Tuesday, November 14, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Masquerade Harley Quinn and Starfire

All righty, saved the best for last.

While I didn't like the Masquerade Wonder Woman SDCC reveal, I was fond of Starfire and I LOVED Harley.

I opened Harley and Starfire today and they've almost convinced me to get Wondy just to complete the set. They're that good.

Harley obviously was made for this line.

I don't mind the molded red and black legs, because I never do. The dress is a nice mix of materials and I love the plastic jester collar. Even if you clip the plastic band holding it on in the box, it stays in place nicely.

Her hair is up in its usual two pigtails, but there are short bits of hair, where her color streaks are, that curl forward to resemble buns.

They are not buns.

It's just like Cleo's hair wasn't a true updo. This is apparently a new Mattel trick and we're probably going to see it more.

Harley can hold her mask easily in her hands. It was a bit of a pain to get this shot, but it did work eventually.

I wish the mask had some painted detail like Starfire, but Harley's got painted shoes and Starfire doesn't. Although Starfire does have painted gauntlets and a belt, so yeah, paint on Harley's pieces would have been nice, too.

Underneath the collar are blue straps holding up the dress. I think it's a nice pop of blue, even if it is mostly hidden.

Her shoes are pretty cute!

I think this is my fave Harley Mattel's done yet for the line, although the 18" Jakks one is likely to be my forever fave.

I was not initially thrilled to see Starfire in this line. She has a sig doll, which repeats itself in a pack with her sister, plus an Intergalactic Games doll and now this? (Plus an upcoming basic.) She's got more dolls than some of the main cast.

However, as usual, Starfire won me over with her beauty.

She's easily the prettiest Starfire doll yet.

Her outfit is gorgeous. It's a simple dress, but the colors and material choices make it really lovely.

The necklace is cute, though I'm tired of the gauntlets and belt.

The dress, necklace, purse and shoes make up for the reuse though, I think.

Her hair is in a simple twist with one loose curl on the opposite side. Very pretty!

Have I mentioned I love these colors? I just love the mix of them.


Unlike Harley though, Starfire struggles with her mask. Her doll has a flat left hand, so she can't hold the mask properly. I had to stick it on her right hand and then balance it to pull off this shot, which isn't the best. 

But hey, the mask is really super cool. 

Awesome purple flame shoes are awesome. 

So yeah, big fan of these two dolls. These are my faves that I bought from my six. But I kinda knew they would be! I just wish we had some other characters here. Harley deserves to be here and Starfire is so gorgeous that she earns her spot, but Wondy? No. Bumblebee and Katana should have been in this line. 


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