Wednesday, February 8, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Rosie Bloom

The newest Shoppies side line is Join the Party. These dolls are beginning to show in stores. I believe Walmart, not sure about others. All of my Walmarts have empty shelves with shelf tags, so when I saw Rosie for $20 plus under $3 for shipping on ebay, I grabbed her. She's the only one I'm really interested from the Party line, except for the Tippy Teapot tea party playset.

I really like Rosie's Li'l Shoppies design, though I haven't bought her yet, so I was thrilled to see she was getting a doll so quickly and that the line was popping up in stores.

I'm a sucker for flower things. I blame Rose Petal Place from my childhood. I can't wait until Daisy Petals comes out so she can stand next to Rosie.

So Rosie comes with two Shopkins, a brush and her card, but unlike the regular line, she does not have a purse. Instead, she comes with this complex green stand that not only holds both her Shopkins in place, but also makes her "dance." If you count dancing as being turned from side to side while standing in one place.

The part she actually attaches to does come off if you don't want the larger display stand, but it comes off a bit too easily in my opinion. When I was bringing her out to her display space from my room after shooting these pics, the green disc fell off the main body of the stand not once but twice. It's not very stable. I do like the display aspect of this though and I may have to buy Bridie or Tiara to steal their stand for Gemma, who needs to get control over her five Shopkins!

Rosie herself is a darling doll. I love green and red together and the light pink is a nice addition. Her bangs are super cute. And I loooooooove her shoes! Rosie's got a light tan going on, so she's not pale like Sara and Gemma, but not as dark as Lulu and Kirstea.

I do not normally keep doll brushes, but man, they put a lot of effort into these Shoppie brushes. They're all adorable. I have Kirstea's by her and now Rosie is keeping hers by her display spot, too.

And there's the back of the box so you can see her full art. The art for this line is also darling.

I think Rosie's a great addition to the Shoppies line. I think she's my fourth fave, behind Sara, Kirstea and Lulu. I do like her theme and colors better than Lulu, but Lulu is just that fabulous that she steal beats out Rosie.


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