Wednesday, September 13, 2017

REVIEW: Regal Academy Rose & Travis and Regal Vicky

I've been in touch with the Alpha Group, the makers of the Regal Academy dolls here in the US. I wanted to let them know about the problems I had with my Magical Joy and Astoria dolls. They offered to send replacements for both if I'd send the defective ones back, which of course I agreed to.

The dolls arrived quickly and the new Astoria's knee was fine, but the new Joy's left elbow remained frozen. Unlike with my previous Joy, I decided to try to manipulate the joint with a teense more force and see if I could get it to work. Nope. What I got was a broken elbow. I didn't use much force. A small kid could do what it took to snap that elbow piece. So I packed up my first Astoria and the new Joy and returned them, with notes on what was wrong with each doll.

Once the dolls arrived back, I got a phone call from a very nice employee and we discussed the problems. It turns out the entire first batch of the Magical Joy doll has arm problems, so if yours does not, count yourself very lucky. Because they couldn't fix my defective Joy, she offered to send me the Rose & Travis 2-pack and Regal Vicky. Naturally, I agreed (with much internal squealing in joy) and the dolls arrived today.

As far as I know, these are not available for sale in the US yet. They do have listings on Amazon, but nothing's come in stock.

Let's look at the 2-pack first.

Both dolls have the basic body, meaning they have no elbow articulation.

Rose is wearing her uniform, unlike the single-packed Rose in her casual outfit, so this isn't a repeat outfit. (I've learned there is a single-packed Rose in this outfit with the pumpkin box, but she is not currently out here in the US.)

Her shoes are super cute, as they should be!

Her jacket and shirt are all one piece, but the skirt is separate and so are the leggings.

Travis is so cute! He reminds me of an anime boy doll. The girls really don't, but there's something about his face that's like anime boy. Not that that's a bad thing. He's one of the cutest boy dolls I've gotten since...I don't even know who.

His little outfit is cute and well-made. Both of these do have jointed knees. The boys are a little bit taller than the girls.

I think Travis's hair looks good, although I wish it was a little wilder.

The only bad thing about him is that his head is wobbly. It's not awful and it's not something I've never seen with dolls before, but it is decidedly wobbly. And I didn't like that it's held down with the stupid plastic bit punched through it, because he's got a visible hole in his plastic hair.

I think this is a cute set and I hope these make it to stores, because I really want Hawk and Astoria!

Now let's look at Regal Vicky.

Vicky is my favorite doll from the US line. I love villains and her face is just so pretty. I was disappointed my signature Vicky had a little lip rub, because I don't think my TRU is going to restock these. (I'm fairly certain I'm the only person that's bought any...) So I'm super happy to not only have this gorgeous ballgown doll but to also have a Vicky with perfect lips!

This gown is great. You do not often see this color combination. It's got just the right hint of villain to it, too. The awesome high collar helps with that.

I took this photo to show just how high up that collar goes!

Vicky comes with her wand, which fits pretty well in her hand and stays there, even though it's heavy.

If you're looking for a doll with articulation and redressability (Is that a word? I'm making that a word.), check out this Regal line. (If they come out in stores.) Vicky has the full articulation of the Magical dolls (neck, shoulders, hips, knees AND elbows) without the permanent bodysuit.

Astoria is also in this line and I really want her, so definitely fingers crossed we'll see more Regal Academy on the shelves soon.

And here are her shoes. Just simple heels, but pretty nonetheless. I kiiiiiind of wish they were gray, but we can't have everything!

I'm very grateful to the Alpha Group for sending me these dolls to make up for my Joy that can't bend her arm. They're excellent additions to my little collection and this Vicky is my new line favorite!


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