Wednesday, February 8, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Party Ghouls Rochelle

Finally got my hands on Rochelle from the new Party Ghouls line thanks to Then they also turned up in my Toys R Us, so this line is not just Walmart, which is awesome.

I have to admit mild surprise, because Rochelle's eyes looked quite a bit darker in the promos. I actually thought they had brown in them! Stupid, I know, because she's never had brown eyes before, but they did look dark to me..

My Rochelle actually has very pale pink eyes and lighter gray makeup. I don't think it got fully put on, because it's...I don't know the term for it, but you know how in the color comics section of a newspaper, the colors are made up of a bunch of tiny dots? It's like that. (Does anyone even read comics in the newspaper...or the newspaper at all anymore? I'm dating myself really badly here.)

Rochelle was one of those characters that had the worried eyebrows, but she doesn't anymore. I didn't take a photo of them, because mine is missing some paint on both brows, but her bangs are so perfect and they cover the flaw nicely. 

Without the black suspenders, she looks unfinished. I think Abbey's dress worked better as a standalone piece than this does. 

The buggy aspect of this line confuses me, because what's the theme of the party? Flowers and bugs, I guess, but why? Are they predecessors of the upcoming garden line? 

Rochelle has prettier accessories than Abbey. I like the flowers with fleur de lis and I love the Roux purse and her black bow, also with a fleur de lis.

The biggest piece really only works on her head and is, in my opinion, way too overpowering. I kind like the pink on the shoes, because the holes were really obvious and ugly. Abbey's boots are so dark and transparent that the holes in them don't show, but Rochelle's do.

This picture on the left is how I kept her. I like the black headband on its own, just the one aqua flower in the center of the belt, and the pink flowers on the shoes.

Overall, this is an adorable Rochelle, even without her quizzical expression, and I think she fits nicely into the line. But then, I am a sucker for Rochelle!


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