Sunday, October 28, 2018

REVIEW: Rainbocorns Hipity

Say hello to one of this holiday's "hot" toys!

I'm in a toy group on FB that's a lot of parents of younger kids, so I tend to know what people are after. These Rainbocorns were blowing up not long before the hurricane. People were buying stores out of them, which is a little surprising considering they're $24.99 each. Parents were sharing lists of which colors go to which animals inside. They were putting up Amazon and Target links whenever they became available.

Normally, I can skip the current hot toy, with the exception of LOL Surprise, but these guys are really cute and I decided I needed the hot pink bunny. I was never able to order one before the hurricane and my stores didn't have any. So I was pretty surprised to see two in Target today. They weren't there before, so a bunch of toys must have gotten put out today.

I carried the pair up to the front, looking for my mom to help me pick. I only remembered the horn/heart color combo for the pink bunny, so I knew it wasn't one of the ones I had, but I didn't know which ones they were.

If you haven't seen these, they're in a giant pink plastic egg with a plastic unicorn horn on it. The horn and heart on one of mine were purple, whereas the other had a blue heart and gold horn.

While I was showing them to my mom, a nice lady saw them and asked what they were. I explained they were one of the new hot toys for Christmas and she expressed interest. I told her they sold out really fast and these were the only two back there, so I let her pick one, because I wouldn't have bought both anyway. She took the blue heart egg, leaving me with the purple, which is probably the one I would have picked anyway.

I couldn't resist opening the egg when I got in the car, which is why there are no pics of it. I saw white fur and knew it was either the bunny or unicorn. I was thrilled to see the bunny. Both bunnies are the cutest, in my opinion. And based on my research, the blue heart one was the yellow monkey, so thank you, lady, for choosing the one I wouldn't have wanted to keep!

These guys are big. I don't have a ruler on me, but they're definitely not the smaller size I pictured in my head. I'm thinking 9 or 10 inches.

So you snap the sequin heart off the front of the big pink plastic egg container and it snaps into the belly of the plush. The sequins move, so you have two color choices: the main solid color from the outside of the egg or the little symbol you can see in the first picture. Hipity's is a pink ice cream cone.

Each Rainbocorn has a horn, rainbow floof hair and a pair of wings.

Gah, I love that cute bunny tail!

Hipity has blue metallic material for his wings, arms and legs, while purple lines his ears.

I love his glittery blue eyes and the tongue sticking out face. Each of the pair of animals has a different expression.

Each Rainbocorn also comes with a tiny figure called, for some reason, a Booboocorn.

I'm guessing the type of animal is matched to the plush. Mine is a transparent blue bunnycorn with a shiny purple layer of paint. It's got a hole in the bottom, too, so it can be used as a pencil topper.

There are several different varients of the Booboocorns. The pamphlet says there are 22 to collect.

If you're interested in Rainbocorns, I recommend heading to Amazon right now. A lot of them are currently in stock for $24.99. I was able to order my hot pink bunny for $6.66 after my gift card. when he arrives, I can do a full review with opening details.

As I said, I'm not usually a big fan of the current hot toys, but these are definitely cute, fun and cuddly.


REVIEW: Battat Glitter Girls V1 Poppy and Sarinia

 Kani got two new friends today!

Poppy (redhead) and Sarinia (brunette) were part of the original Glitter Girls line up.

These girls have completely different heads and their limbs are not poseable.

I found them at Marshall's. I wish they'd had more! Sarinia was on clearance for $10, while Poppy was full price at $14.99. Had the store been less busy, I might have asked why they both weren't clearanced, but I didn't want to hold up the line.

Poppy is really cute. She's got a bit of young Sansa from Game of Thrones going on. The hair on these girls is thick and silky.

Poppy's wearing a pale blue tunic with some weird peach fringe on the sleeves. She's got white stretch pants like all my girls do, amusingly. And her sneakers are glittery on the blue part.

