Tuesday, January 21, 2020

REVIEW: Enchantimals catch up

One big post for all the Enchantimals I just deboxed!

Poor Andie Alligator never got opened from when I got her back in spring. Sorry, Andie.

I love the idea of this set. Gator dentist.

And it's really cute out of the box, too. All the little instruments have a slot to fit into on the table.

The mouth cast got flipped upside down in the pic. Definitely my fave of the accessories.

Andie is surprisingly pretty without her safety goggles.


Yep, definitely a surprise! If I'd known she was this pretty, I probably would have opened her ages ago.

Marshy is adorable, too, and that's one of the better pet names.

For $13.99, this is one of the better Enchantimals sets for kids. You get a lot to play with!

Now we can tackle the new farm-themed dolls. I honestly thought Enchantimals was done in the US, so I was happily surprised that these came out.

I ended up needing to get two Ciestas.

Because this was my first. She's going back to Amazon tomorrow.

Nice nose misprint, Mattel. Yeesh.

I wasn't super interested in Ciesta from her promo pics, but I really like the actual doll. She's kind of a grayish-lavender.

Love the outfit. Her boots are so cute!

And Climber is pretty cute, too.

I wasn't going to get Redward, but then I figured why not? Hixby could use a second boy in the line.

He's cuter than his promo pics.

Out of the box and even cuter still.

Cluck is adorable.

I saw a review for Redward where someone was complaining that he had the same body mold as Hixby. He has the same face, too. The differences are the hair and boots.

But they look different enough to me that it doesn't matter a bit.

Yeesh, just be happy there was a new boy at all!

Redward is currently able to be purchased on Amazon, but not in stock until the 29th.

Now we've got Cambrie, the second cow girl in the line.

This set is out of stock on Amazon. The duck set is also sold out. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for her, as she was the one I didn't order.

Mine has a misprinted face, but I actually like the quirky expression it gives her.

Gah, those cows are cute.

I love Cambrie's boots, too.

The big one is Ricotta. The other two are Mac and Cheese. No idea which is which.

I'm disappointed that the small cows have that stupid hole in the back and the little prongs so the doll can hold them. Biggest design mistake ever for this line. Who's gonna hoist up a baby cow? Come on. 

Here are the two cow girls together: Cailey and Cambrie. I prefer Cambrie.

Haydie must be the most overworked Enchantimal in the land. She's got to take care of the nursery!

This set really has a lot for $19.99. I'd recommend it as a nice gift for a kid to play with.

There's the barn backdrop with the branch for the basket to hang on. I thin that branch might swing out, too. I didn't think to try it.

Then there's a changing and feeding table with 3 bottles.

Then a rocking crib with an adorable mobile.

Little baby duck and lamb.

Actually took a separate pic of that as I was deboxing.

The diapered lamb is so cute.

Here's Trotter the horse.

I love the nest of eggs. There's actually the top of the egg shell that can snap on to keep the little chick safe inside, because that tiny thing is a separate piece!

And Haydie herself. Very cute!

Yeah, this set definitely has a lot of play potential. I would have had a lot of fun with it when I was a kid.

There we go! All caught up.


Friday, January 17, 2020

NEWS: Hairdorables Series 4

Well, that answers a lot of questions!

We've got confirmation on the identity of the three new girls. My guesses were right. Heh.

And we've got a look at the missing dolls for Kat and Skylar there in the third row.

The Skylar from my previous post is definitely the Splash one. This is Garden. And that Kat is Carnival.

So we're just missing Garden Bella and Carnival Rayne.


Monday, January 13, 2020

NEWS: Hairdorables Series 4

I really don't normally do this, as you guys know, but I love Hairdorables and talking about them, so I'm going to dissect the images we've found so far for Series 4.

Most of these pics come from here:
This is the part I normally don't do: link to Instagram. (I haaaaaaaaaaaate Instagram.)

New images were found, so I'm bringing them together with some old ones.

There are three collages of new photos and then two additional non-collages. I'm going to look at the dolls individually and if there are older photos of them, I'll add them in as we go. You'll see repeats of the same images, because I'd rather have the same pic with multiple dolls in it near the one I'm referencing each time.

