Wednesday, June 13, 2018

REVIEW: Enchantimals Tanzie Tiger

I picked up Tanzie when she first came in stock on Amazon, but the one I received had the black part of her nose half on her cheek, so no. I ordered a new one and returned the first. Thankfully, the replacement is better.

Tanzie is the main one of the new trio that I was looking forward to. I love orange and black, so yay.

I'm not that into her in person though.

The box art showcases the main problem. She would have looked a lot better if she was more orange.

What looks cute in art also doesn't exactly translate to the face, which has way too much going on.

She is cute and I still like her a lot more than many others, but she's not a wowzer like Crabigail or Zelena Zebra or Sage Skunk.

Her tiger has a gaping hole in his back so she can hold him better, I guess, but it doesn't look right at all.

It just looks awkward because now he's in a seated position in midair.

I do like Tanzie, but she's not one of my big favorites and I don't care for this putting holes in the pets idea. I hope they knock that off fast.

I'm going to order the wolf soon, so she'll likely be my next review.


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