Sunday, January 22, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Basic Harley Quinn

The initial basic DC Superhero Girls line consisted of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl (the clear Big Three of the line). These dolls are essentially large action figures. They lack the articulation of the signature dolls, but can certainly hold up to some heavy play and adventures.

A Walmart exclusive 4-pack containing the first three dolls plus Bumblebee came out a few weeks ago and from what I've seen, did not sell well.

Recently, a listing for the same Bumblebee from the 4-pack has appeared. She is not available to purchase yet, but she will be coming.

Then reports came in of people finding a Harley basic! Harley is not one of the big three characters, despite being hugely popular, so this is only her second action doll. We've got so many different Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl dolls and figures that this Harley is a breath of fresh air.

Harley is dressed, so to speak, in an outfit of contrasting red and black sections that is semi-reminiscent of her original costume. She has a lot of blue additions though, unlike the original. This Harley has blue gloves, blue boots and a short blue cape. She has molded diamonds down the sides of her legs.

Harley's mask is secured in the same way as the signature doll's. Her hair has the same streaks, although the hair on my basic doll is done in much bouncier curls than the signature doll's pigtails.

I don't buy a lot of basic dolls or ones that are similar to dolls I already own, especially ones from a line like this that take up a lot of space. But I wanted to support Harley, being a fan of the original version from the cartoon. She's the character I have the most nostalgic attachment to, although Wonder Woman is a close second. I also like anytime they put her in outfits that bear even a slight resemblance to her original costume.

So do I recommend the basic Harley? Not necessarily. I think if you need a Harley doll, you should buy the signature, especially if you want to keep your collection small. But if you are a more hardcore collector of the line, you might want to pick her up to show Mattel that characters other than the Big Three do sell. Then maybe we'll get these basic dolls for other characters, as well as more dolls of other characters in general. She's also a nice addition for any Harley fan.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

REVIEW: Regal Academy Joy and Astoria

Regal Academy is a cartoon series done by the same people that produced Winx Club. It debuted last spring in Europe and on Nickelodeon here in the US in August. 

Honestly, I've only watched two episodes. I like it. It's goofy fun. But I can't speak much about the characters or plot yet, because I've barely scratched the surface, so if I get anything wrong, let me know. 

The series is basically Winx meets Ever After High. The main character Rose gets a key that takes her into FairyTale Land, where she learns she's the granddaughter of Cinderella. So unlike EAH, these aren't the sons and daughters, but a step more removed. Rose begins to attend Regal Academy, a school for these fairy tale descendants. Each character has a specific type of magic that they wield using a magic wand.

I had seen stuff about this series, but kept writing it off until I stumbled across the Joy doll on ebay from an Italian seller I've bought from many times. She was so cute with her short, mint green hair and big eyes that I had to have her. I watched a couple eps of the show and decided to purchase Astoria, the granddaughter of Rapunzel, along with her. I wavered between her and Rose for a bit, but ultimately, Astoria won out. (I did just buy Rose tonight though! I'll do a separate review for her once she arrives.)

These dolls are extremely cute and it's nice to see Giochi finally get into the world of articulated bodies. They did a pretty good job. I wish we'd seen these on some of the Winx dolls! 

Joy has short hair that's got what I refer to as "the goth bangs." They come to a point in the middle of her forehead. She also has an angled cut, so her hair is similar to Mal's from Descendants, but the longer pieces are shorter than Mal's. 

Her hair is pretty sparsely-rooted. It does cover her head, but there's not much to work with there.

Joy has big olive green eyes and wears hot pink lipstick. 

Her layered tops are actually only one piece, but I don't really mind. They still look good. She's got a purple crop top with a crowned frog on it (she's got some extremely froggy habits in the show) worn over a green striped longer shirt that tucks under her skirt and there's a short vest over the top. All that is one piece. Then her skirt goes on over her long striped leggings. She has one striped arm warmer, which I had trouble getting off until I realized her arms come apart at the elbows! I didn't expect that from Giochi, so good job on them. 

The body is quite nice. I particularly like the hand shape and the range of motion is decent. 

One thing that I don't care for is the reuse of items from different lines. 

Each of the girls in this signature "Real Friends" line comes with a pair of high heels as well as the shoes they wear in the box. I recognized these heels right away as being from the old Hi-Glamm line. As soon as I undressed Joy, I saw that she wasn't on anything like the Hi-Glamm body so how did the shoes work? 

