Friday, November 24, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Sancha Squirrel

I picked up Sancha on Amazon after realizing that she probably wasn't going to be in the same case as Cherish, Peeki and Hixby. I figured the higher $11.63 price was going to be worth it to have her and not wonder when and where she was going to show up.

Sancha is kind of like Karina Koala. When you think of a koala, you think gray. Yet Karina's very light gray skin is overshadowed by her giant pink pigtails. When you think of a squirrel, I bet most of you think of a gray squirrel. Well, Sancha is not gray. So once again we've got a gray animal that Mattel for some reason decided to make another color.

Karina got saddled with the neon pink hair, which don't get me wrong, I actually love on her, but still. And now Sancha's repping red squirrels instead of gray. Why you scared of gray, Mattel? Animals are gray. At least the elephant girl is gray, albeit like Karina with very bright-colored distracting hair. But the dolphin is blue!


Sancha's pretty spot on for a red squirrel, except for the pink and purple hair, of course.

Her coppery skin is gorgeous and her little friend Stumper is perfect with the white chest. I only wish they'd gone all out on the ears and given them both the long ear tufts.

Like Karina, Sancha's odd-colored hair actually works on her. She uses the same pretty shade of purple as Danessa Deer, along with an underlayer of pink.

Her bright pink shoes are a nice shade, too, and the detailing on her outfit is pretty.

There's her hair from the back. I honestly thought she was pink-haired when we first saw her promo pic. I didn't notice the little bit of lavender on the top of her head. Then when the Amazon listing came out, there are angles where you can see the purple better.

Stumper. He's adorable.

I like Sancha a lot. I love copper tones, so I was always going to like that part of her, but it works surprisingly well with the pastels.



  1. I think she is super pretty as well, and I do actually think of red squirrels, whenever I think about squirrels :D

    1. It's regional, I'm sure, but I've lived several places and grays always were the more often seen ones. I don't think I've seen red at all where I am now. I wish they'd done gray though, because she would have looked different from a chipmunk character if they ever made one. Now if they do one, they're going to look similar.