So there are three themes: Carnival Cuties, Garden Party and Splash Sensation. Each doll comes with a different bottle, but each theme has a set shape, so based on these pics, we can ID which theme each doll is for. Splash is rectangular, Garden is teardrop and Carnival is cylindrical.

Doll #1: Garden Bella. Pretty cute. I love the hair a lot. The outfit is okay, but in this series "okay" is on the better side of things. (I'm not a fan of a lot of these.)

Doll #2: Splash Noah. Cute but nothing special.

Doll #3: Splash Sallee.  While I do love the hair, it must be noted that this is similar to Sallee Sketches from Series 2. The placement is more Leia-ish here though, which is at least a minor change. This is sadly the best of Sallee's outfits in S4. She has a polkadot or perhaps paintball theme this time. I'm not sold on the giant headband here. Why wear that in the pool?

Doll #4: Splash Kat. Best of the Splash line that I've seen. The doll herself is a bit dull, but the wetsuit and dolphin make up for it.

Doll #5: Garden Rayne. The hair is too similar to Rayne Shimmer from S3. The Garden dolls seem to have the same scalloped eyeshadow as the Dance line from S3, so pairing the eyeshadow with the similar straight hair from the same doll really just makes her look like a tweaked Rayne Shimmer. Shimmer had a way better outfit though. This is not cute at all.

Doll #6: Splash/Garden Skylar. I love that cover up. I think she's adorable. The hair is simple but cute, and the pinata purse is darling.

Here she is at the bottom of the photo on the right. It's a better indication of the bold colors of her cover up. She's definitely on my want list.

Hmm, I just noticed that she's got a floral headband in that accessory bag! Perhaps she's actually Garden Skylar.

Doll #7: Splash DeeDee. While her face is really cute, there's nothing new here. Her hair makes me think they took Sweet Dreams, undid her hair and messed it up. However...

The doll on the right here looks like the same doll, but her hair looks different. Less light colors? I do like the cherry theme and her face, so I may get her.

Back to the collage.

Doll #8: Carnival Harmony. She's cute. Quite casual. The hair isn't very interesting, but it's not terrible.

Doll #9: Splash Harmony. Cute but nothing special.

On to the second collage.

Doll #1: Garden DeeDee. She's very cute. The outfit looks nice. Face is really sweet. I'd buy her.

Doll #2: Splash Neila.

We've got a way better photo of her.

That does her more justice. I love her face, her hairstyle and the blend of haircolors. The dark shades of the outfit are nice, too.

My only real issue with her is that they have her wearing SOCKS at the pool. Mine will likely go barefoot.

Doll #3: Garden Harmony. This photo doesn't do her justice, but it does show that she comes with a top hat on a headband and that is awesome.

Here she is along with another angle of Splash Neila.

And again in the upper right.

I like her a lot. I want her.

Doll #4: Carnival Neila. Very cute face and hair. I LOVE the alien toy. I can't fully judge the outfit, but it looks far from horrible. Definite need.

Doll #5: Carnival Willow. That's a bad pic of her. If you look up, you'll see her on the bottom right. I like the somewhat simulated beehive hairstyle, considering her bee theme.

This is a way cuter shot. I love the doll herself, the headband and even the shoes, but I haaaaaaaaaaaate that boring, ugly outfit.


I still want her though.

Doll #6: Splash Brit. Points for the beach volleyball theme, but does she really look that different from Breakaway Brit? There are some basic similarities there. I think I do want her though.

Doll #7: Carnival Skylar. Okay, the glasses are cute, but aren't they flowers? And her shoes are flowers? Seems more fit for Garden?

Poor thing's head is backwards.

You can see the white strappy shoes in the packet but...

In this photo, her shoes make way more sense.

So I'm not sure which she comes with. Maybe the collage and individual pics are from the same source and perhaps those are the wrong shoes? Hmm.

Doll #8: Splash Kali. At first glance, she really reminds me of Kozy Kali.

A bit better here on the left, but nope, still reminds me of Kozy. She's not one I need.

Doll #9: Carnival DeeDee. Cute, but she's like S3. Sugar Rush and Dots combined.

Last collage.

Doll #1: Garden Brit. I'm happy Brit got included in the Garden line for some reason. And she's wearing a dress! She looks like a garden referee, but it also looks like we're playing flamingo croquet, so maybe she is a ref. She's weird enough that I kinda want her.