The answer is they don't. The shoes fit onto Joy's feet fine, but to have both heel and toe flat on the ground like a person would actually stand, Joy has to have her knee bent. And it's a pretty drastic bend, as you can see from this photo. My Hi-Glamm Kit is there to show how these should actually be worn. 

Thankfully, the shoes the girls come wearing are super cute, so I wouldn't even want to use these heels anyway. 

One more thing before we get into clothing exchanges. Look at this expression. Ha! I l love Joy. I love her bangs, but I also kinda wish they were shorter so these brows could be seen. 

So these girls have a thicker body, which means the usual question of MH/EAH is a no. The shoes wouldn't work either, even though Joy's got some big feet, because the angle is all wrong. 

I grabbed the doll nearest to me and put her clothes on Joy. 

That's the dress from Project MC2's basic Ember doll. I even got the shoes on there, but not every pair of shoes will work. Neither of my Adrienne's shoes worked on her, so they have to be more closed in. The dress fits great though. 

I know Descendants are also similar in size, so I grabbed Jewelbilee Mal and gave Joy a dragon dress.

The dress works perfectly, though she has to bend her knees a little to wear the shoes. Not as much as with her own purple heels though!

I'm not a big redresser anymore, especially when the stock outfits are so cute, but it's nice to know these girls do have some options. 

Time for Astoria to take over for a bit. I was a little hesitant to pick the Rapunzel girl for my second doll, because Giochi long hair is not the best. I have the Winx mermaids with their insanely long hair and it frizzes very easily. Astoria's feels nicer though and since it's nicely tied at the end with a ribbon, I'm not going to take that out and brush it. No tempting frizz fate! She is just as sparsely-rooted as Joy, so that's just something to expect from this line. Don't buy them with the intention of restyling their hair, because if you change its position, the scalp may show through. 

Astoria has a different expression than Joy, which suits her quite well. I can't wait to see Rose's eyebrows. She's such a goofy character that I hope she looks at least a little bit funny.

Astoria's eyes are turquoise and her lips are a darker pink than Joy's. 

She wears a top that's also meant to look layered, but it works a little better than Joy's because it's not a vest. Vests that open in the back and aren't real vests throw me off a bit, even though one-piece tops really don't bother me much. The top is actually three different materials, too. The sleeves are different from the rest of the yellow. 

There's Astoria's nice, long hair. She can turn her hair into vines in the show, which is really neat. Kinda wish there was a vine in there somewhere! 

And finally, here's a shot of the girls' kinda useless pair of heels and their brushes. 

Remember I said mentioned the reuse of items from other lines? Well, Hi-Glamm was Giochi's own line, but those brushes are from Hasbro's My Little Pony line from the early 2000s! They were useless on ponies, so they're really gonna be useless on dolls.

Despite the show being on in the US, right now we don't have these dolls. I'm not sure if we're going to be getting any products for the line at all. So the only way to get these is by importing. They cost me more than your average playline doll, obviously, but I think they were worth it. 

I'll be back with more Regal Academy in a couple weeks when Rose arrives. In the meantime, I'm going to watch more episodes of the show! 

Did I mention the Snow White descendant is a boy? That's pretty neat. 


Friday, January 20, 2017

REVIEW: Disney Attractionistas Briar

Oh, man, this girl! What trouble! When I was on vacation in mid-November, Briar and Holly appeared on I was shocked because I thought the Attractionistas line was over. Well, I wanted both, but couldn't order right away, because Disney frequently uses UPS to ship and I wasn't going to be home to get the box. I can't remember how long they were on the site, but when I was ready to order, they were gone. I believe they each reappeared once, but I either never had the free money when they were there or I stupidly decided to wait for all the Black Friday sales. Briar ended up disappearing off the site for good, while Holly finally returned and I ordered her. I reviewed her here on December 15th.

I've kept watch on the Disney Store site for Briar for weeks now. I also checked ebay and some websites that are basically personal Disney parks shoppers and came up with nothing. Briar seemed to be totally gone, which was insane, considering she'd only come out in mid-November!

Well, I kept looking for her and finally a few days ago, she turned up on one of the personal shopper sites. I bought her and she arrived today. 

