Saturday, February 4, 2017

REVIEW: Shibajuku Girls Series 2 Koe & Fashion Pack

I got this Koe doll off Amazon from the same seller as Miki. She is shown on the back of the Series 2 box, but she has not been seen at Target yet, to my knowledge. She does have a listing on, but it's not available for purchase yet.

I've been busy and distracted with other reviews, so I finally made myself get Koe taken care of tonight!

Koe is the hardest to find character here in the US. Her first series doll was not made available to us at all and now this one isn't quite out yet, which is why I just grabbed her on Amazon from a third party seller that imports.

Koe is the animal lover of the group, which you can see in her socks, overalls and hat. Maybe they felt that was enough, because only the bunny barrette is animal-themed. The lollipop seems better suited to Suki and the other two are pretty generic, although I do like them.

I had thought Koe's hair was just one shade of blue, so I was pleasantly surprised to see not only darker blue streaks, but also white streaks! Her hair is the same quality as the other girls', which is pretty nice. It's almost a shame to cover it up with the cap, but then again, the cap is cute.

Koe's got dark blonde eyebrows, which I like. I like the nod to acknowledging that some of these girls are dyeing their hair. Suki has this, too, and I approved of it when I got her.

Koe's outfit is a simple three-quarter-sleeved top under animal print pink overalls with a tiny white kitty face at the top and little ears above that. She wears the same socks as Series 1 Suki, which is a bit disappointing, but at least she has different shoes. Although blue would have been preferable to pink, as Suki also paired them with pink shoes.

I gave Koe her bunny barrette and the winged heart one, because I think it's cute, but I can't see any of my other girls wearing it. Suki got the pink crescent moon with the dangling star and I put the lollipop in storage.

Koe's hat is cute and stays on easily, but I find it a little odd that it's designed to only be worn sideways. That's the only way the ears show properly! Kind of a strange choice, but I'm slowly getting used to strange choices from this line.

I'm honestly glad they didn't make Series 1 Koe available here in the US, because I like this one so much more. I would have bought the Series 1 doll when she came out and then promptly ignored her because this one is just so much cuter.

I also have Yoko's fashion pack to do a speedy review for. These packs are showing up in Target for $9.99. I ordered mine online, but they got to my store not long after my package arrived.

Yoko's was the only one I wanted. I'm always a sucker for black outfit pieces. I knew she was getting that jacket and the awesome saturn and star barrette, which is easily my fave of them all. Suki took the skirt. The pack is just the jacket, skirt and barrette. I'm a bit disappointed there are no shoes. This line desperately needs more shoe variety.

Here are Yoko and Suki with their new pieces. The skirt has a little ribbon in it to keep it from sliding around, so I wasn't sure she'd be able to keep the striped leggings, but it all fit together just right! The vinyl jacket is perfect on Yoko and combined with the saturn barrette really completes her look well.

So I recommend both Koe and this fashion pack. I feel content with my Shibajuku collection right now. I'm not sure I'll be buying any future items, but you never know. We'll have to see what Series 3 looks like!


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