Wednesday, May 29, 2019

REVIEW: Hairdorables Series 3 Part 1

I have not found these in stores yet, but I could not resist some great deals from Facebook, so I ended up with 10 of the 12 new dolls bought from there. Only Rayne Coat and Whirling Willow to go! I don't have Harmony or Sallee in hand yet, as they only just shipped today, but they'll be part 2 of this review. 

As discussed in a previous post, only 12 of the Series 3 dolls are out right now: 9 signatures and 1 from each of the 3 subsets. 

I don't have the box, which means I can't go over that part, and I don't care about the hair stuff, so that's only going to get brief mentions. I'm in this for the basic dolls really. 

So let's do the 9 signatures in the order they are on the checklist!

First up is Bella of the Ball. Now in Series 1, Bella was one of my least favorites. Her dolls seemed too little kid-ish compared to a lot of the others. Aside perhaps from Royal Bella, who I never got. 

This changed with Series 2, when Bella actually became one of my top girls. I mean, she's never going to topple Neila, Sallee and Harmony, but she's up there in the top secondary tier with Willow now. 

Bella of the Ball continues her newfound higher ranking. This might be my favorite Bella yet. I love the dress. I love the shoes. I love the simple side ponytail and her hair is really nice quality. Here she is with it down and she's got a bit of a resemblance to Royal Bella, but with less purple. 

So each doll comes with her outfit and shoes, of course, plus one clip-in hair extension, one hair tool, and one themed accessory. 

In the first pic, you can see the hair tool. The three themes for this series are crimp, curl and color. I have not tried any of these out. The crimping tools are cute though. I prefer them to the other two kinds. 

Bella's hairclip is a glittery pink flower and I like that the purple blends well with her purple-streaked blonde hair. 

The rose is a really cute accessory, but it bothers me a little that it's red and not pink or purple. The red doesn't match anything on her. That's literally the only bad thing I have to say about her. She's my second favorite of the eight I have so far.

Wild Kat! I think this is the best Kat yet. I did love the hairstyle on Season 2's KatTastic, but the artwork was way cuter than the final doll, whereas here, she's super cute all around. 

Kat is one of the color change dolls. See the different shape of the hair tool? She's got a giraffe theme this time. 

I love her high, tight braids and especially those cute boots! The binoculars are a nice touch, too.

Kat does have a new look facially. It's not as obvious as the new pouty face, but her eyes are squinched shut a teeny bit, so it looks like she's smiling extra big. I think it's really cute.

OOTD Noah has the new pouty face. I've heard some people call it the "duck face," but I hate that name. I don't understand where it came from. People doing it look nothing like ducks. Like have you ever seen a duck? Ugh. Anyway, this new mold doesn't really work as either pouty or "duck" because it's also smiling. Kiss face? Hm. 

I hardly took any photos of Noah. Not because I don't like her, but because honestly, she doesn't change much. This one's got similar hair to Sk8r Noah with a little braid on the left side. 

I do love the outfit though and her lip color is pretty. 

Noah comes with a flower hairclip, crimping tool and a cute cooler with a pop bottle in it. 

She's my first one that gets a hairclip color gripe. That pink does not go with her look. 

And I forgot to add one for Kat: the blue would go quite well, but you'd ruin her hair trying to get it on. 

Only a few of my girls ended up with their hairclips in.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Far Out Neila is my favorite so far. 

They just can't really do wrong by this girl in my book. 

She has the best crimping tool by far and her glasses are adorable. The hairclip is decent and her hairstyle isn't so impossible that it would ruin it, but I don't love it enough to cover up her cool hair. 


Like Kat, Neila gets the squinchy-eyed face.


Her shoes are nice, too. 

This hair is also the closest we've gotten to Super Neila yet. Not that I'm striving for that or anything, but it's definitely quite similar. 

This might be my favorite DeeDee. 

She's got the pouty face, mismatched pearly translucent boots, a gumball purse AND her outfit theme is those candy dots (DeeDee Dots) on paper where you end up ingesting a ton of paper. 