Briar is incredibly cute. She's got the Gracey/Carrie mold that I adore. It's very versatile because those three dolls look nothing alike aside from their smiles and noses. 

Briar has kind of a creamy peachy-orange skintone. She has pink hair in a braid with cute bangs and big blue eyes. And she's got a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks, which are always adorable. 

Her clothes have some great details on them. The vest and green top are one piece, but other than that the quality and detailing is excellent. I love the rabbit belt buckle, the boots, her cuff bracelet, and her necklace and earrings. The blue bird and sun design on her bag is really neat, too. 

Briar wears a big hat, though nowhere near the size of Carrie's! It stays on pretty well, unlike a lot of the other hats. This line has some of the most impressive hats I've seen for dolls, but they're also either too large or too heavy, so they mostly don't stay on well. 

I think Briar's one of the most detailed Attractionistas there is. She's right up there with Gracey as the character where you get the most bang for your buck. Don't get me wrong, I love the simpler designs, too, like Celeste and Holly, but I also dig me some details! 

Briar's pet fox is named Patch and like all the Attractionista pets, he's incredibly well-sculpted and large. 

I'm curious to see if this is the end for Attractionistas or if they'll pop up again with new offerings that no one expected. I like the line a lot, although if they do offer more characters in the future, I hope they're easier to get than these two! 


REVIEW: Shibajuku Girls Miki

Miki is the newest Shibajuku Girls character, debuting in Series 2 of the dolls. As of right now, I'm not sure she's going to come out in the US. Toys R Us's selection is Series 1 Yoko, Suki, Shizuka and tan Namika. Target's current selection seems to be Series 1 and Series 2 Yoko, Series 1 Shizuka and Series 2 Suki. However, both Series 2 Shizuka and Series 2 Koe are pictured on the back of the box and listed on I don't think anyone's found either of those yet, but it seems likely they'll be there eventually.

Miki is not pictured on the Target boxes, so when a third party seller on Amazon had her for $39 with Prime shipping, I ordered her and also Series 2 Koe, who will arrive tomorrow. Both were actually supposed to be here on Sunday, but my package was marked as delivered and never showed up.

Miki's Australian box shows the full Series 2 lineup. It also proclaims that her favorite thing is...sports. Miki looks about as into sports as Series 1 Yoko looked spooky.

As in not very.

The only remotely sporty thing about Miki are her socks with the stripes at the top and even that's stretching it. I'm guessing a future doll will actually have a sports theme and I'll likely pass on that one. I love this version and I don't love sporty dolls, so I'm glad they made her this way.

Miki has white-blonde hair with a few blue streaks and blue eyes. She wears blue eyeshadow and is the only character other than Yoko to have her eyes completed encircled in black.

I love her top! This is hands down my favorite Shibajuku piece. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a cat or a monster, but it reminds me of Uglydolls and it's just plain adorable. Her cloud skirt is also really cute.

Miki comes with four hairclips, like all the girls. Her shapes are a cute blue ghost, a broken heart, a pink bone with blue rhinestones and a simple barrette with pink rhinestone hearts. Again, not a single sports-themed thing anywhere. I have only the ghost in her hair, but I think my blue-haired Series 2 Koe will look cute with the bone.

My Shibajukus are little sets of friends. Series 1 Yoko and Series 1 Suki are best friends, while Series 2 Yoko and Miki are best friends. Not sure which group Series 2 Koe is going to be part of. We'll see when she gets here tomorrow.

Miki is really gorgeous. I'm very glad they made another character without the eyeliner all the way around her eyes. I think Yoko and Miki are far prettier than the other girls with all that liner. Honestly, I don't think we needed another blonde after both Koe and Shizuka, but Miki's better than both of them, so I can't really complain that much.

If you want her, I suggest grabbing her on Amazon like I did. $39 isn't bad for a doll that had to be imported from Australia before being sold here. And who knows how long it will be before we see her on toy shelves here in the US? We still have no word on when Series 1 Koe is coming!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

OVERVIEW: Sugar Planet

MGAE released Sugar Planet in 2002-2003. These small 3" dolls resembled the company's big moneymaker at the time: the Bratz.

I remember seeing some Sugar Planet toys in stores, but I never got around to buying any. I didn't get into them until many years later, buying my first in 2011.

