Thursday, August 8, 2019

REVIEW: DC Superhero Girls Catwoman

Before the entire team of heroes is even all out, villainous Catwoman makes her appearance at Walmart.

The doll is a Walmart exclusive and can be purchased online if you can't find her in stores. (I put up the link in a recent post.)

I ordered mine for pickup and she arrived today.

Her cost is $9.94.

I wish they'd gone with her animated look honestly. The hair sticking out is okay, but there's something super sleek about this art and I like it. 

Also, the bracelets are an unnecessary addition. The cartoon design doesn't have them and they have such open gaps at the back that you need to keep them banded to her for them to stay on. She'd have been better without. 

Fresh out of the box. I'm glad the mask stays on without being tied down.

Even though the color scheme and general design is completely off, she's still a neat-looking doll. I like her. 

Her hair is dark blue and purple. Does she have hair in the show? One of these days, I'm going to watch all the episodes I've DVRed.

Her tail is attached to her belt and it moves around. I think they could have made it longer and thicker to look more like the show. Ditch the stupid bracelets (see the giant gaps?) and put that money toward a bigger tail. 

And here she is with Bee. She's got a darker skintone, which is cool. I love variation. 

I hope they make more villains! And get Zatanna and Green Lantern out already. 



  1. I swear, the longer I look at that Catwoman, the more I get an Eartha Kitt as Catwoman vibe