Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NEWS: Marvel Rising

Massive Marvel Rising update! (Many thanks to the person here who gave me the heads up!) So many photos have surfaced today. I compiled a bunch of them from my Google search and posted all I could find on my Flickr:

Instead of posting them all here, I'm just going to point you all in that direction, but from the many articles I read, here's what we know.

Dolls are 11" tall.

They will be sold at Disney Stores and Target, plus Hasbro online. Not sure what this means for all those Amazon listings...

Training dolls are $12.99 with 5 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, hips).

Signature dolls are $19.99 with a fabulous FIFTEEN points of articulation. Clearly, these are the best ones. 

Secret Identity dolls are $24.99 and come with 2 outfits and 7 accessories. I believe these have 7 points of articulation, the basic 5 plus knees. (One article says 11 points, but I'm not seeing them in the promos. We'll see.) Secret Identity Squirrel Girl is a $29.99 Target exclusive.

They should be available in October!

Definitely very exciting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

REVIEW: Shoppies Sandi Shores

I ended up back at Target tonight to pick up Sandi Shores! I'm not sure at all why she appealed to me so much when I saw her the first time. Maybe the vague resemblance to Dawn from the BSC.

I like her color combo a lot. I'm also thankful these girls don't really have facial flaws, because for Sandi, the main flaw I saw was her bikini paint coming up onto her stomach. I picked the Sandi with the better body paint.

Sandi has long, pale blonde hair in a simple ponytail. Her bangs are cute, but very gelled, so they're a bit sticky.

Sandi's the only one of the three beach girls with no fabric piece.

She makes up for it by having two stands. The one is regular, but the other is a cute, albeit way too tiny, purple surfboard.

Sandi's hair accessory is on a peg that just sticks into her ponytail. That's convenient, compared to the loose-fitting headbands on a lot of the others.

All in all, Sandi's very cute and I'm glad I grabbed her. She's not my usual type of Shoppie, but there's something about her that works for me.

I think she, Palmela and Coralee will look really cute together. I might pick up B'Anchor eventually, but not yet.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

REVIEW: My Little Pony Reproduction Rainbow Ponies Parasol

I knew my Target got more Rainbow Ponies in, but I hadn't had the time to ask for help until tonight. They'd only put Windy and Skydancer out and Parasol was the last I needed. Thankfully, she was in the back, so now that set is complete and it's on to the unicorns and pegasi.

Parasol is really not the color I expected. I never had her when I was little and she didn't catch my eye during my adult collecting heyday. I expected more pink, but her body is definitely on the peachy side.

She's still cute, but not my favorite from this set by a long shot.

She's strawberry-scented and it's not the best smell. Not as bad as Starshine's vanilla, but not much better.

Set complete! Yay!


REVIEW: Shoppies Palmela Tree

I was surprised to see the new beach-themed basic Shoppies in Target tonight. I didn't know they were that close to being out when I saw the promos not that long ago.

The line is made up of three characters. Palmela is the green-haired one that I, of course, had to have. I'm a sucker for green hair. There's blonde Sandi Shores and blue-haired B'Anchor. (How do you pronounce that? Like Banker? Weird.) Palmela's the stand out, but the others are cute, too. B'Anchor is the least interesting to me because Jessicake's been doing that color scheme since the beginning. I doubt I'll get her, but Sandi may find her way here. She was cuter in person than I expected.

The case assortment, based on what I saw, is 2 Sandi, 1 B'Anchor and 1 Palmela. Maybe there were more and they got bought. Not sure.

The dolls are the same $9.99 as the previous basic line, which I think is a little high, considering the lack of fabric outfit. B'Anchor only has a towel and Sandi has nothing. Palmela's the only one with a fabric outfit piece. Each comes with one Shopkin, a stand and a comb, as well two unique accessories. Palmela has the cover-up and a pair of sunglasses. B'Anchor has the towel and a hat headband. Sandi has a hair doodad and a teeny tiny surfboard.

So yeah, they seem a bit less than the past basic line, so a $7.99 or $8.99 price tag would have been better.

Palmela is fabulous though. I truly adore green hair. Green hair, white hair and blood red or neon Kimber red hair will almost always get my money or at least tempt me.

