Monday, August 5, 2019

REVIEW: Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Pixie Rose

My mom hit Target this morning after dropping me at work. She found the Rainbow Surprise dolls! They only had 2 rainbow and 2 pink though, not my beloved Amethyst, but I was happy enough to be getting Pixie Rose, because my Amazon pre-order got delayed.

I'm not doing the full step-by-step on her, since I did already with Blue Skye.

A quick look at the accessories.

And here she is straight out of the box.

Gah, she is GORGEOUS.

The bottom lip threw me at first, because the darker line comes down way below her lip, but in photos, it adds a lot of depth.

If you told me there would be a series of dolls themed in purple, blue, pink and rainbow and that I'd love the pink one A LOT, I would not have believed you. And yet.

I love that milky pink hair. If you're going to put pink hair on a doll, make it this pink and I will come a runnin'.

In her three-wheel skates! The wheels actually move.

She's less stable at standing on her own because of it, but I'll take the trade-off.

She's so pretty that I couldn't delete any of these photos, even though they're basically the same.


I don't even care about the price point anymore. I just love these.

And here she is with Blue Skye!

I actually removed her jacket after this shot. I prefer her without it.

Two down, one to go. Come on, Amethyst Rae.



  1. Now I'm wondering, how do these girls' skintones compare to common Barbie skintones? Someone on the doll side of Tumblr mentioned the head could look proportionate on a 28" Barbie body, and my hybrid-loving heart feels for the idea.

    1. I'm not sure which skintones are the common ones. I tend to just buy Fashionistas these days.