Wednesday, November 22, 2017

REVIEW: Enchantimals Cherish Cheetah

The newest trio of Mattel's Enchantimals singles are starting to show up in Toys R Us stores and on their website for $8.99, as well as the playset for Preena Penguin for $24.99. Amazon has the trio and Preena, plus Sandella Seahorse's playset and the fourth basic character, Sancha Squirrel. Unfortunately, Amazon's got some higher prices. The singles are an odd cost of $11.63 apiece when they're in stock (which only Sancha is as I'm writing this), while the playsets are a much better $25.99.

I decided to wait on better prices for the singles when they first came out, alongside all the EAH and DCSG releases not long ago. I did buy Sancha though, because her not being included with the releases made me think she might be harder to find in stores. A friend picked me up Hixby Hedgehog and Peeki Parrot, so I'll have those reviews coming up, and that told me they were starting to show in TRU.

My mom popped in there tonight after work and they had Peeki, who I didn't need, and Cherish Cheetah, who I did need. So here she is, the last purchased and the first reviewed.

I love cheetahs thanks to Cheetara from the 80s Thundercats cartoon. Cherish...doesn't look like a cheetah. They're decidedly not orange and their spots are black and solid, not brown and more open like Cherish's.

Where the orange and brown for her comes from, I do not know at all. They got the facial markings right on her pet friend, but not on her. And the pet has leopard spots, not cheetah.

So yeah, they're kind of a mess.

If you remove the cheetah aspect though, she's a very pretty doll. I really love her color scheme with the oranges and browns and pops of pink on the outfit.

I guess I'm going to need a rule for Enchantimals that says "Don't expect them all to look even remotely like the animals they're named after."



  1. While inaccurate, I really like that they went all out with the spots on her face instead of some aestethically pleasing ones here and there. I kinda dig it.

    1. Without the cheetah aspect, I honestly have only one complaint about her design and that's her tail. It looks a bit too much like the monkey girl's tail. It looks good in the art, but it's too thin on the doll.

      I just wish she wasn't a cheetah because she doesn't look like one. Name her something else and I'd dig it totally. Actually, she looks like Chester Cheetah's daughter, so...okay, now I'm seeing her as a young Cheetos mascot. Ha.

    2. Heh, especially with that bright orange.
      I was always personally wondering how an Ocelot Enchantimal would look (If they'd ever get to it.) I have to admit I'm a bit less excited about that now.