Poppy's possibly the only girl that I think is cuter with this earlier face. The newer version of her with round eyes isn't as flattering, I don't think, because her eyes are so light and they look odd.

Poppy's hair is pulled back a little and I'm leaving it that way.

It's pretty shade of red and gently wavy.

I'm glad she was still at the store. It's right across the street and when we went there earlier this week, they had one of her and two Sarinia. One of the Sarinias was sold, so I had fears they'd taken Poppy, too, but she was still there.

Sarinia has long dark brown hair that's thick and wild. It gets in her face a lot, so I kept having to scoot it away from her eyes.

The right side of her hair was originally pulled back with a glittery pink bow, but these dolls aren't packaged with any protection. They're just on a cardboard liner in a cardboard box with no plastic over the doll herself. So they tend to get a little messy. Or at least Sarinia did. The pulled back side of her hair was messed up and I ended up removing the bow. It's on a teeny tiny plastic band and there's no way I'm going to be able to restyle it into her hair without messing it up. So it's staying off.

The hem of her shirt likes to curl up, too, and I had to trim some of the lining to make it lie a little better.

Sarinia wears a white tunic with pink stripes that's gathered at the waist. Then she's got white stretch pants and the cutest magenta glitter boots. Love the boots! The rest of her outfit is just okay compared to a lot of the other girls', but those boots make up for it a bit.

If you like these girls, check your Marshall's. Possibly TJ Maxx and Home Goods, since they're all linked, but I've only heard Marshall's so far. I don't think the newer-faced dolls would be there, but the older ones definitely might.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

REVIEW: Battat Glitter Girls Kani

Hey, hey, it's me! I made it through the hurricane, although my mom and I have been displaced now as our entire complex will be condemned. We're currently in a motel in North Carolina and will be looking into apartments soon.

If you want to see pics from the aftermath, check out my Flickr:

I thought it would restore some normalcy to do a doll review. I ordered this Glitter Girls Kani by Battat from Amazon shortly before the storm. She was in Tuesday's mail the day before the hurricane hit, but the carriers didn't deliver packages that day. However, I did get my 3 things from that mail delivery a week later. Nothing else has come in though, because the whole area is short of mail employees right now. I put in a change of address, so hopefully my other packages are forwarded to me soon.

Anyway, let's look at Kani. She's part of the second incarnation of Glitter Girls. They're 14" dolls made by Battat. The first version had 6 different characters. The newer versions have different faces with these larger round eyes, and their arms and legs are bendable. The original 6 girls were rereleased with the same clothing but the new faces and bodies, and then 6 additional characters were added. Kani was one of them.

The original 6 girls are available on Amazon for $19.99 each, while the 12 newer ones with poseable limbs are $20.95. There are also loads of outfits and accessories for either $9.95 or $12.95.

Kani can sit, but not with her legs straight out. She looks better standing.

Her hair is silky and nice, although she's got the bangs problem a lot of dolls with these bangs have. They like to stick out more than lie flat. I use her headband to hold them flatter to her forehead. I may wet them and then use the headband to flatten them and hope they dry that way, but I haven't done that yet.

I like Kani's big brown eyes. She's really cute. I think she's supposed to be the Asian Glitter Girl.

Kani can bend her arms and legs, as well as them having the typical shoulder and hip joints. It's not the prettiest bend. It reminds me of the old Winx Club Mattel dolls and their bendy limbs. But it's still kind of neat to have a bigger doll like this with this poseability.

Kani also has something I've never seen before. She's got a fabric laundry tag sticking out of her plastic torso. It's really weird!

Unfortunately, my Hearts For Hearts Girls are all packed in storage, except for Mosi, who's buried at the bottom of the small plastic bin of favorite dolls I brought with me. So I can't do any body comparisons, but I think others have.

Kani's outfit is nicely made. Her shirt is a neat material and I like that it's not velcro across the back. It opens with a cute zipper with a heart-shaped pull. Her pants are a cute print, too. The thing I like least is the glitter-encrusted shoes. They're cute, but a lot of the other shoes in this line are cuter.