She's the only one I have so far that has a curling tool.

Her hair is split down the middle, color-wise, at the back. 

Very pretty. 

I really adore the headband with attached hair. Clever! 

My only nitpick about her is that they need to stop putting teeth on these headbands. I hate that when it's on a doll with styled hair. 

Street Style Skylar rounds out the signatures this set. 

She's kind of all over the place theme-wise, but that's what they were going for. 

The fishbowl purse is just precious, although it doesn't go at all and I kiiiiinda want to give it to someone else.

She's got the pouty face, too, although I don't think she pulls it off as well as Noah and DeeDee.

And this hairclip. UGH. I wanted it in, because it looked cute in the art, but each pigtail has a braid around it, so getting the clip on without messing up the stock style is impossible. 

I did get it on and now it's never coming off. 

It does look good though. 

Kozy Kali is the only representative of the Slumber Party set. Gah, she's so CUTE. 

I love her panda theme. 

The headband is darling, but again, toothed headband over intricate hairstyle = worrisome. 

The sigs had pink stands, but the slumber ones have this blueish purple. 


This might be my favorite Kali. It is definitely my favorite hair for her.

Also: those shoes.

And this hairclip. She's just fantastic. 

And finally, Boppin' Brit, the one Dance Party version we get. 

Kinda funny that Bella of the Ball looks more ready for a Dance Party than Brit here. I guess she's got some Sporty Spice going on though, so I can get with that. 

Another pouty face. She pulls it off well, too. 

She has fancy eyeshadow on. Metallic gold, though it doesn't photograph well. 

And she has super awesome little braids! More than just Noah's single braid. 

This is my favorite of the pink-haired Brits so far, although I still miss her natural red hair. Why in the world did they change it? Ugh. 

So that's it for part 1. I'll post Sallee and Harmony when they arrive!


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tonner Toys Little Miss Matched PROTOTYPES! (Part 2)

So a month ago almost, I posted two of my four Little Miss Matched prototypes. I'm finally getting around to posting the other two.

I get too easily caught up in other stuff and work and then I just forget things.

But anyway, here's a shot of all four.

On the left is the "travel case" prototype. Then both versions of the doll I call Lyanna. Then Claire the dancer. You met the two on the right earlier, so now let's look at the two on the left.

Lyanna V2 is the same character as the first Lyanna, only she's less finished.

Her hair probably was in its factory style originally, because I found a hairband in all the tangles, but it needed a lot of work, so the hairband got yanked out.

She uses repeat outfit pieces. The shoes are the same ones as on the dancer, but the top and pants are from other previously-released dolls.

Still cute though! I need to get some outfit packs and give her a better outfit.

Here she is with the more finished version. I still wonder what her theme would have been.

And then here's the travel case prototype. Why do I call her that?

Because this may be her:

Second photo down. That may not be this exact doll, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Her boots are hand-painted.

I'm still trying to find more info about these girls and will update if I'm successful!


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

NEWS: Hearts For Hearts Girls

The Hearts For Hearts Girls rereleases are continuing on this August with Zelia and Nyesha.

Zelia comes wearing a pretty new dress!

She also looks like she has a darker lip color, but I asked about it and it's not. The doll will have the same lip color as the original release.

I don't see Nyesha's tie, so not sure if she'll have that or not.

I wonder if they thought Zelia didn't sell before because she didn't have a girly enough outfit? Hm. I do adore this lovely dress, although I think her original outfit suited her character better.

I'll be buying both of these for sure. The only other one I've bought so far is Mosi, so I could keep her boxed. But I'll need Zelia in her new dress. Nyesha I'm also pleased to see, because both my Nyesha and Surjan, the last dolls before the rereleases began, have an unfortunate smell about them. A smell that typically comes with eventual hair loss. I've smelled it on my Madame Alexander English Roses dolls and one lost all her hair and two others shed a lot. I've smelled it on my Madame Alexander Dear America doll and all her hair fell out. I've smelled it on two of my Zodiac Girlz recently and they both lost all their hair. So I'm afraid for Nyesha and Surjan. I hope they rerelease Surjan next year. She's one of the most beautiful dolls in the line and I pray that smell doesn't mean her hair's going to fall out! Not until I get a rerelease anyway.

