Friday, September 22, 2017

REVIEW: Spirit Riding Free dolls

I remember seeing these girls in ToyFair pics and thinking they were cute, and when they finally showed up in stores, I kept looking at them, but I was too busy buying other new stuff.

Well, Walmart got them in and I managed to resist for a month or so, but then I noticed they were only $12.88 and bought Lucky and Abigail. Prudence had sold out, but I found her yesterday at a farther Walmart.

I haven't watched the show yet, but I did buy the book, written by Suzanne Selfors, same author as the second Ever After High series.

These girls have nice articulation, especially for $12.88. They're articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips, of course, but also the elbows, knees and wrists. I think maybe Jakks learned something from the deluxe Disney Fairies and Winx. But also, this is a more action-oriented line, so they need articulation to sit on those horses.

My Lucky has one leg that's a bit off, so she stands kind of oddly.

I love her outfit: cream top with red horse design, brown and red pants, and lovely boots with the bold red design. My only complaint is that the boots are too wide, but this is a common thing in doll boots nowadays. They have that slit up the back to get them off the doll, but then they gap too wide when they're on.

Abigail is the girly one of the three with her pink top, but I love her pants and boots a lot. I mean, the top is really cute, too, and it fits her well, but I just really love the lower half of her outfit. It's an interesting combination with the top.

She has a short blonde bob, which I love. You know I'm always gonna support dolls with shorter hair.

She has the same wide boot problem as Lucky, but not quite as wide.

Prudence has a great top. I love the design of this, especially the hemline. Her jeans are a soft material. I don't care for the shoes though. They're cute enough, but if she sits, her jeans pull above them and I wish the shoes went up higher to cover that bared ankle.

All of the girls have decent hair. Prudence's was a bit odd though, because she had two pieces sewed to her head. The first is obvious in the photo, but the second stuck out so oddly that I ended up cutting it off. I'm not sure why they did this, because the art of the character doesn't show any loose bits.

The body is less spindly than the Winx body and much bigger than the Disney Fairies one. I grabbed Silvermist there without thinking about her painted-on bit, but oh, well. You can see how different they are regardless.

I like how they've done the hip joints on the Spirit dolls. The hips on the other two are so unattractive!

Lucky does have some staining, too, as you can see.

I like that the girls are flat-chested, because they're girls, but they've also got more meat on their bones, so they look healthier. Spindly skinny bodies are fine for fairies, but not so much for little girls.

Here's a height comparison with some more popular dolls. The Spirit dolls are quite large compared to Monster High. Lucky is more of a size with Mal, but then her huge head makes her look much bigger than Mal.

Again, I think they're a great doll for the price! They'd even be a great doll for more than that.

I'm planning on reading the book shortly to learn more about the girls, but I do find the modernity of the line to be its most confusing thing.

The clothes on the dolls are very modern, but the story takes place during the late 1800s. I'm placing it in the 1870s for now, because at the beginning of the book, Lucky and her friend have books by Jules Verne and the publication date of one is 1869/1870. Also, her father is working on the railroad. Although the railroad was finished in 1869, so there's a bit of a conflict with the book publication there.

My point is that it's not even the 20th century when this story takes place. There is no way clothes like these existed back then. Tight pants on all three girls? A shirt as short as Lucky's? Denim was invented in the early 1870s, but jeans on a 12-year-old girl then? All three of them should be in dresses.

I like the diversity of the line, but that, too, isn't exactly historically accurate for the 1870s. A black student in the same school as white kids was a huge deal in 1960. This story is set 90 years earlier! The line seems to be glossing over racial aspects entirely, not just because of Prudence in school, but also because Lucky's mother was Hispanic, yet there's no mention of any trouble with her father's family, who are rich and white. Lucky also attends a fancy finishing school without any sort of racial jabs. It's not that I like reading about racism, but if you're going to set your line in a historical time period, I feel it should be at least a little accurate. 

I love the dolls. I think I'm going to like the book, which means I'll probably also like the show, but the historian in me is cringing. I'm not sure why they didn't just set it in modern times and make Lucky's horse a descendant of Spirit much farther down the line than being his son. The historical inaccuracies are frustrating.

But I'm going to try to ignore all this and just enjoy it as it is. The dolls are super cute and well-made, and if you buy them at Walmart, you're really getting a great value!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NEWS: Enchantimals

Holy wow, Enchantimals might just have a crab girl!