The wild print and bold colors make me think of this as an outfit a young Claudia Kishi might wear.

I really like Kani and I want more of these, but I can't order anything online until I get my own address back again. I'm hoping the Target across the street that I'm going to tomorrow has some. Then maybe I'll bring another girl or two home! I can't buy a lot right now until I have income again, but I'm allowing myself a couple small purchases to reward myself for keeping it together through all of this.

PHOTO CREDITS: Mine. Shot in the motel! Lovely decor. Ha!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


As I live in Panama City, we're probably less than 12 hours away from getting hit by hurricane Michael. Most people in my area have chosen to stay, as we're not in a storm surge/mandatory evac zone.

But I will likely be without power for who knows how long. I'm hoping a day or so. Tops. But I'm not sure.

So I will be back when I'm able to get online again!

Let's get my place protected from the storm, okay, Stormy?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

REVIEW: Boxy Girls Big Box

I found the Boxy Girls Big Box at Walmart while doing a supply run today. This box costs $29.94 and contains 2 dolls and a load of surprises.

The outer box is super cute and I kept it to keep my Boxy Girls stuff in.

Inside are two smaller boxes.

Each contains a doll, who's in an odd sitting pose. She's held down by two plastic tabs. One goes across her calves, which you can see. The other is across her waist and that one was much harder to cut.

The doll is wearing a simple cheap cloth piece with a spot of velcro on it. It looks like a towel wrapped around her coming out of the bath or shower.

The other tray in the box contains 3 big boxes and 10 smaller ones.

The brunette doll is named Everly. She's pretty cute, but I'm not sure why they did a second green-eyed brunette. She's different from Brooklyn, but not that different. Why not do a redhead or give this girl brown or blue eyes?

Her hair is pulled back in a little ponytail and she's got face-framing bangs.

I started opening boxes and I was surprised how many of them were the same things I already owned.

Black boots, Willa's brown shoes, headphones, sunglasses, hairclip, blue necklace and bracelet, charm bracelet, green earrings, hoop earrings and lipstick.

Why didn't they do recolors? That's just not smart.

Everly's dress is super cute. I do love that and it's new.

However, notice something about her?


These dolls are blind-packed so you can't check for stuff like this. I wrote the company a complaint about it. $30 and a defective doll? Nope.

Aside from the dress, these are her new pieces.

I love the fries purse and the disco ball purse. The shoes are cute. The tiara I don't care about, but kids would like it probably.

I hoped I'd have better luck with Stevie, this lavender-haired beauty.

She has really nice hair, although I'll  likely give her a condition at some point to get the box ponytail kinks out of it.

At least she has proper hands.

I adore gray eyes and you do not see them nearly enough in dolls!

Stevie's my new second fave after Riley.

Stevie had repeat pieces, too.

Riley's headphones with cat ears, the green present purse, the shell purse, silver sneakers, gold bracelet, star earrings, tassel earrings and feather earrings.

But she came with more new pieces than Everly did.

The strappy gold sandals are lovely and I adore the strawberry and cherry earrings. The tiny cassette tape purse is cute. Even the brush is cute. The red shoes with gold "bows" are also adorable and then you realize those aren't bows, but farfalle (AKA: bow tie) pasta!

Why farfalle? Because the outfit she came with is totally food-themed. I decided it was too much for Stevie, who seems a bit more elegant, and put this goofy thing on Everly.

It's a pizza skirt, a white tank with a smiling soda cup on it and the farfalle shoes. I added the hoop earrings and fries purse.

The pizza skirt is twisted sideways to give it an asymmetrical look, mostly because if you leave it on correctly, it sticks up so much you can see her panties.

Riley claimed the cherry earrings. They suit her perfectly!

Brooklyn got Everly's dress and the strawberry earrings.

Willa modeled the new aqua shoes. I put her back in her brown ones though.

These are cute, but the brown are better.

I gave Stevie this dress I already had, the gold shoes she came with, the charm bracelet (turned into a necklace), and the disco ball purse.