Hearts For Hearts Girls official Facebook page

NEWS: Hairdorables Series 3

Okay, color me mixed feelings on this one.

Hairdorables Series 3 is out ALREADY.

Now bear in mind that a) it hasn't been that long since Series 2 and b) I've heard from a lot of people that their stores still have Series 1 and they've seen Series 2 either once or not at all.

I'd be in that second group. I've seen S2 only once in Target (and that was very recently) and once in Claire's in January.

Also c) there are THIRTY-NINE DOLLS in Series 3.


On the other hand, a lot of the dolls in this series are SO CUTE. There's a new pouty headmold that is so dang adorable, I can't really complain that they're out.

I don't have any pics of my own, because of course they're nowhere near here yet, but I did just buy 4 off a fellow member of the Hairdorables Facebook BST group and I'll show them off when they arrive. Three of the four have the pouty face and the fourth is my girl Neila.

Anyway! Let's talk stats on these girls.

Each one of the twelve characters gets a signature doll. Then there are three other subsets: Slumber Party, Dance Party and Outdoor Fun. Each of these consists of 9 dolls.

All three rares are in the subsets. No signatures.

There is one ultra rare: Gnarly Brit from the Outdoor Fun set. She's a snowboarder. And thankfully, I'm not interested a bit.

The two regular rares are Late Night Noah from the Slumber Party set and Sensational Skylar from Dance Party.

Series 3 dolls have been found in Walmart stores, both in big displays and just on the shelves. They're paired with the Jojo Siwa Hairdorables and there seem to be way more Jojo ones in the display than the regular ones.

Both Series 3 and Jojo dolls are the usual $12.88.

Now the most important information for the moment is that once again, Hairdorables have only put out part of the line. You're not going to walk into Walmart and grab all 39 dolls off the display. I've been keeping a close eye on Facebook and ebay, and I have only seen one version of each character so far.

Most of the dolls currently being found are from the signature set:
Bella of the Ball
Wild Kat
Whirling Willow
Rock Out Harmony
Far Out Neila
Art Z Sallee
DeeDee Dots
Street Style Skylar

Along with them are Kozy Kali from Slumber Party, Boppin' Brit from Dance Party, and Rayne Coat from Outdoor Fun.

So yeah, Series 3 is out, at least partially. No official promo pics so far, but I will probably do a post on them (or maybe break it up into 1 post for each of the 4 series) when the website updates.

A Google image search led me to these, supposedly from youngwildmeyoutube on Instagram, but a quick look at their Instagram doesn't show them. They're good shots though, so hey, this is me trying to give credit.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

NEWS: Wild Hearts Crew!

Holy wowza, you guys!

Okay, let's take a second to get this out of the way.

Yes, they've got a MH vibe in the individual characters and color scheme.

NO, they are not Monster High. Stop trying to bring Monster High and Ever After High back at the cost of ignoring and putting down new lines. Things will always end and others come in to be something new. Appreciate these for what they are and stop living in the past.

And yes, they also have Bratz, My Scene and Jem vibes, too, but IN A VERY GOOD WAY.

They have amazing hair.

Cute clothes that aren't stereotypically girly.

They're articulated.

Multiple body types.

Different heights.

Different skintones.

Different faces.

Affordable prices (supposedly).

Jacy's outfit is adorable and I love that the curviest girl is the most athletic on her roller skates. When I first saw "skater" under her name, of course I thought skateboarding, so I'm thrilled she's actually a roller skater. Much better!

Kenna might be my second fave after Rallee. She's just stunning! I love her outfit. The shoes are just kinda okay. I've never liked that style, but I guess they're a thing. Some Converse would have been better for me, but normal fashion isn't exactly my forte. I adore her face and hair.

Rallee! Yes, I knew this girl would have good shoes. The fanny pack has got to go, but I love every bit of the rest. Great sassy expression, perfect hair. Shoes that I would wear. I adore her so!

