Wednesday, April 19, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Frost

Frost arrived today! She came in stock on Amazon on Saturday night and thankfully, some were left for me to buy when I got home from work. She's $19.99 like all the current signatures. 

Frost is not one of the best show character to doll likenesses, but I'm still quite smitten with her doll, so I'm apparently capable of overlooking a few flaws. 

This art on the back shows my main nitpick: the fact that they gave this girl such a bland expression. Frost is one of those characters like Cheetah and Star Sapphire that aren't goody two shoes nicey nice girls. She would have benefited from a snarky grin and a raised eyebrow. 

Her character card shows excellent personality, too. Argh. 

Although I do want her snarky, I am frequently irked by all the people I see on Facebook that keep insisting on calling her Killer Frost. Yes, that is the name of the original comic character, but DC Superhero Girls is for LITTLE GIRLS. It should be obvious why the Killer part of her name was dropped. Also, the character is not a villain in the show, so duh, she's not a killer. This line is an excellent gateway into comics for little kids, so why not just let the characters be for kids and not keep trying to insist everything has to be for you, eh, adults? 

Okay, Rant #1 is taken care of. Yes, there will be a Rant #2. Give me a few minutes here. 

So let's take a look at deboxed Frost. The one in the boxed photos is not the one I chose to open. I'm selling the boxed one, so it made sense to just photograph her and use the same pics for my sale and for this review. The boxed doll has these two neat little blue paint lines streaking down from one eye and I really wanted to keep her for those, but this one has bolder eyebrows and I think that helps her look a little bit more like show Frost, so she got chosen. 

The doll has a skintone that I have hard time describing, because it's not just one color. It's like if you threw white, gray, lavender and a hint of blue together and mixed them up. It has a pearly sheen to it, but more subtle than other dolls with a similar sheen.

Frost's hair is my other disappointment. Frost has a long ponytail. It's so weird that they gave the doll much shorter hair. Doll lines are typically guilty of giving too long hair, not too short! Her hair flows in a curling wave down to behind her thighs, so it's really long, too. They also left off her icy hair accessory, something that would have been easy to make. 

Her outfit is similar to the show's, but they added an ice crystal pattern to the tunic, probably to make it look more interesting, but I wish they'd just done the proper deco like in the show and then the plastic that had been used for the belt could have gone to her hair accessory and a pair of earrings. 


They left it plain on the back, so they really could have just gone with the show design.

I really love her power accessory though, because it looks like she's blasting you with ice AND it's not something that's going to damage her hands! Starfire's is an ugly blob that's dangerous to put on and take off your doll, and Poison Ivy's squashed her fingers while she was packaged, so maybe they're listening and this is a step in the right direction, because I have zero complaints about this. 

The accessory is one of the two changes from the Amazon promo pictures though. It's shown with the end part being able to detach and fly off, but it's all one piece, no action feature.

The other difference from the promos is that her boots now have painted toes, which makes them more show accurate. Nice. 

Frost is definitely a standout doll though. The outfit is eye-catching with the pattern, even though I wish they'd nixed it in favor of other show accurate accessories. It's not awful by a long shot! 

Now for Rant #2. These two dolls on the left DO NOT LOOK ALIKE. 

Their skintones are similar, but actually different. 

They may both have a ponytail, but their haircolors are nothing alike and Frost doesn't have the loose piece. 

Their eyes are nothing alike. They're different colors and Faybelle wears eyeshadow while Frost does not. 

Their lip colors are nothing alike. 

Their tops are nothing alike aside from being a printed shirt about the same length. Different colors, different sleeves, different prints. 

Their pants are the one thing that's actually quite similar, but even then, they're different materials. 

They do both have taller boots, but said boots look nothing alike. 

Frost does not look like Faybelle. And she REALLY does not look like Abbey. Stop saying she does.

So there you have it, a review and a couple bonus rants. I really love Frost, despite my nit-picking, and I think she's one of my favorites from the line. I'm pretty surprised we got her before Cheetah though. Cheetah was definitely the main antagonist at first, but now she's been kinda shoved in the background, which is disappointing. I want my Cheetah doll! But honestly, I want Star Sapphire first...

I'm hoping we see Hawkgirl pretty soon. She's got an action figure, so I think she'll be one of the next to get a doll, although it might be SDCC. Who knows? From there, I'm not sure who's going to be next, but my shelves need Miss Martian and Star Sapphire especially. 

PHOTO CREDITS: My icy not-a-villainess.


  1. Cheetah is going to be the SDCC exclusive this year ;)

    1. That would be nice, but I can't believe it without a firm source.

    2. So how did you know so early?

    3. I have my sources ;) ill keep u posted as I hear things?

    4. If you want. I'll never post things without a source though, because I hate that kind of elitist secrecy stuff.