And then I added the cassette tape purse, too, because both are so cute!

Here's a pic of Brooklyn and Everly together.

You can see they have different-colored green eyes and different makeup.

I actually think Everly's the cuter one.

So is the $30 box worth it? If you're a big Boxy Girls fan, I think it's worth it. I really love my Stevie doll and Everly's nice, too. I would have bought them both if they'd been sold separately, which would have also cost $30. I do wish they'd come with more clothing pieces and less repeats of stuff I already owned. And I really wish Everly wasn't defective! I hope the company can send me a left hand for her or something.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

REVIEW: Marvel Rising Secret Identity Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl!

The deluxe Secret Identity Squirrel Girl is a Target exclusive. She costs $29.99 because unlike the other Secret ID dolls, she has the proper elbow and wrist articulation of the sig dolls.

There were 7 of these when my mom was just at Target, so I'm thinking 4 per case.

Doreen actually moved up to second favorite after Kamala after watching the movie on Sunday and her doll is appropriately also my second favorite. Or maybe favorite. Like she seriously is that cute.

Back of the box.

I do hope to see more Secret ID dolls because I like their casual outfits. Kinda wish they'd just made it a separate line if they were going to skimp on articulation.

Apologies for the weird angle here, but my other shots of this outfit did not come out as well.

She's so damn cute! I love this whole outfit.

The vest and shirt are one piece, but the detailing on them and the pants is nice. The boots and hat are great. I love the little bag.

Here's the back.

Her hair seems nicer than the other girls'. I think it's still nylon, but it just feels better.

Here she is in her hero outfit. I haven't seen the signature, so I'm not sure if this is the same outfit or not. I want to say it is, but I'm not sure.

This is cute, even though it's a single piece. I can see where they cut corners a little on the outfit when she comes with Tippy Toe, her giant tail and her ear headband.

Her tail pops securely into a hole on her back. You can easily rotate it out of the way when you're dressing her and you need to close or open the velcro.

Tippy Toe sits pretty securely on her arm, too.

I tried to get a photo of it, but none of them came out, but my favorite detail about her is...she has buck teeth. Her front teeth are actually defined in her mouth. Not severely, but it is there.

She's got the cutest little face and I love that they did so many different body types with this line.

These poor dolls. I swear, this is the last time I'm undressing them all!

So as you can see, the only body repeats are Ghost Spider and Quake. Everyone else is different. And Doreen is tiny!


REVIEW: Marvel Rising Signature Ghost Spider

Ghost Spider finally appeared at Target, too.

Admittedly, she's not one I was wanting as much as the other girls. I like all of them better than her. I still like all of them better than her. But that doesn't mean she's not a neat doll.

I have no interest in the Secret Identity dolls with their lack of articulation for $24.99. I opted to go with this one and if they ever put the Secret IDs on clearance, then Gwen can have her rockstar outfit.

I believe Ghost Spider and Squirrel Girl come two per case in their assortment. Honestly a bit surprised they didn't go with Kamala and Squirrel Girl in the same case, because Kamala was decidedly the main character of Sunday's movie. Ghost Spider wasn't even in it, though she's slated for the second special.

The mask is really, really cool-looking. It's on an elastic strap, so it's easy to put on. There are three big problems though. First, her hair sticks out the back of the hood. Second, the outside of the hood is not white. It's just the inside-out of the webbed material. It looks really stupid. Third, the hood doesn't like to stay down over the mask like it should be in the art.

I wish they'd opted for interchangeable heads. There's really no reason she and Patriot couldn't have had them.

Without her mask, Gwen looks a bit washed out. I think the lip color is a little too light for her.

Her hair is pretty nice and I like the pink layer.

See what I mean about the hood? It doesn't look right.

Of all the dolls, I think she has the weakest outfit because this hood mess is just bad.

I do like her. I always love the web-shooting gesture so that hand is really cute. Her boots are awesome. Her costume is awesome except for the hood. She's just got some stiff competition.