Thursday, November 30, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog and Peeki Parrot

I got these two from a friend, which I'm thankful for, because Hixby sold out at my TRU.

Hixby Hedgehog is the first male Enchantimal! And he's got adorable red glasses.

I mean, honestly, he's kind of what if Dexter Charming was a hedgehog person, but that works in his favor.

Hixby's entire outfit is molded/painted on, except his vest. Probably a wise decision, because I think it looks better that way.

My favorite thing about Hixby is not him, it's his pet. A freakin' hedgehog with tiny glasses. Come on! You gotta love it.

Peeki is prettier than I gave her credit for. I wasn't initially very interested in her, but she fits in very nicely with the peacock and flamingo girls. 

Her little capelet thingy is cute, too. 

And the parrot is also cute, although we do not speak his name here. It's a horrible name. 

My Peeki's eyes seem a little sad and I think it's because Mattel chose a terrible name for her pet. So I'm renaming him Beaky, because Peeki and Beaky, why not?

Once I get more funds, I'll probably pick up Sandella and Preena's playsets, so more Enchantimals to come. Eventually!


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