, but I don't even care. She's so cute.

So this is glasses on, but no headphones.

Dizzy's hair is brown with pink and yellow streaks. It is in regular buns, just with the little poofs sticking out of the middle. It's not like what Mattel did with Masquerade Harley's buns, which is what I initially thought.

Here she is without her glasses. Her glasses are a nice mold and stay on her face perfectly. You can take off the plastic band that holds them down. Her ears are a bit big, so they hold them right in place.

The glasses are pink with some gold paint on the front.

And here she is with all her stuff on.

I love the jewelry piece they chose for her. It's sewn to her dress, so that's not going anywhere. Buuuuuuut I wish she had more. She makes jewelry. She should at least have had one more bracelet.

Now here's where things get baffling.

Dizzy is, according to the Descendants Wiki I just read, a ten-year-old.

Mal is seventeen.


I will never understand why Hasbro didn't make a shorter body for Dizzy, especially because...

They made her a brand new torso!

Granted, this is not your average 10-year-old's torso. She looks more 12 or 13.

But even at that age, she should be much shorter than Mal.

It's not like she was tall in the movie.

I just don't get why they'd spend the money to not only make her a new headmold but also a new torso and yet not just go all the way and scale down the arms and legs to make her a full shorter body.

Dizzy has been asked to Auradon Prep. If the Descendants franchise continues, we'll see her again. There will very likely be another Dizzy in our future, so why not do her right? It's so weird and frustrating.

I do love the doll. She's one of the cuter ones and she's got a nice, fresh design, but she looks odd to me, standing on the shelf just as tall as the other girls when she's still supposed to be a little kid.


REVIEW: Shoppies Pirouetta Amazon Exclusive

Shopkins is one of those lines that people dig up a lot of early images for because things end up on Taobao. Well, this new version of Pirouetta showed up alongside the dolls we currently have on the shelves, yet she kept not coming out. Then finally, she popped up on Amazon.

When she first came out, her retail was around $30. When I got mine, it was in the $24ish area and dropping steadily. I actually bought a warehouse deal doll, which is why there's no boxed pic. It was crushed. And now her price is $17 and change, cheaper than my warehouse one was. (Except I had just gotten a refund on a couple books, so she ended up costing me around ten bucks.)

I think $17 and change is a good price for her. She's a bit more deluxe than the regular series dolls with the tinsel and the purse and the glittery bits.

I hated the first Pirouetta. I thought she was really boring. Now I like her a smidge more, but this version is far better. She's got a nice, soft pink that goes well with Bridie, so the two stand together on my shelf.

Her accessories and Shopkins are all recolors of her original ones.

Pirouetta should be the last new Shoppie until the new pet series comes out. I'm not sure how many of those I'll be buying. I haven't seen many exciting ones yet.


Monday, December 11, 2017

MONTH IN REVIEW: October & November 2017

I'm behind a couple months, so let's get caught up. October and November were a bit crazy for me work-wise and then I went on vacation, so I just now realized I was behind.

I love Build-a-Bear's Halloween lines and this year, I added Skeleteddy to my little collection. He's easily my fave of the ones I have. He's super adorable and super soft.

October brought a few new Shoppies and I reviewed Blossom Apples, Melodine and Rosa PiƱata.

I also did reviews for DCSG 18" Harley and Masquerade Harley and Starfire, Descendants disappointing Target exclusive Mal, Monster High ballerina Cleo, and some of the long thought lost new EAH dolls.

Charlie Bears-wise, October brought several. I got a whopping four at once from my stockist. Tiny brown Dave and purple Brat were pre-orders, but I also picked up gray bunny Dusk and then big guy Curly, who I got for about $15 after my rewards money came off.

Firecracker, an older bear from my wish list, appeared from a US seller on ebay in early October and I scooped her up.

My Gorjuss collection grew by one when I was able to order Ladybird at last. She's currently my favorite of the five I have.

I really want more of these girls, but I don't think I'll be able to swing another before the year ends. Maybe in January!

I went into Booksamillion shortly before Halloween and was surprised to see new Disney Princess Funko-style plush. I had Mulan from Walmart for awhile, but I practically squealed when I saw Jasmine, who's my favorite of the bigger name princesses, and then I grabbed the only Pocahontas, too.

Arriving in the mail that day was my Mameshiba Sit dog. I love this toy a lot, because he's adorable, but also his fur is really silky.

I need to get more Amuse plush. I have one alpaca, two bunnies, two cats and a hamster aside from this guy.

So popular toys.

I managed to get all the little Pikmi Pops plush I wanted, but when I saw the big bunny in TRU and I had a rewards coupon, I couldn't resist picking him up for cheap.

