Monday, December 11, 2017

MONTH IN REVIEW: October & November 2017

I'm behind a couple months, so let's get caught up. October and November were a bit crazy for me work-wise and then I went on vacation, so I just now realized I was behind.

I love Build-a-Bear's Halloween lines and this year, I added Skeleteddy to my little collection. He's easily my fave of the ones I have. He's super adorable and super soft.

October brought a few new Shoppies and I reviewed Blossom Apples, Melodine and Rosa PiƱata.

I also did reviews for DCSG 18" Harley and Masquerade Harley and Starfire, Descendants disappointing Target exclusive Mal, Monster High ballerina Cleo, and some of the long thought lost new EAH dolls.

Charlie Bears-wise, October brought several. I got a whopping four at once from my stockist. Tiny brown Dave and purple Brat were pre-orders, but I also picked up gray bunny Dusk and then big guy Curly, who I got for about $15 after my rewards money came off.

Firecracker, an older bear from my wish list, appeared from a US seller on ebay in early October and I scooped her up.

My Gorjuss collection grew by one when I was able to order Ladybird at last. She's currently my favorite of the five I have.

I really want more of these girls, but I don't think I'll be able to swing another before the year ends. Maybe in January!

I went into Booksamillion shortly before Halloween and was surprised to see new Disney Princess Funko-style plush. I had Mulan from Walmart for awhile, but I practically squealed when I saw Jasmine, who's my favorite of the bigger name princesses, and then I grabbed the only Pocahontas, too.

Arriving in the mail that day was my Mameshiba Sit dog. I love this toy a lot, because he's adorable, but also his fur is really silky.

I need to get more Amuse plush. I have one alpaca, two bunnies, two cats and a hamster aside from this guy.

So popular toys.

I managed to get all the little Pikmi Pops plush I wanted, but when I saw the big bunny in TRU and I had a rewards coupon, I couldn't resist picking him up for cheap.

I fell into the Fingerlings craze a little, thanks to my love of sloths, and I now own both Kingsley the sloth and Finn the black monkey. They're cute and they do a ton for only $14.99, but I think two is enough for me.

LOL-wise, I picked up Glitter series Diva, the only one I really wanted, then managed to get most of the pets. Only the hamsters and Crystal Bunny to go.

Early November brought another new bear: Scrabble. She's my most recent one so far, but that will soon change. I have one coming in the mail right now and another two on pre-order that should arrive soon.

November also brought more reviews for Barbie, Enchantimals and FlipZee.

My area got its first Home Goods store and wow, is that place ever impressive. So much stuff crammed in there! I liked the plush selection and adopted this African wild dog.

I also got back into Squishable a little. I try to do Squish Swap every year and this year my gift was the Happy Bat. Then I bought the Starry Bunny off Amazon.

And finally, the new Equestria Girls rounded out November. I didn't pick up Rarity and Pinkie until early December, but the first three were November. No idea when Rainbow Dash is coming though! So weird.

December will mostly hold bears, although I do have two doll reviews planned for later this week. One of them should have been today, but Amazon is being slow with my package. Grr.


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