Tuesday, September 17, 2019

MONTH IN REVIEW: July and August 2019

Well, I got behind on my Month in Review posts again! Let's catch up.

As usual, this is going to be mostly bears, because I'm not including any of the dolls I've reviewed here.

This adorable warthog is named Windypops. It's a silly, whimsical name thought up by Will, who's part of the husband and wife team behind Charlie Bears.

Windy was supposed to be a second quarter release, meaning April, May or June. The US still does not have him, even though we're finally getting huge shipments that are going to get us mostly caught up. Because he was one of my most wanted from this year's collection, I decided to order him from Amazon UK and I have no regrets. I mean, I hate taking a pre-order away from my stockist, but I've made up for it by adding a couple more. Windy's my second favorite Bearhouse character after Dringle the sloth.

Moulin Roty is an awesome plush company. I have one of their little ragdolls that I got on ebay. The only downside is that their prices are pretty high. I started an ebay search for them a few months ago, after seeing a lot of cute dolls in my ragdoll search. I discovered Lucien the horse on Amazon and had to have him, despite his rather high price tag.

He's an adorable little edgy artsy nerd horse. He's just fabulous.

There's actually one that keeps being relisted on ebay for a very low price if anyone would like their own Lucien.

This vibrant cutie is called Parsnip. He's one of a pair (the other is green and named Sprout) that I've always wanted, but never imported. It was worth waiting, since I got him from a US seller!

I adore orange. It's one of my favorite colors and not because of Halloween! I always liked black, ever since I was a kid, but orange is very much an adult favorite. I can't wear it, but my purses frequently have orange in them somewhere. So I always appreciate the orange bears.

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get Sparks, because not only is he mohair, which I typically limit myself to only one full-size per year, but he was a Charlie Bears Best Friends Club exclusive. I happened to be up at 5am on his release day and was able to order him. Mostly because CB Direct US has Afterpay, which is seriously a collector's godsend.

Sparks is a stunning phoenix. I love his big smile and his head plumage is on wires, so it's bendable and you can "style" him in different ways.

Firework arrived a bit late for the Fourth of July, but hey, at least he came in July. He was another low-priced ebay find. I've gotten a lot of them lately and it's been awesome.

Firework is one of those that always hovered near the back of my wishlist. I was more smitten with Firecracker, who's black with long hot pink tufts shot throughout her fur. But in person, Firework's fur is gorgeous and he's very nice to cuddle. Better than Firecracker actually!

In July, I got my first new Fairy Hearts since 2008 or 2009 when they came out. I bought all 3 that were at Target!

If anyone sees them in Target or anywhere and you have some spare money, I will happily pay you right back if you pick them up for me. Seriously, I love these things.

Thistle is my first artist bear that's not either Charlie Bears or Kaycee Bears. (I do have a one of a kind mohair bunny made by a lady that was at a local doll show, but I'm strictly speaking about bears here.)

I saw him in the process of being made on Facebook and just fell for him. I love his odd color combination and his adorable face.

The end of July brought another Charlie Bears show to QVC, so of course I bought several.

Lollipop on the left was the most anticipated bear I've seen in a long time, but Cherry Pie on the right actually has caused more of a clamor, because the US still remains the only place that has him!

I love my Cherry Pie, because his fur naturally fell into little devil horns, which I made more prominent with a little arranging. He's my little imp and one of my favorite bears.

Delicate little Lena was from the same QVC show, but arrived in August, so we're starting the month with her.

It's hard to tell in the photo, but she's tiny. I don't even think she's 10 inches tall!

Waffle is another QVC bear.

Ulrika was an unplanned purchase, but seeing her presentation made me want her.

Sienna is one I wasn't going to get, but my mom kept asking "Are you sure?" until I stuck her in my cart...and then she was sold out.

I think I was quite early on the waitlist for her, because I had an order confirmed within a few hours, I think.

Boom Boom joined my Marvel Legends collection.

I have Mr. Sinister from Amazon, but I haven't opened him yet. I should do that.

I ordered 3 Hairdorables Series 3 from Amazon and got extremely lucky! I opened both of the rares! Not the ultra rare, but the regular rares, which in my opinion are harder to find, since they don't have a special background.

This is Late Night Noah and her amusing face mask.

And Sensational Skylar.

These two are both great, but I don't think I would have overpaid to get either, so I'm glad I got them how I did.

My third one from that order was Slumber Sallee.

I bought Night Owl Neila on ebay.

Neila is my favorite.

And I did a trade for Shine Bright Neila, who's my favorite Hairdorable EVER.

Starring Sallee was bought on Facebook.

And Acoustic Harmony (on the left) was from the same trade as Neila.

Kenya was bought on QVC during one of their promotions. She's been on my want list for a while.