I fell into the Fingerlings craze a little, thanks to my love of sloths, and I now own both Kingsley the sloth and Finn the black monkey. They're cute and they do a ton for only $14.99, but I think two is enough for me.

LOL-wise, I picked up Glitter series Diva, the only one I really wanted, then managed to get most of the pets. Only the hamsters and Crystal Bunny to go.

Early November brought another new bear: Scrabble. She's my most recent one so far, but that will soon change. I have one coming in the mail right now and another two on pre-order that should arrive soon.

November also brought more reviews for Barbie, Enchantimals and FlipZee.

My area got its first Home Goods store and wow, is that place ever impressive. So much stuff crammed in there! I liked the plush selection and adopted this African wild dog.

I also got back into Squishable a little. I try to do Squish Swap every year and this year my gift was the Happy Bat. Then I bought the Starry Bunny off Amazon.

And finally, the new Equestria Girls rounded out November. I didn't pick up Rarity and Pinkie until early December, but the first three were November. No idea when Rainbow Dash is coming though! So weird.

December will mostly hold bears, although I do have two doll reviews planned for later this week. One of them should have been today, but Amazon is being slow with my package. Grr.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

REVIEW: Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie & Rarity

Welp, I'm home from vacation a bit early, and went out to get my Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Rainbow Dash remains not in stock, but I expected that because you can't even order her on

I was excited to get these two, because Pinkie's got the cute smiling mold and Rarity's one of my fave characters.

Pinkie and the earlier releases are on sale right now for $7.99, but Rarity for some reason is not. I wasn't going to argue, since she's full price on the website, so I paid the regular price for her.

Pinkie, as I mentioned, has a different headmold with a sculpted smiling mouth. I think it's really cute and suits her well. I'm glad she's the only one with it, because I don't think it would work on any of the other main cast. Supporting cast, yes, but mains, not so much.

Pinkie wears a white tank top with balloons and a separate pink ruffled skirt. She has two translucent blue bracelets and cute wedge sandals.

I don't have a close up of Pinkie, because the one I took focused in the wrong spot. I normally take multiple shots, but my battery was dying, so I was pressed for time.

But hey, there are the shoes.

Pinkie wears pink lipstick and her eyeshadow is light blue fading into pink.

Rarity! I love my girl. I don't have one fave Mane Six. I have two. Both Twilight and Rarity. Cannot pick between them.

Rarity is her fashionable self in this lovely dress. This is not a top and skirt, but full dress. The top part is light blue with silver diamond print and the bottom is a lovely purple hobble skirt. Rarity wears a purple belt, gold necklace and one gold cuff bracelet. Then she's got her pretty purple heels.

Rarity wears light blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick.

While I do love both of these dolls, I am disappointed in their hair. The promo images had curls for both, so while I didn't expect the ringlets in those photos, I did expect hair like Sunset Shimmer's. But no. Pinkie's is about the same quality as Fluttershy's. It's all right, but if there's one character who needs curls, it's Pinkie not Sunset. Rarity's is more the quality of Sunset's, but lacks the curls. I don't mind her lack of them as much.

These two, Twilight and Fluttershy are all getting some salon time right now, being nicely conditioned. We'll see how their hair comes out after that. Twilight easily has the worst of the six, so on the suggestion of one of my best friends, she might be getting a braid if the salon doesn't tame her.

Still, we're talking $9.99 dolls here, most of which I've gotten for $7.99. They're still fabulous for the price! I hope Rainbow comes in soon.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog and Peeki Parrot

I got these two from a friend, which I'm thankful for, because Hixby sold out at my TRU.

Hixby Hedgehog is the first male Enchantimal! And he's got adorable red glasses.

I mean, honestly, he's kind of what if Dexter Charming was a hedgehog person, but that works in his favor.

Hixby's entire outfit is molded/painted on, except his vest. Probably a wise decision, because I think it looks better that way.

My favorite thing about Hixby is not him, it's his pet. A freakin' hedgehog with tiny glasses. Come on! You gotta love it.

Peeki is prettier than I gave her credit for. I wasn't initially very interested in her, but she fits in very nicely with the peacock and flamingo girls. 

Her little capelet thingy is cute, too. 

And the parrot is also cute, although we do not speak his name here. It's a horrible name. 

My Peeki's eyes seem a little sad and I think it's because Mattel chose a terrible name for her pet. So I'm renaming him Beaky, because Peeki and Beaky, why not?

Once I get more funds, I'll probably pick up Sandella and Preena's playsets, so more Enchantimals to come. Eventually!


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

REVIEW: Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Applejack

If you had told me a month ago that Equestria Girls would be making me this excited, I would have laughed.

Well-played, Hasbro. Well-played.

I got lucky and stumbled upon the other 3 current EqG new releases on a day when the dolls are all only $7.49 on! I price-matched and brought these three home for $24 and some change.

