Thursday, February 23, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Daisy Petals

My allergies have been killing me the past few days, so I'll likely catch up on some Toy Fair posts soonish. I fell behind due to work and struggling with feeling poorly. I do have one review that I'm managing to do today, and that's only because I absolutely adore this girl: Daisy Petals!

I will have the new signature Cleo and Lagoona coming up soon. I work a double tomorrow, so maybe Saturday? Plus, Shoppies Lucy Smoothie and Rainbow Kate V2 should arrive tomorrow as well, so four more reviews coming up. Would have been five, but the Clawdeen I ordered from Target looked like someone yanked the corner of her left eye down, so she went back to the store.

Shoppies have the cutest box art. I clip a lot of it out to use as bookmarks.

Daisy was one of the new characters that I was super excited for and for good reason. I'm a sucker for flower themes and she does not disappoint.

Daisy has long, blonde ringlets and she wears a flower crown over them. Part of this crown is a twisting stem that wraps around one of her curls.

She has big golden eyes and she's very sunshiney all around, I think. Just those little pops of green.

Her Shopkins are a pot of daisies and a watering can. Pretty cute, but I left them in my Shoppies display by her Li'l Shoppie figure and gave her display-style stand to Sara Sushi.

Here you can see one of my favorite details: her shoes! I adore their design.

I think Daisy is my favorite of all the new releases. She's above Tippy and she's just a hair above Polli and Cocolette. I've got her standing next to Rosie and she kinda blows Rosie out of the water. Which is unusual for me to say, because you might have noticed I don't favor blondes much and I like red and green color combos.

I definitely give Daisy a high recommend. If the Shoppies are a bit too out there for you, she's worth looking at, because she's more normal-looking like Tiara, but I think Daisy's much prettier than Tiara. And if you like the wild designs, she'd provide a lovely contrast.

So yes. Daisy. Buy her!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: Misc. (Part 1)

The following are lines I don't have enough to give a separate post to, so I'm compiling them all together. And then trying to go to bed again!


I don't know who the girl in orange and white is (I need to finish watching the show), but I need her figure. Looks like she's getting a doll, too. And all the new plush are cute.

Tonner stuff. Not much this year.

I had not heard of Vinimates until now, but that is Lydia Deetz and I NEED HER.

Cryptozoic has some cool stuff. Amesome-looking Ghostbusters board game that seems to be from the comic.

Love the blind box cryptids.

DCSG locker assortment!!!!

This Pokemon stuff is sooooooooooo cute! I'm getting several of those plushies.

TOY FAIR 2017: Hearts for Hearts Girls

I do not usually post other people's pictures, but I am so unbelievably excited that I'm breaking my own rules.

I give many thanks to ASMZine for being the only one so far to cover Hearts For Hearts Girls. They have brought us the amazing news that we are getting a NEW CHARACTER.

This is Aya, a Syrian refugee.

Isn't she stunning?

Mosi has been my favorite for years, but Aya might give her a run for her money. She is just so beautiful. I can't even find the words. I'm so incredibly happy right now, even though I'm wide awake struggling with my allergies when I should be sleeping, as I have to get up at 6:30.

I am not sure yet which older characters make up the 2017 HFHG lineup, but it looks like all the girls are in the Toy Fair gallery. Not clearly shown in the photos, but I think they're in the gallery space itself.

Check out the gallery here:

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so excited!

ETA: I just saw an article that says she's coming "this spring!" Along with Tipi and Lauryce. Oh, man! This is the best dolly news this year!

TOY FAIR 2017: Mattel (Part 3)

Most notable is the rather bizarre-looking Amazon exclusive Abbey. I love the hair, but I'm not sure why she's got a caveman aesthetic or what's up with the weird makeup. Skelita having elaborate makeup has always been her thing, but Abbey? Not so much.

I wish they'd put her on the tall body used for the collector Draculaura or even on a reboot version of Marisol's body.

I'll still buy her, because I like to support Abbey, especially now when she's a doll-only character, but they could have done better by her.

TOY FAIR 2017: Mattel (Part 2)

Nice shots of DCSG and Wonder Woman movie dolls.