Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hallmark is continuing its incredible skill at taking my money by bringing back another beloved 80s line!

This time it's the cute, shirt-clad animals: the Shirt Tales.

I loved Shirt Tales when I was young, though I can't remember as much about it as, say, Get Along Gang. But these are still perfect for tweaking my nostalgia needs.

There are five plush characters offered right now: Tyg the Tiger, Rick the Raccoon, Pammy the Panda, Digger the Mole, and Bogey the Orangutan. These larger 14" plush run $24.95 each.

A bit pricey and I wish they were cheaper, because I want them all! But I'll end up with them all eventually regardless.

Each plush comes wearing a cute t-shirt with the character's name on the front and a message on the back.

Tyg's says "Let's do this."

Rick's says "To the rescue."

Pammy's says "Pretty. Smart."

Digger's says "Diggin' up fun!"

And Bogey's says "Goin' bananas."

Bogey was my childhood favorite and Digger is my adulthood favorite, so those will be the first ones I order. I'd love to get Pammy, too, but ugh, I can't afford $75!

I'm going to check my Hallmark tomorrow, but I doubt they'll be there. I'm still waiting on them to get Puppy Brite in.

Agh, Digger is the cutest!

The Hallmark Shirt Tales line also has a storybook ($9.95), a puzzle ($19.95) and a coloring book ($4.95). All a bit overpriced, in my opinion. I'll probably stand in my store and read the book whenever they get it in.

For the Itty Bitty collectors, there is also a $29.95 set of four. Same characters as the plush, but missing Bogey. Which is funny, because these originally had single Itty Bitty listings on the website and Bogey was one of those, while Digger was not.

I'm super excited for these old 80s characters to be brought back in such high quality plush! I can't wait to hold them!



  1. As a fan of Enchantimals art and Equestia Girls art (see my comment on the latest Equestia), I'm just content to look at that and let the dolls proper be for the little girls.

    (You yourself also said you prefered the box art to the Enchantimals.) I'd much rather just download art from the websits of the if I were a little girl, things might be diff..

    1. Shirt Tales are and have always been for everyone. They're not a gendered property.