Sunday, June 24, 2018

REVIEW: WWE Superstars Becky Lynch

All right, Asuka needed a friend. I was a bit irked to see the $14.99 price on these at Target when I paid $12.99 on Amazon for Asuka, but I got her anyway. I almost got Eva Marie instead because Becky was cheaper on Amazon, but eh, I like Becky.

Apparently, she's Irish. I've got two of these dolls now and neither is American. I always thought this fanciful wrestling thing was some American phenomenon, but I guess not!

Becky's thing is steampunk, so she's got a really excellent top and her pants have a gear and pocket watch print.

She's very pretty and has bright yet natural red hair. It's good quality, too.

Like Asuka, she's articulated at the neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists and knees. She has less range than Asuka though. Either that or her joints are stiffer and I don't want to try to force them and risk breaking her. Asuka's knees are able to turn sideways a bit, but Becky's don't, and her hips have less range.

I love the steampunk pants, but they're oddly baggy in the lower legs and they look a bit odd tucked into her boots.

The boots are nice and chunky like I like them, but the proportions on them seem a little bit off. Like the upper seems too wide.

Still, I do like me some chunky black boots.

Aww, they look cute together. 

Although this highlights the skimping on Asuka's outfit. Maybe that's why her line is $2 cheaper on Amazon? Hmm. 

I'll likely be bringing Eva Marie home next. More redheads!


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