Most of the line was pretty easy to find, but not all.

All of the dolls broke into two pieces at the waist and had an extra lower body with a different outfit on. Each girl came with a pet, a pot of lip gloss, and a metal charm bracelet with multiple charms.

The dolls were sold three different ways. The first was with playsets, which were the largest pieces in the line. Leilani above and Sianna to the right are this type. The second kind of dolls came with a much smaller purse playset that opened up into storage spaces for the doll, her clothing and her bracelet and charms. The third type of doll was sold individually on a backcard and came with pet, second body, charm bracelet, charms and lip gloss.

Frozen Candy girls
The line was broken up into themes. The dolls were called Sugar Girls, who of course came from Sugar Planet, but they each came from different areas. The Tropical Punch girls were the beach-themed ones, the only tan-skinned dolls in the line and all three had dark hair. The Frozen Candy girls had the winter theme. Frozen Candy is the only theme with a girl in every line. There are five in the set. The MMMermaids were the third introductory line and were obviously mermaids. Later, two additional themes were added: space and fairy.

Unfortunately, the majority of my collection fell victim to my pre-moving donation craze. I no longer have any of the playsets or smaller pieces from my collection. I donated everything except the dolls and pets. I might have some lower bodies, but honestly, I can't think of where they are! So I may not even have those. I also don't have any photos of the purse dolls with their purses. I wasn't as thorough with pictures back then!

I had a pretty easy time finding the girls that are actually accessible.

The only big playsets they released were Leilani and Tuku, Sianna and Zoe, and Snowee and Jax. These three girls look a bit rougher than the later ones. Their faces aren't as cute and the bodies on Sianna and Leilani are strange.

The original three purse dolls were Icee and Kundra in an igloo purse, Fianna and Pooki in a shell purse, and Kia and Huku in a hut purse. And while writing this overview, I just realized my Icee came with the wrong pet! I have two of Flurree's seals and no polar bear.
The first three individual dolls were Flurree and Trix, Arianna and Skye, and Leela and Tiki.

Another set of three purse dolls was planned, along with another three individual dolls. These lines were where the new themes were introduced, but only two of the individual dolls and none of the purse dolls are easy to find. The two individual dolls are Pyxis and Zip from the new fairy theme and Cosma and Atmos from the new space theme. The third girl in their line was a Frozen Candy character named Slushee, who came with a pink seal named Blizz.

Hailee and Squall, a purple polar bear, were the Frozen Candy part of the purse line. The fairy line continued with Frolique and Fin-Wee, a tiny elf, and the space line had Nebula and Sunspot.

I have never seen owner photos of Hailee, Frolique, Nebula or Slushee, although I know someone who swore he had Slushee, but never came up with any photos to prove it. So I was very shocked a few days ago, when my Sugar Planet ebay search turned up FROLIQUE. I couldn't believe I was seeing her and at a very low Buy It Now, so of course I grabbed her. She got here a couple days ago and I'm thrilled with her.

There are a lot of oddities in the Sugar Planet line. I have no idea how this Frolique came to be in the hands of this seller. Were these dolls actually sold in stores? But if they were, why are just those four so rare? It's especially odd that Slushee is hard to find when Cosma and Pyxis aren't. Frolique's appearance has raised a lot of questions, but I'm also newly hopeful that someday I'll have a complete collection of characters! I really want Nebula.

Sugar Planet also had a series of five books and these raised a lot of questions, too. The characters' names were all messed up.

Three of the books are board books for younger readers. The one about Fairy Princess Pyxis is fine, but the other two both have mix-ups. Mermaid Princess Malah is actually the doll named Arianna and her purple-haired friend in the book is named Syrene, but is clearly the Fianna doll.

Tropical Princess Leela has two major switches. The character of Leela in the book has brown hair and wears red, just like the doll of Kia who comes with the purse playset. In the book, we also meet her friend Kia, who has black hair and wears blue, just like the doll of Leela. Their pets are switched, too. The monkey that comes with the Kia doll remains Kia's pet in the book, but she's the black-haired blue-dressed Kia. So if you swap the dolls, putting the one in red in the single pack and the one in blue with the purse, you have the names and pets from the book. To make matters even more confusing, there's actually a promo pic with the blue-dressed Kia coming with the monkey and purse set!