I am getting tired of her pink on pink hair though. I miss the original red.

Doll #2: The amazing green new girl. I love that hair. Looks like she's part of the Garden line.

We don't know her name yet, but it's Saige, Phoebe or Emily. I'm betting on Saige.

Doll #3: Garden Kali. I'm betting this is one of the rares. Her skin looks shimmery and she just looks fancier.

Doll #4: Carnival Noah. We've got pics of her.

Ah, interesting. She has the scalloped eyeshadow so maybe it's across all the themes this time.

She's on the left here, too. I really love this one.

Doll #5: Carnival Brit. Clearly working the equestrian part of the carnival. Do carnivals have equestrian events? I think of carnival as small and fairs are bigger. Fairs definitely have equestrian. Ah, well. Random thoughts.

I dig this one. This is the one time I like the all pink hair.

Doll #6: Garden Noah. I love poppies so I love this doll. Great hair colors, too.

Doll #7: Carnival Kali. I want to like her, but I just don't. That outfit is next level all over the place.

Doll #8: Garden Sallee.

I LOVE that doll. She's so freakin' cute. But the outfit is as terrible as she is cute. Poor Sallee.

Doll #9: Carnival Sallee. Both of them are to the left here.

And a messy Sallee is also here.

Again, super cute doll, but super bad outfit. Well, it's not as bad as the Garden one, but it sure isn't that cute.

So that wraps up the three collages. That's 27 dolls out of 39. Where are the others?

Well, let's look at that last pic again. There are 28 and 29.

Doll #28: Yeah, I'm switching numbering systems.

This Garden Kat is one of my faves from the entire series. I LOVE the lips on her.

You can see in this pic that her ear headband is tiger-striped.

She is just GORGEOUS. I think she's my fifth most wanted after the 3 newbies and blue butterfly Neila.

Doll #29: Asian new girl. This one has the bottle from Splash, but she sure doesn't look swim-themed. Thankfully.

ADORE her.

I'm guessing she's Emily, but she could be Phoebe or Saige.

So that is it for the new photos, but the old ones have some we didn't see in the new ones.

Doll #30: Splash Rayne.

Cute, but nothing special. And why does she have skates on by the pool? Argh.

Doll #31: Splash Willow. Why does Willow get another pool doll? She just had one in S3. Weird.

Cute, but not that interesting.

Doll #32: Garden Neila. Sadly, she's probably the ultra rare, which makes me really angry because a) she's gonna be hard to find and expensive and also b) she already had a rare doll! Other ones haven't yet.

Stunning though. Absolutely stunning.

Doll #33: The third new girl. Phoebe? Emily? I really think the green one is gonna be Saige.

Here are all three newbies, plus two more.

Doll #34: Splash Bella.


I'm just kind of a sucker for Bella, but those glasses.

And Doll #35: Garden Willow.

That's the last one, which means there are four more unfound.

She looks rare, too. There's only supposed to be one rare and one ultra. I wish she was the ultra, but Willow already had one of those in S2. She'd be another repeat rare character though.

I guess we'll see.

So let's run some numbers.

Carnival: Bella, Harmony, Neila, Willow, Skylar, DeeDee, Noah, Brit, Kali, Sallee

Garden: Rayne, DeeDee, Harmony, Brit, Kali, Noah, Sallee, Kat, Neila, Willow, Skylar?

Splash: Noah, Sallee, Kat, DeeDee, Harmony, Neila, Brit, Kali, Rayne, Willow, Bella, Skylar?

With 36 dolls plus 3 newbies, I'm figuring 12 per line. Right now, Carnival has 10, Garden 10 and Splash 12. Or Garden 11 and Splash 11. Depends where that Skylar goes.

So it seems likely the four missing dolls are 2 from Carnival and 2 from Garden.

Bella, Skylar, Rayne and Kat only have two dolls apiece to the others' three, so I'm thinking the missing dolls are one of two ways:
If that Skylar is Splash, then Garden Bella and Skylar and Carnival Rayne and Kat.
If that Skylar is Garden, then Garden Bella, Splash Skylar, and Carnival Rayne and Kat.

Yes, I am well aware how into Hairdorables I am!