Friday, April 7, 2017

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Supergirl of Krypton

Not a ton of pics for this review, because she's been out for awhile. My store just never got her in, so I ended up using my ebay bucks to get one there. And then my mom came home tonight and told me there was one on the shelves at Target. Sigh. But I think she was a return. There's no way we sold three of these things when we were just at the store and saw nothing not long ago.

Anyway, Supergirl of Krypton is the second in the DCSG origins series, the first being Wonder Woman of Themyscira. They cost $19.99.

In my opinion, the Wonder Woman is the far better doll, but then I also think she's one of the best dolls of the entire line, so I'm biased.

This new Supergirl has an outfit that was first seen in the DCSG comic pages. I like the top with the family emblem on the shoulder and the cape-like outer skirt with gold edging over the tighter blue inner skirt is pretty neat. My favorite part is the boots. I'm not huge on the signature doll's sneakers.

The boots look more like something comic book Supergirl would wear and I like that. They're a lovely shiny red, too. 

Supergirl has no bracelets or other plastic accessories, aside from a more textured blue headband than her signature doll has, a gold belt and the emblem on her shoulder. I think one bracelet would have been a nice addition. 

The new doll has wavier hair than the signature and a little twist to the right of her face. It's a cute hairstyle and makes her look different from the sig, which I always appreciate. 

I don't regret adding her to my collection, mostly because I totally adore those boots and I find the cut of this outfit appealing, but unlike with Wonder Woman, I think the signature is the stronger doll. 

Two DCSG reviews in one week! I wish I could use this power to summon Frost into stock. She's gotta be next! Although who knows when action figure Starfire or Hawkgirl will show up on shelves?


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