Sunday, February 19, 2017

REVIEW: Shoppies Tippy's Tea Party

We interrupt our Toy Fair coverage for a quick Shoppies review!

Yesterday was the big Swapkins event at Toys R Us stores and the day the stores should have put out the Tippy's Tea Party playset. I went in early and grabbed my set. They had six out on the shelves to pick from, so yay.

The set costs $19.99 and is exclusive to Toys R Us.

We've seen Tippy recently in the Happy Places line in Li'l Shoppies form. The little doll actually captures her hair better, I think. They made the side bangs way too long on this doll. Her smile disappears a bit into her face, too, so she looks a bit more befuddled than the big smiling face we see in her art. But other than those things, I love her.

Tippy comes with a rolling cart, a serving tray, a cake stand with removable lid so you can put Shopkins inside, and a pair of tongs. The Shopkins are all pretty cute. My favorite of the cake slice. I like that she has a cup of tea and teapot to represent herself and her sister, but they lack the intricacy of Kirstea's, so they pale in comparison.

The doll is really cute, although like I said, she misses the mark a bit compared to her art.

Tippy does come with a stand. I'm so glad these playset dolls have stands, because they're so little and work well for these girls. I love small stands because I have more room for them on my display shelves. I don't mind the bigger ones that can display the Shopkins, but I wouldn't want them all to be that way.

Here you can compare the two sisters. Yes, they really are sisters. It's confirmed on the back of the box! I mean, it was pretty obvious, but I always like confirmation, so there's an easy answer when people go "Ehhhh, why do they look so much aliiiiiike?"

Tippy is a lighter skintone that I really love, because it reminds me of Bratz Nevra's (and Nevra was one of my faves). Both girls have the same molded decorations on their stockings and you can see the other similarities in their outfits in their gloves and shoes. They even have the same hairbow in different colors!

This little cake was the freebie from the TRU event. It looks cute on the cake stand.

Overall, I think this is a cute playset. You get a lot for only $5 more than the regular Shoppies. I do like the Tippy doll. My critiques may be a bit hard on her, but I love the art design a lot and I do wish the doll captured that better. She's really great though, don't get me wrong!

Now I've just got to do reviews for Rainbow Kate V2, Lucy Smoothie and Daisy Petals when they all arrive in the mail and we'll be all caught up on Shoppies!


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