And I got Shelby after getting Waffle and liking him. They're the same bear in different colors.

I'm a fan of Killstar's plush, but never ordered any until I got the hydra along with my boots.

Definitely going to get more eventually!

Lani and Zadie got pulled off layaway this month. They're both so soft!

ZigZag was one I didn't pre-order. He's supposed to be an aardvark, but the head just didn't come out right. The body is great, but the ears should have been much longer and the face should be longer and more conical.

But when he got added to QVC, I decided to try him out. What I love about QVC is that it's great for ones you're not sure about, because you can send them back. I pulled Zig out of the box and loved him despite his inaccuracy. He's still not an aardvark in my mind. He's some sort of composite creature. But he's cute no matter what.

Adelaide the fennec fox was one of my pre-orders. I love the Bearhouse line because this is where Charlie experiments with different animals and she normally does a great job.

Adelaide is so sweet!

Glorious Oona arrived with Adelaide. She's one of the four Queen's Beasts in this year's collection. The first, China the bull, never made it to the US until recently, but I have Goliath the lion and now Oona. China will be here with the giant batch I have on pre-order right now. It's going to be a massive layaway!

There was a surprise QVC show no one knew about and Bread 'n' Butter Puddin' was one of the bears added to the site, although he didn't get shown on the show itself!

I love this misfit of a bear. Every single one is very different!

I tried watching Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty because of this character. This is Miguel. He's an Anubis chihuahua. I love Anubis and I love my two chihuahuas, but that combo gives me a headache. So did the brief bit of the show I watched.

But me pass up any form of Anubis plush? Not gonna happen.

And we end with...more Fairy Hearts! I overpaid for two more on ebay and got two new ones!

Seriously, I will pay you guys to find me more of these.

Now we're caught up! Until the end of the month...

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Welcome to my sales/trade post!

I've been spending some spare time organizing my current sales/trades.

I have a lot...

I'm not even going to try to organize stuff or even set prices for most things. Just make me an offer if you want something or let me know what you've got for trade. If you follow this blog, you should know the type of stuff I like. I'd really love to trade for Hairdorables Series 3 Wave 2 and Shortcuts, but also LOLs I still need and hey, just show me whatever you've got.

Okay, up above are my Bananas doubles. I really wish more people collected these! I need someone to swap with. They do have their stickers, stands and a couple of the little teeny things each one comes with. They're just not in the picture and will be random pick, not the exact ones they came with. The only thing they're missing is the rhinestone stickers. I never keep those.

I'll jump right into the LOLs. I have a ton of these.

If you see an accessory that's off, please let me know. I had to fact check a bunch of these using ebay.

Lil Her Majesty complete with everything.

Two Luaus, also complete.

If you don't want the packaging, I'm happy to ditch it and just send the doll and accessories. Most of these are like that anyway. I don't often keep all the packaging.

Original Center Stage

Original Fancy, Lil Fancy and Haute Dog

Original Sis Swing

Original Super BB, Lil Super BB, and SuPrr Kitty

Would prefer to keep family groups together.

Sparkle Dawn and regular Dawn

Sugar (includes glasses from Lil Sugar)

Showbaby set: Original, Sparkle and Lil

Sprints and Lil Sprints. The big sis is wearing the shoes from the Lil, but her original shoes are there, too.


Glitter It Baby

Bling Honey Bun

Bling Pink Baby and Pink Kitty


Fierce and Fierce Meow

Foxy and Lil Foxy. Poor Lil Foxy has really messed up eyebrows, so this set will be discounted.

Cheer set of sis and lil bro

Lil Snow Bunny

Lil Suite Princess. I do have her big sis in another pic. I forgot I had her, so I would sell/trade those together or separately.

Suite Princess

Drag Racer (color change)

Funky QT

Glitter Fresh

Snuggle Babe (color changer)

VRQT with some extras

So many pets. I will seriously give one away with each transaction until they're gone. Or if you want a bunch, I will give you a great deal.

Couple more pets. Pink Kitty is missing two shoes, but I might be able to find them.

Lil Thrilla

Finders Keepers figures. Yes, ALL of those are just those two characters. 7 Pink Baby, 3 Fancy.

I do need MC Swag if anyone has a spare.

Disney keychains

TRADED: Snow White and Tink

Happy Meal Avengers

Lil Woodzeez blinds

Sparkly Critters Fluff the llama. Only toy has been opened. The face shield is there, just not on her.

Sparkly Critters Starlight. Only toy opened.

Kawaii Squeezies unicorns

Better pic. I love these.

Japanese Yum Yums small Grape Mouse

Japanese Yum Yums Toppins small Pinky Kitty

Japanese Yum Yums Toppins small Splitzles Puppy

If you see anything you like, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.