Charlie's the most all over the place outfit-wise for me, but somehow it works for her.

And gods, Cori is SPECTACULAR. I think she has the most put together outfit of the bunch, even if it isn't my favorite. Amazing hair and absolutely beautiful face, too.

I don't normally link to Instagram, but this is the only place I've seen the two fashion pack shots, so there you go.

I'm so, SO EXCITED for these! It's refreshing to finally see a fashion doll line again that isn't based on a movie or TV show or superheroes. Not that those things are bad, of course, but they're not the same.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

BIG NEWS: Mattel Actually Does Another Cool Fashion Doll Line?!!! Whaaaaaat?!!!!


Mattel is actually doing a new fashion doll line?! I can't believe it! These girls are supposed to be at Walmart in July.

Cori Cruise: Musician. OH, HI, SHANA. Amazing hair and love the skintone.

Kenna Roswell: Photographer. A little Aja vibe. Stunning.

Jacy Masters: Skater. My least favorite, but I love them all so that's not saying much. She's got quite the My Scene face.

Rallee Radmore: Dreamer. Uh, hands up anyone who did not see this as my favorite? WHITE HAIR. The fanny pack's gotta go though, girl. She's got a hint of Delancey in there. The sass. Yes!

Charlie Lake: Rocker. Another stunner.

Different body types, heights, skintones and head molds. I'm in. Take all my money.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

REVIEW: Azone Majokko Chiika Little Witch of the Heart

A new Little Witch has joined the group!

I wasn't planning on getting another Azone for a while, but when I saw an American seller with Chiika on ebay, I had to make an offer. Chiika is one of those that is not cheap on ebay often, so when I saw that deal, I had to take a shot and now she's mine!

She is a used doll, unlike my other recent two, and she has no box, hence this group shot being my opening picture.

This isn't going to be a detailed review by any means. I tried her black hairbow on her and didn't like it, so there are no photos of that.

Chiika wears a more demure outfit than Aika and Lien, but still all black, unlike Miu. She's much more little-girlish than the other three.

Her hair is very long, as you can see it peeping out from behind her skirt in this photo. The color is a light peachy-pink.

She has a sad or confused expression, unlike my other three smiling girls. It's very cute on her and lends itself to the little girl image.

Instead of a wand, Chiika wears a heart necklace and carries an adorable plush black cat.

I  love her curly-toed boots! They're so awesome.

Chiika also has a black velvety cape with burgundy lining. It has cat ears on the hood. I don't like how it looks clasped shut, so mine just wears it draped over her head.

Chiika is super cute and I love her! She'll probably be my last witch for quite some time, as I might be being naughty and doing layaway on a much bigger Azone doll soon. We'll see! I do have my eye on Himeno, but I need to get my bear layaways caught up and see about this bigger doll before making any other Little Witch adoptions.


Monday, May 13, 2019

Amazon Begins Cancellations

You know all those weird listings on Amazon for the older dolls that we were never sure if they'd come in stock or not?

Well, I've started getting cancellations due to "lack of availability."

So far, they've cancelled all the Moxie Teenz items. I think it was Arizona, Tristen and I just got a notice for Leigh.

I've ordered the upcoming Shoppies dance line every time they've put it up and they've cancelled those twice, too.

I imagine all the others will also be cancelled, but let's list off everything I still have on order just for funsies.

-Ever After High Princess Friend: Raven, Apple, Ashlynn and Maddie
-Winx Club Believix Power: Bloom, Aisha, Musa
-Bratz: XPress It Ciara
-Disney Fairies: Poppy Rosetta and Fuchsia Vidia

I also have a bunch of Enchantimals and DC Superhero Girls on pre-order.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


It's time for new Cutetitos! I think my Cutetitos post with the cheat codes is my most popular ever, so I decided to show off Series 2 as well.

I'll be posting cheat codes for Series 2 here, as well as keeping them updated in the original post, which I'll link to at the bottom of this one.

