Monday, August 5, 2019

REVIEW: Enchantimals Sela Sloth & the Slow-Down Salon

A surprise! I thought I was going to have to import this one, but Amazon shocked me by telling me not long ago that my order for Sela would be filled. (The alligator girl also, just not yet.)

The set arrived today and I adore sloths, so I'm very happy to have gotten this one.

Sela's art is not the cutest, but Treebody is. That may be the best name in this line. Treebody. It's perfect.

It's pretty cute as playsets go. We all know I don't buy these for the playsets. The detachable pink and purple nails are kinda weird. Treebody certainly doesn't need them, so he should be the one doing Sela's "nails."

See, they just look silly.

But Treebody is so cute!

Sela's hair isn't great quality, but I like the lighter streaks in it. Her outfit is cute and she's got pretty facial markings, though she's not drop dead gorgeous like Tamika Treefrog. She's still a welcome addition to my collection.


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