Thursday, May 17, 2018

PREVIEW: Shopkins Shoppies Lil Secrets!

What was in here?!!

I was one of 1,000 lucky fans to be sent a Shopkins Li'l Secrets toy.

It arrived today, but I can't show you guys anything except the box...

And this card until the 23rd!

Check back on Wednesday for the full review, but for now, here are some cute close-ups of the adorable box art.

This art might be even cuter than their regular stuff.

Might be.

Donutina, Peppa Mint, new character Lolita Lops, and Pineapple Lily.

Daisy Petals, Lippy Lulu, Jessicake, Pirouetta and new character Bell.

A better shot of Bell. She's my favorite of these nine.

All will be revealed on Wednesday!


Monday, May 14, 2018

REVIEW: Barbie Fashionistas #90

I saw this girl on Amazon a few days ago and snatched one up. She's one of the very few of the upcoming lineup that I like. Very few. As in there's really only one other one I like.

She was $9.99 and she seems to be popping in and out of stock. It was really luck that I stumbled on her. Based on the review dates, she's been in stock on and off since early April.

The rainbow dress is cute, though predictably, it's only a front print. On the plus side, I do like the color of the back.

I didn't even bother taking a full shot of her, because they made two dumb decisions: 1) flat feet and 2) flat feet in ugly plain white sneakers.

How do you not do rainbow heels? COME ON.

Not a huge fan of the earrings though. They're fragile and are already getting caught in her hair. As a kid, I would have broken them in less than a week and not by being rough, just by doing something simple like brushing her hair.

I love super dark-skinned dolls like this one. Loved Felicia from Bratz, loved Chandra from So in Style. I think this girl's darker than Chandra. Maybe even Felicia.

She's really stunning.

She's got nice blue eyeshadow, too.

Here's the rest of the lineup from the back of the box.

#87 is the one I really want!

And there's the rest. Not nearly as good as the last batch, in my opinion.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

REVIEW: Disney Store DuckTales plush

Not a typical review from me, since I don't usually do plush, but I saw these guys on the Disney Store website and that reminded me to check out the show.


So of course, I had to order all four plush.

They're 10" tall and $14.95 each.

Huey wears his red polo shirt and trademark red baseball cap.

The hat is particularly well-detailed. It's even got a little fabric button on the top.

Dewey wears a blue t-shirt over a long-sleeved lighter blue shirt.

Not that they're separate shirts, of course.

Louie's rocking his green hoodie. His is the best made shirt of the three, but a hoodie requires a bit more detail than a polo or layered tees, so it makes sense.

The most detailed though is Webby, because she's got a full outfit on.

I love her "hair" and its pink bow.

If you're a DuckTales fan, you NEED these plushies. They're just fabulous. I'm looking forward to more toys from this show.


Friday, May 11, 2018


Unlike bear-heavy March, things were more balanced out in April.

Although my first picture is still a bear.

Brady is from the 2018 Charlie Bears collection. I hadn't planned on getting him, because he's bigger and I'm really trying to keep to the smaller (17" and under) ones. But I fell in love with one from my stockist and then he was the first one chosen by someone else, so I found this adorable one from another stockist. I think he looks very close to the one I missed out on.

I actually got to do some reviews this month, which was nice. I'm not going to repost pics you've already seen though.

The first two were DC Superhero Girls signature dolls: Hawkgirl and Cheetah. One sorta disappointing, one even better than expected. Other reviews were Incredibles 2 Violet and two of the gorgeous new Season 10 Shoppies.

I bought Amuse's Bull Bull Boo with the intention of picking up at least 2 of the remaining 3 and I still haven't. He's a great little plush though. So cute!

Then came my highlight of the month. One of my highlights of the year really.

CRYPTKINS. I'm a huge monster/cryptozoology fan, so I've been excited about this guys since we first saw the designs months ago.

From left to right: Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Cthulhu, Jersey Devil, Mothman, Twilight Mothman, Nessie, Nightcrawler and Yeti.

And Thunderbird. I had to buy him separately. The others all came from one auction.

I would someday love to own the Ogopogo (purple variant of Nessie) and Phoenix rares.

My faves are Jersey Devil and Nightcrawler.

I love expressive bears and Tango is the most full of disdain bear you will ever meet. He judges me every day.

An unplanned purchase, but he was my most wanted from my stockist's older stock and she put him on sale and I had to have him.

I got amazing deals on two boxed G3 ponies.

I've wanted Marshmello Coco (misspelling all Hasbro's) back in my herd for quite awhile. I love brown-eyed ponies!

And Sno-Glo was a nice bonus. I love the pale peach color of her brush. I like really, really light pastels sometimes.

I bought the little manticore years ago from Whimsy Works and I follow them on Facebook to see what else they've got coming out.

Well, I joined in a contest they did and was one of the winners! I got this lovely Fireball Owlbear as my prize. He's fab. And orange. I love orange.

