Monday, June 25, 2018

REVIEW: WWE Superstars Eva Marie

Well, I made some money on sales, so I ended up back at Target for Eva Marie. She's the last of these girls I had my eye on, so this is it for WWE reviews.

According to the back of the box, Eva Marie played a villain role, so her fabulous expression makes perfect sense.

She has blood red hair, unlike Becky's natural red.

Her nickname is "All Red Everything," which I find pretty funny, because only the slogan on her top is red. This poor doll should have at least have had red pants. Her biggest flaw is the see-through gold glitter pants. Aside from being disturbingly transparent, they also just look cheap.

I do like the black top though.

And her shoes are fabulous.

I think she's a fun addition to my tiny collection and I love her expression.

The three girls together look pretty awesome!

Asuka's still my favorite, although Becky has the best outfit. If I ever see a non-wonky Asuka in the store, I'm totally buying her.


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