I haven't been posting the new Enchantimals finds, because the pics aren't official promos. Until now.

For more of Sandella Seahorse, go here:

Crabigail, as I am calling her, is in Sandella's listing, though she is not part of Sandella's set. To see her, you have to click one of the pictures in the listing and then you get taken to the photos section. There are frequently extra pictures there.

I'm praying Crabigail makes it into production. She is so completely awesome, she might just beat out Sage Skunk as my favorite. I wonder what her name actually is.

Amazon has another listing but no pics yet:
Preena Penguin and her pet is Jayla.

There have been other pictures found, but I only like to post official promos, so if you want to see the other newbies, go here:

There's a duck from a Mattel catalog. Amazon does have a duck listing, but she didn't come out with the other first series dolls, so I dunno if she'll ever make it:

Then we've got Raelin Raccoon (super cute), Petya Pig (the pigs are way cuter than the doll), and an unnamed lion in a hairplay-based set (meh, but also growing on me due to the colors).

Trademarks have also appeared for Saffi Swan, Cherish Cheetah and Hixby Hedgehog.

I'm keeping an eye out for the penguin's pics now, even though we kinda know what she looks like from the animation. More posts as pics are revealed!

REVIEW: Gorjuss Ruby Doll

No boxed picture for this one, because her hair was all over the place and my mom wanted to see her before she left for work. They all have the same box anyway.

This poor girl has had adventures!

I ordered the last Ruby in stock from Amazon UK. This was before we knew Irma was going to be a thing. Well, by the time they shipped her, Irma was absolutely a thing and yet they still sent her into MIAMI. You know, mostly evacuated Miami. I complained bitterly to customer service and had to explain to the rep what a hurricane was.


I had to explain what a hurricane WAS.

The rep assured me Ruby would be with me by the 20th and if she wasn't, they'd do something about it.

I'm actually shocked that she was right. Ruby arrived today...on the 20th. She sat in pre-customs for a week and then began moving again.

The package had no damage, but poor Ruby is the worst condition one of these girls I own.

Her hair was slopped all around in her hairnet. Her purse was dangling in front of her body, but she also has these three dark stain lines on her right hand, which could have been caused by nothing but the purse. And she has red stains on her body from the dress. I'm more annoyed about the hand stains, because if her purse had been secured, they wouldn't have happened, but that's not on Amazon, that's on Paola Reina, the company that makes the dolls.

I did complain to Amazon UK and received almost $16 back, a 35% discount, so I got her for about $36. That's nice of them, because I said there was no way I was sending her back, but I would have if she was US Amazon.

I definitely still plan on buying Ladybird and On Top of the World from them.


Ruby has dark brown hair like Toadstools. She is the only doll so far to have pigtails. She also has two long bits hanging on either side of her bangs. Sometimes they sit nicely, sometimes they annoy me. Her pigtails are nice, thick and curly though. The hair on these dolls is great quality.

She has a simpler outfit that consists of a red dress with white polka dots, cream lace edging on the skirt, neck and sleeves, and a small black ribbon bow at the neck. She wears thin black ribbons on her pigtails, too. Then she has a lovely underskirt edged in the same cream lace, striped stockings, red mary janes, and a brown purse with a picture of a gray cat on it.

I like her a lot, but she's my least favorite of the four I have. She would have been anyway, even without the staining, because I just really love my first three. I do love her dress a lot and her red shoes, but if you decide to buy some Gorjuss dolls and want Ruby, definitely be prepared for staining.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

REVIEW: American Girl Nanea

American Girl's newest historical doll arrived at my house today!


You see, Nanea was offered early to certain super special members of the AG Rewards program.

The rewards program that only gives you points if you shop on their website or in their stores.

Despite their partnerships with Amazon, Kohl's and Toys R Us.

I bought Melody and her pajamas on Amazon. I bought almost all the Wellie Wishers from TRU. My mom got me Lea from Kohl's. So even though we spent all that money, and it was a lot of money, I got no points for any of it, so I wasn't in a high enough tier to order Nanea early.

That left me with some pretty nasty feelings toward American Girl, because I've been with them from the very start and I HATE elitist behavior like that.

So I didn't buy Nanea right away and was angry that they'd tainted her for me, because I had been SO excited for her.