Sandi is tempting me now, even though she's blonde. I may have to go back for her the next time I have spare money!


Monday, September 3, 2018

RANKING: Monster High Frightmares

I had the idea to rank the Frightmares a couple nights ago. I'm waiting to do one for the Hairdorables, but I don't have them all yet, so I thought this would be a fun substitute. There are only twelve Frightmares, so this didn't take long!

Pyxis Prepstocking was the easy last place choice. She's just too plain and her dream creature is a pegasus, which means she has some wings slapped on her and that's it. She's not horrible, but she's not nearly as intricately-designed as others.

Aery Evenfall, whose dream monster is a skeleton, is pretty but also falls a bit short. They could have done more of a Skelita style on her torso and head or if they really went wild, they could have done a skeleton horse body. That would have been amazing. Aery's not bad, she just doesn't live up to her potential.

Caprice Whimcanter has a dragonfly theme. Dragonflies aren't monsters, so she doesn't fit as well as the other girls. The design is pretty cool, but there's something about it that doesn't wow me. I like the color combo, but I dunno, I think she's a bit busy and at the same time not monstery enough. And her face is plain.

You would think the yeti one would be higher for me, but she isn't. My first issue is her name: Meadoe Flurry. I like Meadoe. I think it's a cute name, but do they have meadows where yetis live? I kinda don't think so. I like that they did make her a deer, so she's got the giant branching antlers, but that also raises questions, because Fawntine is a deer because the deer is the one dreaming. (Or a deer monster, I guess. Deer themselves aren't monsters.) But Meadoe comes from a yeti, so where does the deer aspect come in? Good for design, but bad for logic. She is cute. I love the underbite, the antlers and her hair. I hate her mountain eyebrows though. So she's a mix of good and bad for me, hence her spot at #9.

I could not get a decent photo of Skyra Bouncegait. Her face is too light! Skyra's dreamer is obviously a ghost. She's cool. I love her pearly body and her overall color scheme. The cheerleader bit is on the boring side, but she makes it work. My favorite thin about her is her eyes.

Olympia Wingfield, the vampire bat Frightmare soccer player. Olympia ranks this high purely because of her head. I love her pretty fave and her hair colors.

I honestly thought Bay would be a little lower, because I consider the earliest Frightmares the weaker ones for the most part, but she kept beating the other ones when I'd hold them up in pairs, so here she is at #6. Her wings, her finhawk, her face and her color scheme are what brought her this high. She's just really cool. I love how they did her eyes and the blend of colors on her wings is lovely. Bay Tidechaser is obviously the Frightmare of a sea monster.

Merry Trotabout is another questionable choice when it comes to logic. Okay, she's part carousel horse, but I don't think most carousel horses have skeleton wings. Unicorn horn, wings, drippy candy motifs. Merry has a lot going on, but somehow she makes it all work. There's something really cute and appealing about her.

Fawntine Fallowheart is the deer Frightmare. I assume, as I mentioned before, that it's a deer monster. Fawntine pulls off her not-exactly-a-monster inspiration by having an excellent color scheme, having a sweet face, and, unlike Caprice, having just that little touch of the monstrous with all the bird skeletons.

Flara Blaze is the phoenix Frightmare. She's the only other really badass character aside from Frets, so that automatically puts her high on this list. I love her warm color scheme and the feather mohawk, and her tail and wings are gorgeous, too. Flara has a simpler face, but the rest of her is so intricate and her expression is so strong that it's enough.

Ah, one of the dumbest names in Monster High. Why not just do Penelope? Why in the world is she Penepole Steamtail? I call her Penelope. It's like they made a typo and just went with it.

Penepole's dream creature is a butterfly, which is another that doesn't make sense. Make it a robot butterfly anyway, since she's steampunk like Robecca.

Those things aside, I really love her. Her colors and her glasses are what make her really stand out. Every one of those color choices is excellent. She has neat eyebrows, too, though you can't see them.

