Wednesday, December 13, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Pirouetta Amazon Exclusive

Shopkins is one of those lines that people dig up a lot of early images for because things end up on Taobao. Well, this new version of Pirouetta showed up alongside the dolls we currently have on the shelves, yet she kept not coming out. Then finally, she popped up on Amazon.

When she first came out, her retail was around $30. When I got mine, it was in the $24ish area and dropping steadily. I actually bought a warehouse deal doll, which is why there's no boxed pic. It was crushed. And now her price is $17 and change, cheaper than my warehouse one was. (Except I had just gotten a refund on a couple books, so she ended up costing me around ten bucks.)

I think $17 and change is a good price for her. She's a bit more deluxe than the regular series dolls with the tinsel and the purse and the glittery bits.

I hated the first Pirouetta. I thought she was really boring. Now I like her a smidge more, but this version is far better. She's got a nice, soft pink that goes well with Bridie, so the two stand together on my shelf.

Her accessories and Shopkins are all recolors of her original ones.

Pirouetta should be the last new Shoppie until the new pet series comes out. I'm not sure how many of those I'll be buying. I haven't seen many exciting ones yet.


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