Saturday, April 15, 2017

REVIEW: Little Kingdom Pocahontas

Just a quickie review, because she's a tiny figure, but I know some people have been excited for her.

Thanks to a tip from a friend, I bought Pocahontas from a marketplace seller on ebay. She arrived today.

Her box is multilingual, so perhaps she came from the international market? The seller also had Tiana from this new series and I didn't ask where he got them from.

Pocahontas has enormous eyes and initially, I didn't care for that, but seeing the photo of the actual boxed toy won me over.

She's very, very cute, just like all the Little Kingdom toys!

If you don't care for the longer skirt on her, the bottom layer can be removed, although the top layer does sit a bit awkwardly without it.

I love the leaf pop-ins. Flit is amusing, too, but the leaves are the prettiest.

I'm not sure when...or even if...this series will come out in the US. It's hard to say how well Little Kingdom is doing, because I mostly see the same older ones over and over. Walmart only just got the Tiana single-pack series in their Easter section a couple weeks ago. But if you can find Pocahontas, I recommend her! She's one of my faves from the line.


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