Saturday, June 2, 2018

REVIEW: Boxy Girls Willa

More Boxy Girls! I stopped in Walmart after work and was happy to see they added Willa to the shelves. I picked her up and a fashion pack with two Brooklyn boxes showing, which I knew was a new one, since my others didn't have two Brooklyn boxes.

And then I totally forgot to get the thing I came in there for. Smart.

But yay Willa.

Willa is from Venice Beach, Florida, and she's clearly the hippie chick of the group.

Her dress is my favorite stock outfit for any of the girls. I love the pretty shades of blue and the simple but cute design.

I also love her shoes and her feather headband.

So pretty! This is the only head accessory I'm leaving attached. I yanked Brooklyn's bow and Riley's headphones right off.

Willa's four boxes contained a pineapple purse that will go nicely with those fashion pack sunglasses, a blue fringe purse, pink sandals like the lavender fashion pack ones but with additional paint on the soles, and a pair of giant silver feather earrings and a silver and blue choker.

I love Riley a lot, but I think Willa's actually the best full package of the dolls. I love every piece she comes with!

And here's the fashion pack. It came with black boots (YAY), a star print dress, a gold cuff bracelet that's actually different from the other one I have, a backpack, a pair of pink headphones, and a hair extension that was packed with a lipstick and the bracelet. Also included was Riley's stock pair of purple boots, which I didn't picture.

So I've uncovered three different fashion packs so far. I imagine there's a fourth one, because each has multiple boxes for one of the girls and I haven't found one with multiples for Nomi yet.

I'm going to have to go back to the far Walmart and pick up Nomi now! I'm not sure my local stores are getting her, since they only had shelf tags for the other three girls.


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