I did end up ordering her about a week ago and she arrived today. Now I can finally enjoy her and read her books, which I've had since early August.

Nanea Mitchell lives in Hawaii. She has a white father and Hawaiian mother. (If there's any more in there, I don't know. I haven't read the books yet.) She makes the second Hawaiian character that is half white. I don't understand why we can't get a fully Hawaiian doll. I really don't. Jess, the Girl of the Year from years ago that debuted a fabulous new Asian headmold, was also half white. Sigh.


Nanea has the medium skintone, beautiful hazel eyes (shot through with this fab lime green that I love), and dark brown wavy hair. Like all AGs with wavy hair, she's got nonstop flyaways. Those front curls have a life of their own, too. But her hair is nice and silky. She's got a bit of a permasurprise expression, but I've seen worse ones, so I'm happy mine isn't that bad.

She comes with a hibiscus hairclip that thankfully is not a barrette. It's one of those that bites the hair and makes it more stable. I'm not sure that's correct for the time period, but they researched A LOT for almost two years to bring us Nanea, so hey, maybe they had those in 1941.

Nanea's outfit is a lovely orange/coral top that buttons in front, a pair of white shorts with an elastic waistband at the back, a silky pair of undies, and brown sandals. She does not have the modern "permapanties" some of the other dolls do. I love all the pieces except the sandals. I find them a bit dull and I wish they'd stop using that stupid clear elastic to hold shoes on. Just make another strap.

Here's Nanea with my Roslin, my fave AG doll ever. They're going to be hanging out on my scanner in the AG place of honor.

I love Nanea. I think her new headmold is lovely. I'm not a huge fan of the new painted eye corners, because one of hers is messed up, but I can't pick out dolls in person and Mattel customer service is trash, so I'm settling for it. Her outfit is excellent, minus the sandals, and I love that we're finally getting a Hawaiian character, although she leaves me still needing a fully Asian historical doll in the primary character position. (Sorry, Ivy, but being the best friend is not good enough for me. Although I love you.) I am looking forward to finally reading her books and bonding with her, although believe me, I'm not going to get over how AG runs its crappy rewards program anytime soon!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

REVIEW: Regal Academy Rose & Travis and Regal Vicky

I've been in touch with the Alpha Group, the makers of the Regal Academy dolls here in the US. I wanted to let them know about the problems I had with my Magical Joy and Astoria dolls. They offered to send replacements for both if I'd send the defective ones back, which of course I agreed to.

The dolls arrived quickly and the new Astoria's knee was fine, but the new Joy's left elbow remained frozen. Unlike with my previous Joy, I decided to try to manipulate the joint with a teense more force and see if I could get it to work. Nope. What I got was a broken elbow. I didn't use much force. A small kid could do what it took to snap that elbow piece. So I packed up my first Astoria and the new Joy and returned them, with notes on what was wrong with each doll.

Once the dolls arrived back, I got a phone call from a very nice employee and we discussed the problems. It turns out the entire first batch of the Magical Joy doll has arm problems, so if yours does not, count yourself very lucky. Because they couldn't fix my defective Joy, she offered to send me the Rose & Travis 2-pack and Regal Vicky. Naturally, I agreed (with much internal squealing in joy) and the dolls arrived today.

As far as I know, these are not available for sale in the US yet. They do have listings on Amazon, but nothing's come in stock.

Let's look at the 2-pack first.

Both dolls have the basic body, meaning they have no elbow articulation.

Rose is wearing her uniform, unlike the single-packed Rose in her casual outfit, so this isn't a repeat outfit. (I've learned there is a single-packed Rose in this outfit with the pumpkin box, but she is not currently out here in the US.)

Her shoes are super cute, as they should be!

Her jacket and shirt are all one piece, but the skirt is separate and so are the leggings.

Travis is so cute! He reminds me of an anime boy doll. The girls really don't, but there's something about his face that's like anime boy. Not that that's a bad thing. He's one of the cutest boy dolls I've gotten since...I don't even know who.

His little outfit is cute and well-made. Both of these do have jointed knees. The boys are a little bit taller than the girls.

I think Travis's hair looks good, although I wish it was a little wilder.

The only bad thing about him is that his head is wobbly. It's not awful and it's not something I've never seen with dolls before, but it is decidedly wobbly. And I didn't like that it's held down with the stupid plastic bit punched through it, because he's got a visible hole in his plastic hair.

