Tuesday, November 14, 2017

REVIEW: Ever After High Back to School Holly O'Hair and Blondie Lockes

I figured I'd put these two together to save some time. 

Blondie and Holly were the only two I really wanted from these EAH releases. 

I like Holly because her outfit seems far more suited to Poppy and mostly because THOSE SHOES.

Those shoes are spectacular. 

She's actually super cute out of the box and my third favorite Holly after Spring Unsprung and Dragon Games. 

Her hair is shorter than other Hollys. It's got some nice wave to it. 

Her dress suits her, although the bolder colors remind me more of Poppy. 

Holly is the one in the line who actually looks like she was meant to be there, with the sole exception of her shoes. Even though the outfit is more Poppy-colored, it still works fine for Holly. 

She actually makes me think of Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls, and anything that makes me think of Mean Girls is pretty awesome. 

These shoes though. They look like she borrowed them from Raven. If they were blue, maybe Faybelle. Or Clawdeen if Holly could reach MH. I love them a lot.

Accessories are the same as Meeshell: cardboard ID, laptop and book stack, only gold. There was a brush, too, but I threw it out. 

I opted not to get Maddie, but I may change my mind if they stay in stock. She was pretty cute. Smiling Maddie is adorable. 

Blondie is not one of my favorites. Understatement of the school year. 

I've sold almost all of my Blondie dolls. The only one that remains is the blue-haired one from the Birthday Ball basic line. 

So for me to buy a Blondie? She must be a pretty good Blondie!

Aside from the articulation basics, which of course don't bother me, this doll is one of the best Blondies. 

Her hair is a nice bold yellow and it's simply-styled. Her makeup is also simple and so is her color scheme. She's a very simple doll, but it works in her favor. 

I love the dress. The glasses are adorable. 

The tiara and necklace are cute.

I'm sure all these things are repeat pieces, but she makes them work. I know those were Hat-tastic Briar's shoes, but Blondie makes them work in yellow, because they're a simpler design. 

I think she's a bit overpriced at $14.99, but if Amazon is the only way to get her, I have no regrets. 


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