Also, the poster that came with Frolique has "Pyxis and Zip" written on it, despite the picture being Frolique and Fin-Wee. Sugar Planet was seriously all over the place.

I like the books a lot, so honestly, I ignore the toy names. My Leela wears red and has a tiger and Kia wears blue and has a monkey. Arianna doesn't exist. She's Malah. Syrene is the only name that doesn't stick. I tend to think of that doll as Fianna.

There are two other regular paperback kids' books in the line. One is for Frolique, which is why I was surprised her doll wasn't released properly. The other is for Cosma, but features Nebula a lot. Those two are my favorites from the whole line.

Of what I have, Cosma is my fave, then Frolique, then Kia and Leela. I really should have taken more photos before writing this, because I don't think I have a single shot of Leela! Oh, wait, I found a pic of the Sugar Planet shelf from February of last year. It'll have to do, because I'm way too lazy right now to go shoot a new one.

There we go. That was my entire collection up until a couple days ago when Frolique arrived. All three Frozen Candy girls are there. Flurree and Snowee are just behind the Tropical Punch gang.

So that is my Sugar Planet collection. I think these are one of the most fun things MGAE has made, along with the Novi Stars and L.O.L. Surprise dolls. I wish I'd bought Sugar Planet when they were actually in stores, because maybe then I'd have more of the missing characters! But I still don't know if they were ever even sold. It'll be a mystery until someone tells me otherwise.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Lalaloopsy Storm E Sky

Storm E Sky quickly became my favorite Lalaloopsy character when she debuted in the Lalaloopsy Girls movie, so I was super excited when I learned that she would finally make the transition from Lalaloopsy Girl to regular Lalaloopsy.

I've had her listing on my Amazon wishlist since I first saw the link and I was lucky enough to catch her in stock a couple days ago. I bought the second to last one and she arrived today!

Storm E is an unusual Lalaloopsy character, because she's not the overly bubbly happy type like the majority of the characters. Storm E was stitched together from wisps of a rain cloud and she loves to play guitar.

She was one of the main characters in the Lalaloopsy Girls cartoon, facing off against Jewel Sparkles. I haven't watched the new series yet, but from what little clips I've seen, she may still be clashing with Jewel.

Storm E has very curly purple hair with a dark pink streak. The bang part waves across her forehead and is attached to her right pigtail with a clear rubberband. I do think her hair would have been better captured in the old Lala style with the vinyl hair, but I also like this look and I'll take any Storm E I can get.

Seriously, there are multiple characters like this and I love them all. Stormy from Rainbow Brite is the original storm-themed outsider. Stormy from Winx Club originated the cloud-shaped hair with lightning bolt bangs. Voltessa from the Lanard Fairykins is a lot like Winx's Stormy. And now Storm E Sky is back with more cloud-inspired hair than her Girls counterpart.

Storm E's outfit is all one piece, but does well to look like a t-shirt under a vest paired with a skirt. I really adore the new boots. I know I've said this before, but I'm so utterly thrilled these new girls can stand on their own! Storm E is on my coffee table as I type this, waiting for me to get back to rereading my old YA 90s horror books. Ah, Christopher Pike.

Anyway! Cat came along with Storm E, but is now called Cool Cat to distinguish him from Jewel's Cat.

He's adorable, just like he used to be in the Girls line. I normally prefer the more unusual pets in the line. My faves from the regular Lalaloopsys are Prairie's Cactus, Pickles' Hot Dog, Haley's Alien and Furry's Monster. Cool Cat may be just a cat, but he ranks right up there with those faves. Between the storm angle and the gothy angle, I'm in.

So all in all, I love Storm E Sky and everyone should totally get her. Heh.

PHOTO CREDITS: She's mine mine mine!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

REVIEW: Rainbow Magic Fairies Plush

The Rainbow Magic fairies have been around since 2003 and have over 200 titles to date. Most of them are grouped into sets by the type of fairy the story centers around. The initial seven books feature the Rainbow fairies, each representing a color of the rainbow. Other lines include weather fairies, jewel fairies, night fairies, day of the week fairies. If you can think of it, it probably has a fairy. 

Ruby the Red Fairy
I never got into the books, because there are just so many of them and they're written for a younger age group than I typically read books for, though I'm definitely not above reading chapter books! 

