Sunday, February 26, 2017

REVIEW: Monster High Cleo de Nile

It took ages for the new signatures of Cleo, Clawdeen and Lagoona to join Draculaura, Frankie and newcomer Ari on the shelves. I'm not even sure anyone in the US has found them on the shelves yet actually. I ordered mine off, getting 2 of Cleo in hopes of getting one that was decent. I'm glad I bought two, because one had an iris much bigger than the other, so this one here to the left is the one I kept.

To be honest, I'm not nearly as thrilled with this Cleo as I'd hoped. Cleo is one of my favorite characters and favorite dolls from Monster High, so I was looking forward to this new sig, but I think there are far better reboot Cleos out there.

Cleo's hair seems thin and the tinsel in it, which I've never minded unlike other fans, is not good quality. Her outfit is just okay. I love the shoes and the jewelry, but the top seems a bit cheap and the pants aren't anything new or special.

The dark blue wrap sandals are fabulous. They're darker than they photograph. I love that MH is starting to use a more lapis lazuli blue for Cleo.

I'm also a fan of the earrings and necklace. The headband is cute, but nothing super special. I do love the bracelet, although mine was bent out of shape, so it won't stay on her wrist. I moved it up to make an arm cuff.

The purse is interesting, but Cleo's had far better.

I think this Cleo pales in comparison to the original signature. While I do love the molded bandages on the reboot Cleo, the original outfit is iconic and it's hard to beat that. The aged bandage sandals will always be awesome, although the new blue ones are definitely prettier.

This new signature isn't a bad doll by any means, but I do think her hair and top could have been better quality. You can even see a clump of the new one's hair in this photo. It fell out without me noticing. There are far stronger Cleos in the lineup, both older and current. Dance the Fright Away Cleo is fabulous and I love Electrified, too, for something different. I'm also being hard on her because this is one of my fave characters and I have so many beloved Cleos that it's hard to compare.


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  1. I found her the other day at my target but like you said she's not that nice so I won't be getting her, right now I just want silvi's doll.