Saturday, November 25, 2017

REVIEW: Barbie Fashionistas Glam Boho #85

I've been wanting this girl for ages, but after my debacle with pre-ordering from Mattel Shop, I refused to get her from there.

I kept checking the stores, but nowhere around me carries these ones with the extra clothes. My mom asked me a few days ago what she looked like and when I went to find a real photo of a boxed one on ebay, I turned up a Target listing for her! I bought two to help ensure I'd get one with a good face. Both of them were fine, but I liked one a smidge better than the other.

This one in the box here is the one I did not open.

And here's my girl that I did open!

I'm so pleased with her. I honestly think she's my favorite out of all the Fashionistas they've done yet.

The only complaint about the doll herself that I can come up with is that her skintone is a bit orange and her head looks a little more orangey than the rest of her. But she's so cute, I don't even care.

Her curls were a little dry from box hair, but I just finger-combed them and they're awesome. I love the little braids surrounding her face.

Also super love the freckles! Freckles on darker-skinned dolls are always fab.

For once, she got some good outfits. The Fashionista outfits are so often hideous. But she did well enough that I actually struggled deciding what she should wear. I have her in the yellow dress for now, but that romper is likely coming back out soon. I hate rompers, too, because adults aren't toddlers, so that just shows how much I like the cut and print of the piece.

Oh, for the fabric picky, the yellow lace is only on the front of the dress. The back is solid yellow fabric. The sleeves are all lace though.

I do wish she came with a second pair of shoes. The white heels look nice with the yellow dress, but the romper needs black. I would have rather had a pair of black shoes than the boring purse. I mean, it's an okay purse, but I have so many purses and the majority are better than that.

Definitely one of the best Fashionistas ever, I think. She might be the only one to ever hang out on my coffee table, which is the place for the most special dolls!


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