I think this is a cute set and I hope these make it to stores, because I really want Hawk and Astoria!

Now let's look at Regal Vicky.

Vicky is my favorite doll from the US line. I love villains and her face is just so pretty. I was disappointed my signature Vicky had a little lip rub, because I don't think my TRU is going to restock these. (I'm fairly certain I'm the only person that's bought any...) So I'm super happy to not only have this gorgeous ballgown doll but to also have a Vicky with perfect lips!

This gown is great. You do not often see this color combination. It's got just the right hint of villain to it, too. The awesome high collar helps with that.

I took this photo to show just how high up that collar goes!

Vicky comes with her wand, which fits pretty well in her hand and stays there, even though it's heavy.

If you're looking for a doll with articulation and redressability (Is that a word? I'm making that a word.), check out this Regal line. (If they come out in stores.) Vicky has the full articulation of the Magical dolls (neck, shoulders, hips, knees AND elbows) without the permanent bodysuit.

Astoria is also in this line and I really want her, so definitely fingers crossed we'll see more Regal Academy on the shelves soon.

And here are her shoes. Just simple heels, but pretty nonetheless. I kiiiiiind of wish they were gray, but we can't have everything!

I'm very grateful to the Alpha Group for sending me these dolls to make up for my Joy that can't bend her arm. They're excellent additions to my little collection and this Vicky is my new line favorite!


Saturday, September 2, 2017

REVIEW: Descendants 2 28" Mal doll

It's hard to contemplate the size of a 28" doll without having her in front of you. Mal is HUGE.

Just Play produced this small series of giant dolls as Walmart exclusives. They run a little less than $40 apiece, which is a very fair price, considering that's only double what the regular signature dolls are.

I ordered Mal from the Walmart website, only to have them never ship her. So I cancelled the order and tried the ship to store option. I thought the same thing was going to happen, but on the day she was supposed to be available for pick up, she shipped to the store!

She arrived yesterday, only one day after for the original pick up time. I couldn't get her until today though. You guys should see the ginormous box she was shipped in. Like yeesh!

It's hard to photograph something so big and properly show just how big she is. She's standing in front of my closet door there, but I think the last picture I'll put in this review will help with scale the most.

Mal looks exactly like what she is: a giant signature Mal. Her hair quality is excellent, which I didn't expect, considering the sheer mass of hair they used. The bangs stick out a bit with gel, but I'm not going to fuss with them.

Her bag is nicely detailed and opens, so it can hold a lot of stuff. I would have loved it if she came with her spell book instead of the boring stickers I just threw out. Or a can or two of spray paint!

Her clothing quality is excellent. The pants are a soft material and go on and come off easily. They're fastened by velcro, so no elastic involved. The jacket is great, too. Her hands do pop off at the wrists so it cam be removed easily. I got the left sleeve off just fine without removing her hands, but the right stuck on her glove, so it's a good extra feature for the doll to have. The jacket went back on without me having to remove the hands.

Naked 28" doll looks pretty much just like the smaller ones. The main difference is the big ones don't have knee joints. I'm guessing this helps their stability. Mal's pretty top heavy with that huge head and all that hair! I got her to stand with no tipping issues though.

So where do you put a doll that clocks in at over two feet tall when you have a sprawling collection like mine?

She ended up on my desk! And now you can get a real idea of her sheer size. She just fits under the lower shelf above. Like just barely.

I'm glad though, because now I can order Evie and not worry about where to put her. There's plenty of room in the other desk corner! I could probably even fit Uma on there, too. We shall see! I have other plans for my money this month, but eventually, at least Evie will join Mal on the desk.


Friday, September 1, 2017

REVIEW: Gorjuss Toadstools doll

I received my newest Gorjuss doll today! I bought Toadstools from Amazon UK, because the Santoro shop was sold out of her. I actually got a way better price, so I plan on getting as many as I can from there, but the sellers don't always ship to the US.

Toadstools isn't one that caught my eye when I very first looked at these many months ago. I was torn between Little Violet, Ladybird and Ruby then. But she quickly launched herself into a contender spot this time around.

I actually had in mind to get Ladybird next after Little Violet and Bluebird, but when I saw that Toadstools was sold out on Santoro, I knew I needed to track her down before she became impossible to find. The Amazon transaction was easy and she arrived in about ten days, not counting the day I placed the order.

