Saturday, November 25, 2017

REVIEW: FlipZee Trolls Winter Wonder doll

I saw the FlipZee Girls once at the farther Walmart and managed to resist, but when I saw this cute troll face staring at me in my local Walmart, I struggled. I love troll stuff and her Twyla-esque color scheme appealed to me a lot. So I took her to the price scanner.

Ten bucks?! Sold.

Being an 80s kid, Popples were one of my things growing up. I only had two small ones (Pretty Bit and Potato Chip) and one Pocket Popple (Party), but I loved them and played with my friends' collections, too.

FlipZees are a little like Popples, only instead of tucking into a pouch, they go from baby, as seen in the photo on the right here, to a "big girl."

The baby's hat flip out to become the troll's hair and the body (which does have two arms and tiny purple feet) flips put to become the big girl's longer arms and legs.

The materials are pretty nice. The bigger doll's arms and legs are stuffed quite thinly and they're made of the same sleeker material as the doll's face, but they can't be too pudgy or they wouldn't fit inside the pouch.

I wouldn't buy a ton of these and certainly not at the regular price of almost $20, but I might get one of the non-troll girls eventually so Winter Wonder here has a friend. It's a cute concept and pretty well-executed.


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