And it should come as no surprise that Frets Quartzmane, the gargoyle Frightmare, is my favorite. Her colors are fabulous! I love her hair color in particular. Her tail is awesome, her big eyes are lovely, her whole outfit is cute. She's one fierce little doll and she's been part of my living room display, where I keep a lot of  my favorite stuff, ever since she came out.

I really do wish they'd done more of these! Where's my mummy Frightmare? Or a werewolf/werecat? They could have done a spider with four arms to match the four legs. So many great ideas could have happened with this line. It's a shame.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

REVIEW: Star Wars Forces of Destiny Ahsoka Tano

I finally got my hands on Ahsoka! She was the one I wanted most from this line, but the prices on Amazon were terrible for ages. I saw her at retail with Prime shipping and snatched her up a few days ago.

I'm not the world's biggest Star Wars fan by a long shot, but I've always loved the designs of the less human-looking female aliens. I still have my Shaak Ti and Barriss Offee dolls. So getting Ahsoka was a no-brainer, even though I've never seen anything she's in.

Her headsculpt is gorgeous. I love the nose in particular.

I like the color scheme this doll has going on, too.

Where her biggest problem lies is in her articulation. Her action feature completely limits the articulation in both arms. She can barely move at the shoulder and elbow joints. Her biggest range of motion on her arms is in the wrists.

So considering this is an action doll, there's not much action she's actually capable of!

Really lovely sculpt though!

And the adorable nose!

I like her boots and the entire outfit design.

And this guy is super cute, too.

Overall, I think Ahsoka is well-worth having, because how many other dolls do you have that look like her? Her uniqueness makes her worth the money. For me anyway!


Saturday, August 25, 2018

REVIEW: My Little Pony Reproduction Rainbow Ponies Windy, Sunlight and Starshine

YES! More ponies! Windy, Starshine and Sunlight were out at Target (thanks, cool employee), so now I'm just missing Parasol.

Windy is my favorite from this set after Moonstone. It's not necessarily that they're unicorns, but I like their body colors and symbols. The unicorn bit is just a bonus.

So naturally, Windy is the one that's flawed.

This is how her symbol should look. Minus the missing chunk of glitter on that top swirl. It's pretty full. Lots of thick. swirls and a couple dots.

This is how her symbol looks on the side that was facing out in the box. It's barely there and what glitter is there isn't on the right spots. I don't really know how to describe them. Sort of like glue spots? You can tell that's where the glitter is supposed to be, but all of them are off the marks.

I'm glad this is the only problem like this I've seen with this line so far. All my others are fine and thankfully, Windy's other side is almost perfect except for that one spot.


Yeah, I love these two.

Windy's scent is supposed to be cherry, but she smells exactly like Pez. Not even the pink Pez, but grape Pez. Being that I love grape Pez, I keep sniffing her. She's got my favorite scent, although Moonstone, who smells like SSC's Raspberry Tart, and Skydancer, who's just good-smelling, are close behind.

I'm gonna be honest. Starshine's just not my favorite by a long shot. I think she's the boring one in this set and she might be the most boring of the retro ponies so far. I think I even like Cotton Candy more than her. I think it's the vast expanse of white and the pegasus pose that I don't really care for. But still, retro pony. I want to keep supporting these. (The only one I likely won't buy is the Peachy playset.)

It's like even her accessories know she's boring. They're just copies of Moonstone's. Ha.

Sorry, Starshine. I should be nicer. But they are the same color.

Starshine's vanilla-scented. She also got the worst smell of the lot. I don't care for it.

Pegasi together.

Sunlight! I feel bad for Sunlight because Basic Fun thinks she's the worst in the set or something. There's a 5-pack that just leaves the poor girl out.

And it's actually in stock on Amazon when the singles aren't. Weird. I wanted the singles though, because the individual stickers were a must.

Sunlight is super cute. I like her colors a lot, even though she continues the vintage mystery of why is the sun silver in her symbol while the clouds are gold?

This pose benefits more than the others from the articulated head.

She defnitely has the widest range of workable poses.

Sunlight is supposed to be apple-scented, but I don't get apple from her at all. Just generic sweetness, but not as nice as Skydancer's.

So that does it for ponies until I find Parasol and the 3rd set!

Yay, nostalgia.