Toadstools is one of the more detailed dolls, like Little Violet. Look at how many pieces her outfit is!

The short-sleeved navy coat goes over a purple dress. She has four striped items: stockings, armwarmers, a hat and her bag with its hedgehog and toadstool decor. Then she's got her bright blue boots. She's the only Gorjuss doll to wear boots. The other seven all wear mary janes.

Once again, every single piece is high quality.

Here she is in the purple dress. It's got nice detailing for something hidden under a coat! I think it's actually prettier than Bluebird's dress. That poor doll has the plainest outfit.

Toadstools' coat is spectacular. Every tiny purple button is a different shape: heart, star, square and triangle. I love the armwarmers with their thumbholes, too. I didn't do that myself. She was designed that way.

I had thought some of the dolls looked to have dark brown hair instead of black and I was right. Toadstools has dark brown hair in comparison with Violet's black.

I'm so thrilled to have all three of these girls standing on my coffee table right now! The only problem is now I want even more! I had planned on ordering American Girl Nanea next payday, but now I'm considering getting Ladybird instead. I'm not sure what to do! Well, I guess I'll still get Nanea, since my rewards coupon expires on my birthday at the end of the month, but that's how much I want Ladybird right now!


MONTH IN REVIEW: August 2017

We started out the month with me finally finishing my Zelfs collection! I did a full ranking of every one I had this month. Whew, that took a long time.

I patiently waited for good deals on the remaining four from the Crystal Wishes medium series and the last three of the large series. I got three of the mediums from within the US, then decided to just import the last four. I'm really glad I did because Powerpup, hanging out with Rey and Wanda here, is awesome.

I also got into the Loyal Subjects My Little Pony blind box line this month. I got Glory, Sundance and Applejack early in the month, then gave up on the rather hugely expensive blind boxes to buy Princess Sparkle and Minty off ebay.

I mean, there are some rares I'd love to get, but not for that much per box when chances of getting a rare are really slim.

I also got the four mini merponies from the upcoming movie at Target. I got the three lower ones in the pic early in the month and the white one not that long ago. I'm excited four more of these are coming.

I added a third Mooshka Flowerina to my collection. Petal, the brunette in purple on the bottom, is one of the line's harder to find girls. Pippy (in red) and Blossom (in pink) are easy to find. Redheaded Glory is the last one I need and also hard to find.

I still haven't taken a full body shot of her, but Roxy Ghost, the doll on the left, joined my collection of Elena's Art Dolls.

I always watch for Twilight Teens auctions on ebay, but I don't often buy, since the shipping is more than I really want to pay for these Monster High-inspired dolls made by Simba.

However, when an auction for Panthera and school snaky popped up for cheap, I bid. I got the pair for less than $20, I think it was. I already have Panthera and she left for her new home today, but Snaky joined my own Panthera and Voodoona to stand with my MH dolls.

I had Sunny Meadows for awhile before opening her. Like she probably should have gone in the July Month in Review!

She looks terribly cute with Rosie and Daisy. I hope she gets a big Shoppie someday to go with theirs.

Next up, we had some arrivals that you've seen here in reviews: the MH Family set for Cleo and Project MC2 Masquerade Camryn and Bryden.

I picked up Rainbow Heart Bear at Walmart. I don't plan on buying many of the new Care Bears, because I don't think the eyes work for them. I don't mind these big eyes on other toys, but they somehow strip the bears of their personalities. I do love dark purple though and she was just pretty, so she came home. She is prickly though, thanks to the tinselly fur, so she's not good for cuddling. Not like my other newer bears!

I don't buy many action figures anymore, but Marvel Legends Hela was a must have. I got lucky and snagged her on Amazon for the retail price of $19.99. I'm really looking forward to Thor Ragnarok and 99% of the reason why is her.

I found the DC Superhero Girls Fash'ems at Walmart and managed to get five of the six girls on my first try (Harley and Katana are not shown so check Flickr if you want to see them). Squinting into those packages is hard! I still have not gotten Batgirl. Someday!

Tempest Shadow looks like a lot of fun, so I had to have the brushable pack with her in it. I don't know if I'll get the blind bag-size one, but I probably will. I really don't know if I'll splurge on the recently-released Build-a-Bear plush though. There's a mini plush coming that might suffice.

