Saturday, February 18, 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: My Little Pony & Equestria Girls

SPOILER WARNING. I do talk about stuff from the upcoming movie in this post.

I am always extremely grateful to the people that realize that still photography is the way to go at Toy Fair. No one cares about watching you on camera, Youtubers. We want you to zoom in on the toys, but you never do! I've watched two videos today, both of which failed to show what I wanted to see and failed to ask the questions I wanted answered. No more videos for me.

Anyway, Equestria Daily succeeded where others failed and have provided several posts with good images.


One of the lines of regular ponies (non-movie stuff) is an "All About" series, which have decals of moments from the cartoons on their bodies. This would be a potentially amusing gimmick if we were getting all old characters, but NO, Hasbro finally got their stuff together and gave us one we've wanted for years and he's covered with silly graffiti. Yep, Big Mac is finally getting a brushable and so is Soarin, one of the Wonderbolts. The upside is that the "art" seems to only be on one side of the body, so I can just turn his head the opposite way and display his clean side to the front.

The stuff from the movie is pretty fabulous because SEA PONIES. I love the sea ponies. The translucent ones in particular will be coming home with me. Also all the tiny ones. And anything Tempest Shadow because she is amazing.

Blind Bags:

I've been very disappointed with the blind bags recently, because the Nightmare Night line was indeed a nightmare. I think the US got passed over for multiples lines of blind bags that contained those costumed figures, so I ended up collecting absolutely none of them. Not sure exactly how the ones at Toy Fair are going to be sold, but the highlight is definitely Moondancer.

Guardians of Harmony:

Guardians of Harmony is the fancy detailed action figure pony line. Tempest Shadow will be coming home with me. And Daring Do.

Equestria Girls:

Hasbro seems to have finally realized the best Equestria Girls toys are the poseables, not the dolls. Not a doll in sight, but lots of excellent figures! Daring Do and Starlight Glimmer seem to be coming in a multipack with DJ, Pinkie, Rarity and Sunset Shimmer. I haven't bought DJ yet, so I think I'll get this instead. These girls appear to be going to new character Juniper Montage's theatre. Then we've got new single-packed characters: Bon Bon, Trixie, Muffins and I think the new girl from the last movie, which I still have not seen because I'm behind on everything. There are a couple super cute sets of Rarity and Twilight with changeable clothing.

Minorly disappointed there's no post about the plush I saw hanging out of the background in one of the practically useless videos I watched, but maybe it will come another day.

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