The box backs have different photos than Sunset's, which is cool. I didn't expect that.

I opened Applejack first, so let's look at her.

Applejack's blonde hair is pulled into a side ponytail that includes the little braided bit, too. I don't really care for this, as it's not her animated hairstyle, so I played around with it.

Her outfit is a white t-shirt with green and white-striped sleeves and a metallic apple on the front. She pairs it with a dark denim skirt with a cute ruffle at the bottom and printed stitching details, a red rubber belt, and brown cowboy boots with a lot of details.

I do think she should have skipped the belt and come with her hat!

I pulled her hair loose and brushed it. It's not quite the same nice, silky quality as Sunset Shimmer's. A bit more dry, especially at the ends. But it's far from horrible.

The one front piece is in a little twist.

I think she looks cute with her hair down. For some reason, she gives me 80s girl series vibes. Think BSC Dawn and the Wakefield twins. I dunno. I'm odd.

The style I ended up with for her mimics her animated hairstyle. It's a ponytail, but tied off very low.

Applejack wears light pink eyeshadow and has the same sass brows as Sunset. Her lipstick is also pink, but a few shades darker. She has a smattering of freckles across her face.

I really love this Applejack doll. AJ's not one of my favorite characters, but I think this doll captures her very well and makes her very appealing.

Fluttershy is kind of a sleeper character for me. She's like Flora from Winx Club. I didn't care for her at first, but over time, she grew to be a favorite. Fluttershy's currently my 3rd favorite on the show, after Twilight and Rarity, who are always tied. Not including Sunset though. She'd knock Fluttershy down to 4th.

Anyway, the Fluttershy doll is gorgeous! Her yellow skin is decidedly pastel, but still bright and matches perfect with her pink hair.

Her eyeshadow blends from yellow to pink and she wears pink lipstick.

I wanted her hair loose, since that's the way the character wears it. As with Sunset, I left the one little lock tied down.

And as with Applejack, the hair quality isn't quite as good as Sunset's. Hers is a little dry at the ends, too. Sunset doesn't have that. I'll be curious to see how the quality is on Rarity and Pinkie, who have curlier, bouncier hair more like Sunset's.

Fluttershy wears a printed dress in a soft greenish-blue shade mixed with white. The straps on the dress are light pink and so is the detailing at the hem. Three pink glitter butterflies are on the right side of the skirt. She wears a pink rubber belt, too.

Fluttershy's shoes are a bit wild. They're basically gladiator sandals made from transparent pink rubber with glitter in it. There are bows at the top of the "laces" and butterflies on the front. The strange thing about them is that they're not wedges, like I expected. They have a very short heel and are meant to be flats, but due to the perma-heel doll feet, she looks fairly unusual perched forever on her toes.

I adore the Fluttershy doll. She's got a little goddess vibe going on with the flowy dress and hair and the sandals. Love it!

Twilight was my original favorite and still is one of my top two. She's one of the dolls I was most looking forward to getting and she doesn't disappoint.

Twilight has purpley-pink skin in a lightish shade. I think she could have been a bit darker, but Applejack seems a bit light, too, so it's not just Twilight.

Her hair is mostly a lovely navy blue blended with black, but it has one streak of purple and one streak of darker pink running through it, including the bangs.

Twilight has pale blue eyeshadow and her lipstick is a similar dark pink to her hair streak and bow.

She wears cute black plastic glasses.

Twilight's dress has a lighter blue sleeveless top with purple zigzag stripes and a white collar made from a vinyl material. The pink plastic bow is like a necklace and slides on under the collar. Her skirt is a stiffer, shinier material that flares out nicely. It's dark purple with her cutie mark print.

Twilight's shoes are wedge loafers over molded socks.

And look, even $9.99 dolls can have prints that run all the way around the dress!

Crazy, right?

Poor Twilight has the worst hair quality of the four dolls I have. It's dry all the way through. Still not horrid though and a million times better than the terrible hair on some of the early Descendants dolls.

I'll try to report back on how these three new girls look once they've had some salon time. I'm planning on bringing all four Equestria Girls with me on vacation this weekend, so I don't want to spend time on their hair now when they'll be travelling in a box not too long from now!

Overall, my love for this line continues. I think the faces are beautiful and capture the characters very well. The quality level for $9.99 (or $7.49 on sale!!!) is really mind-blowing compared to what other companies are doing for the same prices right now.

I'm crossing my fingers that the remaining three will be in TRU on Friday before I go! I'd love to take the whole gang with me, although they're not even on yet, so we'll see.

Oh, and I totally forgot. I thought these would have case assortments, but my mom (who's the one that saw and bought them) said there were two cases worth of Twilight (so 12) and one case of each of the others (6 each). It appears they are cased individually by character!