I got super lucky with the next find. There were only two more Bleeding Edge Goth dolls I needed for my collection and one of those I wasn't even sure ever got made. Well, I stumbled on someone selling a bunch of them and you could tell by the prices that they didn't know what they had.

I got the gorgeous, rare and very sought after Scorpio Vixen for only fifty dollars. BOXED. She was even still boxed. And her face hadn't yellowed much. She's from one of the two series that sadly experienced head yellowing. I used to own her, but never really bonded with her and ended up selling. I regretted that one when I got back into these a few years ago and started buying new ones. At least she's finally back now! And I'm very relieved I do not want the purple variant, which is even harder to find.

Cheetah joins my other girls, most likely to stir up trouble. I hope her regular release doll comes out soon. It's sad that we have to wait so long between releases.

My next reviews were for the new Regal Academy line. I've been in touch with them about the problems I had with Joy and Astoria. They sent me replacement dolls, so I now have a perfect Astoria, but the new Joy had the same problem as the first. I ended up keeping my original one and sending back the replacement. I tried to see if I could unstick her joint, but let's just say it didn't work. I spoke with a nice woman from the company today and she told me the entire first batch of Joys has this stuck elbow. So if you buy this doll, do not try to force the left elbow to move! If you get one that does work, consider yourself lucky. She also told me something else, so watch this blog for a couple exclusive reviews that will be coming up hopefully next week! She's supposed to be mailing something out to me tomorrow. (I'm so excited...)

Let's see, next came some more reviews: MH Lumina and the second set of World Vacation Shoppies. Then I discovered the GlitterShine Dragons and ordered them all.

I have been a terrible slacker with the dragons. I do plan on taking individual photos of all of them. Maybe tomorrow! For now, here's a crappy group shot.

I found Cici Science at Target. I haven't seen the perfume girl or the Hollywood girl yet. I want those. I passed up on the blue-haired pencil one last week. And now I'm also looking for the Blossom Apples and Melodine dolls. Shoppies never stop!

The next review was my gorgeous Gorjuss dolls. I might have a third arriving today! I hope so.

Then I got the new Mulan set with two dresses that's a Toys R Us exclusive. I really love when she doesn't wear pink. This pic shows the original Hasbro Mulan on the left and the new one on the right.

I really should have reviewed Mulan, but I was lazy that day. I also FINALLY got a Kuu Kuu Harajuku Music that I was satisfied with. It took eons. But I was too lazy to review her, too.

I love her though. If I ever see one with absolutely perfect eyes, I'm getting her and putting her in the purple fashion pack. However, I have seen several now and none with perfect eyes yet.

Another doll from my lazy I-should-have-reviewed-her day: Project MC2 Masquerade Adrienne. Getting Amazon to ship her took some legwork, but she finally made it, mostly thanks to the rep who granted me free 1-day shipping. Then they finally took the order seriously.

The farther Target randomly got some really old MLP blind bags in, so I finally own Egyptian Sassaflash and goth Big Mac.

My mom had to go back to Buffalo for a memorial service and she came back with a few gifts for me, one of which was Wingrid. I chose not to review her not from laziness, but because I covered about all the ground there is to cover with these when I reviewed Lumina. Wingrid is my fave of the three. I still need Beetrice!

My Toys R Us got the new Disney toddlers in on the same day my order from delivered my new Mulan. She's a bit weird-looking...okay, a lot weird-looking...but still somehow endearing. I found the mini one at Walmart and she looks like the big one a bit.

I ordered this brightly-colored sloth made by Wild Republic from Amazon. I love sloths.

I also got Elephant from the current Kohl's Cares for Kids line, but today I got Knuffle Bunny and Elephant's BFF Piggie, so I'll include a photo of all three in the next Month in Review.

One of my big accomplishments for this month was completing my Grimm Girls collection! I've had pink-haired Mizz Muffet for awhile, but redheaded princess Deedre and Gretel there on the right are new additions that I'm thrilled with.

And finally for August, I got my first Series 2, Wave 2 LOL Surprise doll. The Little Sisters have come out first here in the US and I don't want all of them, so I've decided to buy the handful I love off ebay. Lil Miss Punk arrived two days ago and I've since ordered Lil Cherry, Lil Diva and Lil Dollface. The only other two I really want are Lil Midnight and the special glitter Lil The Queen.

So that wraps things up. I just got text notification that my new Gorjuss doll arrived at my post office, so I hope to be back later today with a review of her!