I checked Target for them today and used the codes people provided to find three of the ones I wanted most: the bear, donkey and turtle! Then I bought the only other two that I didn't have codes for to see what they were. I opened the white cat and the rare elephant! I left behind the koala, narwhal and chihuahua, so if they hang around, I'll probably pick them up soon, too, but they might sell out before I get back.

Jazzito is a white cat. He's different from the Series 1 cats because he has a furry tail. I like the gray detailing on him.

His code is 01219.

Fuzzito the bear has furry ears and a stubby little tail. He's adorable!

His code is 01019.

Shellito the turtle has a little tongue sticking out that you can see in the first picture up top.

His code is 00219.

This one might be my favorite. He's just so darling and I love the colors.

Floppito is 00319.

And finally, Hefftito the rare elephant! He has sparkly pink ear lining, feet and a tail with a pink furry tuft.

His code is 00419.

PHOT04419 O CREDITS: Mine.


01419/05019/12719/23219 Woofito pug
01219/04919/12619/23119 Jazzito white cat
01519/05119/12819/23319 Huggito koala
01119/04619/12319/22819 Gracito yellow chihuahua
01019/04519/12219/22719 Fuzzito bear
00219/02919/11219/21819 Shellito turtle
00719/04219/11619/22419 Jokito parrot
00519/03219/11519/22119 Zippito narwhal
00319/03019/11319/21919 Floppito donkey
00919/04419/12019/22619 Surfito dolphin
00819/04319/11919/22519 Sparklelito pink cat
00419/03119/11419/22019 Hefftito elephant

I'll update that list as I get the rest of the codes. Happy hunting!




Wednesday, May 8, 2019

REVIEW: Wonder Pony Land!

Behold! Wonder Pony Land! A friend sent me a pic of this set once and then I saw it on a few days ago. It was on sale, so I grabbed it and it arrived today.

I've seen other sets with this same name, but this is by far the best one.

Retail on this is $21.99. I got it on sale for $18 and some change.

Those that know me can probably tell why I wanted this.

Two words: RED. PONY.

I spent far too much of my childhood waiting for MLP to make a red one. They never did.

Here are the accessories for the set: 4 small flower barrettes, 2 larger bow barrettes, a brush, a comb, some beads, and some plastic bands for hair-styling. I love the flower barrettes and I'm always thrilled to see plastic bands, as I use them to replace worn out ones.

Now on to the ponies!

You get 14 ponies in 5 different sizes!

All of them have rooted tails and poseable heads.

The two largest sizes have two fabric ribbons and the next two largest have one ribbon each. The smallest have no ribbon.

I knew this lady looked familiar. I got a tube of fakies years ago and it was made by this same company. The small one here is one of the two of them I have left.

I realize now that I forgot to take size comparisons with actual My Little Ponies.

Oh, well. My excuse is that it was early.

Size-wise, that big pink one above is bigger than MLPs. The blue one here on the right is the second-biggest size and she's similar to some G1s. Her color scheme reminds me of Hopscotch and now I kinda want Hopscotch.

Third-biggest size is similar to G3. Fourth-biggest similar to G4. The littlest ones are bigger than G4 babies. Kinda like G1 newborns.

Anyway! Some of the ponies in this set are just the same pony in different sizes.

The blue one above is one. Though the smallest one not having a painted horn helps a little.

This white one is another.

And these yellow ones are the third pair.

The hair on the tiniest ones is short and it's really cute, even though it's quite messy on a couple of them.

These two are almost exactly alike with only the symbol difference.

These two little girls have no bigger counterparts.


And here's one of my favorites. You never see ponies in this dark shade of blue. I love that she has star symbols, too.

And the gorgeous red one! And her neon orange little sister. I love the mushroom symbols. Gee, those look familiar...

Because the neon orange mushroom one was my favorite from my old fakie set. The old ones also have poseable heads and their symbols are on both sides, not just one like the new versions.

And that's it! I highly recommend this set if you're a collector of fakies or if you want to give the gift of a lot of ponies for not much money. They're quite good quality!