And to close out the month, here's little Zuri from Ty Beanie Boos.

Yeah, the month looks like a lot of plushies, but there were 5 dolls in there that got reviewed, so yay for that.

I mean, honestly, there just isn't a lot for dolls out right now. I do have one of the new Fashionistas on the way. I'll give her a review early next week. And I'll have another exciting review later in the month that I don't want to jinx by speaking about too much!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

REVIEW: Shoppies Wild Style Wave 2

This crazy picture represents today's Wave 2 Wild Style haul! A lot of people have had luck at Walmart, but not me. So Target had Valentina, Donutina and Peppa. I grabbed Peppa right away and then debated between the other two. I want to like Donutina's dolls, but I somehow never do, so she stayed behind. Valentina won me over with her tiny bangs curls and the shape of her mouth making her almost look like she had mouse teeth.

Then at TRU, they had the new pets, so I picked up matching ones for the dolls and then the hamster, because hamster.

Peppa is super cute. I'm always a sucker for crimped hair, although hers is a little out of control. I don't like to brush it because it loosens the crimping, but hers is aiming in a few different directions. Finger-combing didn't fix it, but I still won't brush it. 

Minty Paws is so cute! She might be my favorite pet.

And that Shopkin is gorgeous. I don't pay attention to their names, but it's lovely.

Peppa's wild hair from the side. Part of it is in a ponytail, all of it is crimped and aiming in different directions.

Still cute though.

Here are Peppa's accessories on the left and Valentina's on the right. Peppa's Shopkins are cute, but nowhere near as cute as Minty Paws'. Valentina's are cuter than her pet's though.

I expected to love Peppa more, but Valentina surprised me by taking over. Her pigtails are so fat and curly! They're fabulous. I adore the bangs and the mouse ears and the cute mouse tail. She's not really that pink either. I expected the shade of the mouse, but Valentina's hair is more that 80s neon Kimber red. Pinkish, but not too pink.

She's really top heavy because of the hair though.

Fat curls! I honestly expected her hair to be terrible, but it's fabulous.

And here's Hip Hip Hamster. He joins Foxy Lemons in being ownerless. Heh. I have no intention of buying the matching dolls for these two.

Being that I own two hamsters though, I do love this one, even if the outfit is ridiculous.


Monday, April 30, 2018

REVIEW: Shibajuku Girls Wave 3 Koe

This doll, man.

I got Yoko from Wave 3 at the end of DECEMBER. It is now MAY.

This lovely lavender-haired Koe never showed up in my area. I never saw her on Amazon or ebay, so I finally got lucky enough that a friend found her for me, and she arrived today. The only ones my Targets ever got were 3 of the mint-haired Yoko and 1 of the blonde sporty Miki. Shibajuku Girls has never had good distribution.

Koe is quite a strong addition to the Shibajuku line. I tweaked a lot about the Wave 1 dolls and made some adjustments to Wave 2, but Wave 3's been pretty spot-on, at least with the 2 that I like.

Koe's hair is good quality and a blend of lavender and white. Part of it is up in adorable little buns.

Her white shirt has a kitty on it, as well as cute pink paws prints on the collar. I like how it's not just a plain t-shirt, but one with a collar and 3/4 sleeves. That goes nicely with the cartoon kitty picture.

Her skirt is a simple lavender affair and her white socks have the pink paw prints like the collar. Her sneakers are a nice lavender.

I think this is easily the best Koe of the three released, although I do like both the Wave 1 blonde and the Wave 2 blue-haired version. There's just something about this one that's super cute.

I don't care for any of her barrettes, but honestly, they'd take away from those adorable buns, whether it's the point of the line or no.

Koe is annoyingly hard to find or at least she was for me, so grab her if you see her!


Monday, April 23, 2018

(P)REVIEW: Shoppies Summer Peaches

My second Season 10 Shoppie from ebay arrived today. Lolita Pops and Pommie both sold quickly after I bought Jascenta, but poor Summer Peaches went unsold. When she was relisted, I had made some sales and had some more spare fun money, so I made an offer and got her for a cheaper price. I think she's super cute, so thanks to all those people who passed her over!

Summer is shown here with her Shopkin, Sweetie le Peach. That's the best photo I could get of her. My camera was just refusing to focus on something so tiny tonight.

Summer has wavy peach hair that's pretty nice. It's better than a lot of the other Shoppies', but not as nice as Jascenta's. (To be fair to Summer, most Shoppies don't have hair as nice as Jascenta's!)

Her entire look is in shades of peach, mint green and white. She has cute tiny peaches in her eyes and a peach on each cheek.

Her little skirt is quite poofy. Her left arm is actually keeping it held down.

I love the details on her leggings, bracelet and shoes.

Here's Summer with Jascenta. Summer is my darkest-skinned Shoppie. I love her skintone with her color scheme.

I'm definitely looking forward to this season hitting stores. I really want Pommie now! (And Lolita, although much less than Pommie. She's my least fave of the four.)