Tuesday, December 26, 2017

REVIEW: Gorjuss White Rabbit

White Rabbit was not initially on my want list. As I crossed more dolls off the list, I contemplated getting her, too, so she wouldn't be the one left out, but I wanted to get Pretend Friend next.

However, as things would have it, I found an American seller with White Rabbit and she made it to me at last today. She got hung up in Christmas mail for quite some time.

White Rabbit is the only Gorjuss to wear pants. She's also the only one without either socks or stockings on. She's just got bare feet under the mary janes.

White Rabbit has much longer hair than my other Gorjuss dolls. It's the same basic style as Toadstools, Ladybird and Little Violet: smoother at the top, then a bunch of layered waves at the bottom. However, White Rabbit's reaches about her knees, while the others are about waist length.

White Rabbit has black hair, like Little Violet and Bluebird's Proposal.

Her outfit is a thick pale blue jacket with white lace cuffs, embroidered blue hearts and two blue heart buttons; a very thin white, short-sleeved shirt with a dark blue bow at the neck; black and white-striped pants with two blue heart buttons by the cuffs; pale blue mary janes, and a golden clock purse.

The purse is the only part I don't care for. The gold sequin strap feels a bit too cheap for Gorjuss's style and the clock face is rather distressed. I think it's on purpose, but I'm honestly not sure. There are several places where the gold of the purse shows through the clock face part and I don't care for it.

I'm glad I was able to get White Rabbit, because she is awfully cute. I hadn't had plans of getting them all, but she found her way home. I really don't like one of the newest two though, so there will be one missing from my set. Right now, I only need three more!


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