Wednesday, September 20, 2017

REVIEW: Gorjuss Ruby Doll

No boxed picture for this one, because her hair was all over the place and my mom wanted to see her before she left for work. They all have the same box anyway.

This poor girl has had adventures!

I ordered the last Ruby in stock from Amazon UK. This was before we knew Irma was going to be a thing. Well, by the time they shipped her, Irma was absolutely a thing and yet they still sent her into MIAMI. You know, mostly evacuated Miami. I complained bitterly to customer service and had to explain to the rep what a hurricane was.


I had to explain what a hurricane WAS.

The rep assured me Ruby would be with me by the 20th and if she wasn't, they'd do something about it.

I'm actually shocked that she was right. Ruby arrived today...on the 20th. She sat in pre-customs for a week and then began moving again.

The package had no damage, but poor Ruby is the worst condition one of these girls I own.

Her hair was slopped all around in her hairnet. Her purse was dangling in front of her body, but she also has these three dark stain lines on her right hand, which could have been caused by nothing but the purse. And she has red stains on her body from the dress. I'm more annoyed about the hand stains, because if her purse had been secured, they wouldn't have happened, but that's not on Amazon, that's on Paola Reina, the company that makes the dolls.

I did complain to Amazon UK and received almost $16 back, a 35% discount, so I got her for about $36. That's nice of them, because I said there was no way I was sending her back, but I would have if she was US Amazon.

I definitely still plan on buying Ladybird and On Top of the World from them.


Ruby has dark brown hair like Toadstools. She is the only doll so far to have pigtails. She also has two long bits hanging on either side of her bangs. Sometimes they sit nicely, sometimes they annoy me. Her pigtails are nice, thick and curly though. The hair on these dolls is great quality.

She has a simpler outfit that consists of a red dress with white polka dots, cream lace edging on the skirt, neck and sleeves, and a small black ribbon bow at the neck. She wears thin black ribbons on her pigtails, too. Then she has a lovely underskirt edged in the same cream lace, striped stockings, red mary janes, and a brown purse with a picture of a gray cat on it.

I like her a lot, but she's my least favorite of the four I have. She would have been anyway, even without the staining, because I just really love my first three. I do love her dress a lot and her red shoes, but if you decide to buy some Gorjuss dolls and want Ruby, definitely be prepared for staining.


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