I did start picking them up in Savers though, whenever I got lucky enough to see them and I amassed a teeny collection. I believe I sold them a couple years ago, but a few months ago, I found three at Goodwill, so I have a few again. I actually haven't read them yet though! 

I'm a sucker for fairies and ragdolls and themed things, so when you put all of them together, I'm ready to hand over my money. 

Amber the Orange Fairy

Well, Rainbow Magic never made dolls available in the US. I remember searching for them on ebay once and learning that lucky, lucky Australia got boxed sets of the different series that came with a ragdoll included! I never imported any of them, because shipping from Australia is pretty expensive. 

A few nights ago, I did an ebay search for fairy plush dolls, which is something I do fairly often. 

And what did I see but some Rainbow Magic dolls!

Saffron the Yellow Fairy

I can't remember which character I noticed first, but I know it wasn't Ruby. Ruby was the doll that came with the Australian boxed set of the first seven books. I remember it being one of the others, because I thought "When did they make dolls of any rainbow fairies other than Ruby?" 

Then I noticed the seller: Toys R Us! If you didn't know, TRU has their own ebay account and they sell lots of stuff on there, sometimes even things no longer on their main site. 

Well, I decided to go check Amazon and see if they carried the girls, since I have Prime and that would get them to me the fastest. 

Fern the Green Fairy

Amazon did come through. Mostly. Before long, I had an order of Ruby, Sky and Izzy all paid for. Fern was sold out, so I went to the TRU website and got her there, picking up Saffron, the other one sold out on Amazon, to get me up to the needed amount for free shipping. I used my $5 rewards coupon, too. Then I caved and went back to Amazon to order Amber, Heather and The Ultimate Fairy Guide, which shows a lot of the fairies. 

The girls started arriving on Friday. Sky and Amber came in the regular mail along with the book, followed by Izzy and Ruby via UPS around 7PM. Fern and Saffron, coming from TRU via FedEx, were on my doorstep this morning, which was a surprise, because the tracking had said Tuesday before I went to bed! And finally, Heather got here in the regular mail today. 

Sky the Blue Fairy

Each fairy doll is about 12" tall. 

Their hair is made from a variety of materials. Ruby, Amber, Fern and Heather have yarn hair, while Sky and Saffron have shorter hair that's more of a fur texture. Izzy's bob was done out of plush material. I love Izzy's design, but I think they should have done her hair differently. It looks decidedly odd. 

They all have the same expression, but their head shapes vary. I imagine this is from doll to doll and not by character. 

The materials vary a lot for their clothing, which is quite nicely-detailed. Some of them have removable clothing, but I wouldn't recommend taking it off. I think it would be hard to get back on. 

Izzy the Indigo Fairy

Some of the girls have really nice extra details. Ruby is loaded with tiny roses. Amber and Heather have flowers stitched in their hair. Sky and Fern have large earrings. Sky's got a little silver tiara. Several of the girls have embroidered jewelry. 

The wing shapes vary, but all of them are made of crinkly iridescent material. 

I think they're a good quality for the price of $14.99 each. 

Heather the Violet Fairy
I have a hard time picking a favorite. Izzy (called Inky in the US, but I tend to use the UK names) has one of my fave designs in the art, but her doll didn't capture that very well. I feel like her skin should be a few shades darker and I don't like how they did her hair. Ruby is spectacular and I think the best translation of art to doll. Amber I like, but I wish she was a little more orange. Fern is adorable. I think she's probably my second fave head to toe after Ruby and then Sky is in third place. Saffron (Sunny in the US) is the one I thought I'd like least. She's got the simple top and shorts and looks like the athletic type, but I watched the Rainbow Magic anime episode and Saffron had my favorite personality of the seven fairies. She's the bookworm! So while her design isn't my fave, I love her character. 

If you're a Rainbow Magic fan or know someone who is, I definitely recommend these dolls. Even if you just like fairy dolls, they're a really cute buy. 

PHOTO CREDITS: All mine, except the art image, which came from here:
These dolls were just released in November, I believe, so I think this is part of the agreement with Mattel discussed in the article. The laundry tags don't list a manufacturer and I threw out all the hang tags, so I can't check those either, but Mattel would explain the high quality of these.